Homeland and Clockhmed Are Both ‘Moving’

by Steve MacDonald October 22, 2015
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Mark Steyn notes how Homeland has removed the word Security when it suits the narrative… Nonetheless, like Niqab Girl, Clock Boy has taught us all a valuable lesson with his droll and spectacularly successful provocation. The US Department of Homeland Security’s slogan is “If You See Something, Say Something” – unless it’s something that might get […]

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How Do You Say “Fast and Furious” In Arabic?

by Steve MacDonald December 6, 2012

Back in the spring, the Arab spring that is, the Libyan Arab Spring to be more precise, the Obama administration had this great idea.  They had this plan where if they let weapons sneak across the border into Libya, and end up in the hands of terrorists, they’d be able to use that as an […]

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