Protect Schools or You’re Choosing to Let Children be Killed

by Don February 23, 2018

After horrible shootings like at Parkland, it’s understandable that people might cast about thoughtlessly blaming people and demanding quick “solutions”.  Unfortunately leftist solutions so loudly and immediately promoted as “common sense” gun controls wouldn’t have prevented or stopped these attacks, and leftists fight against the obvious solution that could defeat such attacks. The people like the NRA, […]

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Abe Lincoln – A Citizenry that has a government is responsible for it Constitution

by Skip September 1, 2014

…and not the other way around.  The Constitution is also a STANDARD – one that, in the last resort,  must be protected as well. For those that would pervert the meaning of the Constitution have already perverted the Government it describes.  The Constitution – Abe Lincoln says it is up to US, the people, to […]

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The Manhunt Evolves at Least One on Guns

by Scott Morales April 25, 2013

Growing up, Paula was afraid of guns and never wanted one in her home. She recounts when an abstract belief reified itself; when the safety projected by modernity dissipated and revealed itself to be illusory. Protection was always one phone call away, she didn’t expect that to change.

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Political Elites say, “Protect us and our families”, but Not the “Common Folk”

by Don January 11, 2013

What do American Presidents and Vice-Presidents, their wives and children, foreign Heads of State, many Governors, big city Mayors, large Company CEOs, prominent directors, actors, singers, and other entertainers, and the children of many wealthy people in Washington, DC, and other wealthy “elites” have in common? They carry guns or have armed guards to keep […]

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