Ferguson Protesters Protest not Getting Paid to Protest

by Steve MacDonald May 19, 2015
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Ferguson Protesters ARE protesting not getting paid to protest.  I kid you not c/o Weasel Zippers On May 14, protesters, upset with not being paid their promised checks for protesting, protested outside MORE, Missourians Organizing For Reform and Empowerment, an ACORN organization which had received funding through George Soros to fund the protests. But, but, […]

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De Coup Coup Coup…Good Bye Bye Bye, Is All I Want To Say To You. [Updated]

by Steve MacDonald July 3, 2013

The Egyptian military has removed Mohammed Morsi as President and suspended the Constitution.  The head of the Constitutional Court will serve as an interim leader while new elections are scheduled.  The military also indicated that changes made to the Egyptian Constitution by Morsi would be rolled back. The military has publicly announced its coup and […]

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Egypt’s New Boss Same as the Old Boss…with a Side of Arab Winter?

by Steve MacDonald November 25, 2012

On Thanksgiving the Muslim Brotherhoods Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi (Morsy) declared himself immune to judicial oversight (See also King, Dictator, Tyrant).  In the name of protecting the revolution no judge may overturn, edit, retract, modify, overrule, or otherwise act in any manner to alter any edict the new King of Egypt utters…until the (cough cough) […]

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To Obama With Love From Sri Lanka

by Steve MacDonald March 25, 2011

Here we see some “religion of peace” practitioners showing Obama the Muslim version of the famous “boot to the Neck” metaphor.

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