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Metzler Monkey Loses Court Case

by Ed Naile January 7, 2016

A Macaca monkey who used a cell phone to make selfie’s has lost the potential copyright privileges of those photos according to a Federal Court in California. Meanwhile, here in NH’s State Supreme Court another monkey, a Metzler monkey, seems to be losing his attempt to hide public information from a public school board member. […]

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Rich Girard on Right to Know

by Steve MacDonald March 10, 2015
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Kimberly will probably post the entire article up here at some point but seeing as the vote is tomorrow I wanted to quote Rich Girard (from the article) regarding HB 646 and right to know. If cases of abuse were really running rampant, we’d hear more than just the anecdotal evidence of some spectacular infraction. […]

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HB 646 – Judiciary Committee Punches Transparency In the “Nuggets”

by Steve MacDonald March 9, 2015

By a vote of 14-4 the NH House judiciary committee voted to advance HB 646, an act making it legal for public bodies to collect a bribe in exchange for public documents. In the House Calendar we have Democrat David Woodbury (Danger Will Robinson Danger!!) speaking for the majority in favor of passage on a […]

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HB 646 – An Act “Making Public Information a Luxury Item”

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2015
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With regard to HB646, “An Act allowing public bodies or agencies to charge for the costs of retrieval of public records under the right-to-know law,” the question before the General court should be this: does this bill improve the presumed right of equal access by taxpayers to public documents? The Answer is no.  HB646 would […]

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Should School Board Members Have To Pay To Access Public School District Documents?

by Ed Naile January 28, 2015

At various school districts in NH there is a growing trend to have elected school board and budget committee members pay thousands of dollars for access to public documents. The NH AG will not get involved and stop this abuse of office by offending superintendents, no surprise. And who in their right mind trusts any […]

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Information Intimidation in Franklin NH?

by Steve MacDonald November 22, 2012

While public document fees are not unreasonable for the purpose of covering the cost of the  materials or labor required to meet a request, at what point do these sums become an obstacle for the average citizen?  When does the sum begin to limit access otherwise protected by law? In the case of voter checklists […]

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A Note On Absentee Ballots and Right to Know

by Steve MacDonald November 20, 2012

New Hampshire’s Right to know Law, often referred to as 91-a, prohibits state and local officials from hiding ‘public’ documents.  And while some parts of the bureaucratic machine are happy to give you what you request in a timely and even pleasant manner, others who can’t (or don’t want) be bothered by you pesky citizens […]

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