Trump – keeping promises to shrink the reach and intrusiveness of the Federal Government

by Skip April 11, 2017

“The way the progressive left runs is that if they can’t get it passed, they’re just going to put it in some sort of regulation in an agency. That’s all going to be deconstructed.” – Trump’s strategist, Steve Bannon My senior US Senator Jeanne Shaheen, is mad as a hornet over this as she sees […]

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Quick Thought – Boy, have the Republicans screwed up “Repeal and Replace”

by Skip March 22, 2017

And they are voting on this Obama-lite tomorrow?  This is amending around the edges; there is little “repeal” other than what I’ve written about earlier.  While killing taxes is always good, they haven’t touched the stuff (regs and mandates) that have made Obamacare so toxic politically and financially.  So how is this “better”?  This isn’t […]

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“Good fences make good neighbors”

by Skip February 26, 2017

I mentioned this yesterday – a bit more info (reformatted, emphasis mine): SAN DIEGO — U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Friday that it plans to start awarding contracts by mid-April for President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico, signaling that he is aggressively pursuing plans to erect “a great wall” along the 2,000-mile […]

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“The Left Is Collapsing Everywhere”

by Skip February 15, 2017

Here’s a startling fact: There have been eight leaders of the British Labour Party in the past 40 years. Seven of them failed to win a single general election. The exception, Tony Blair, was a Labour politician only in the most technical sense. Leftists saw him as a disguised conservative, a cuckoo in the nest. […]

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Promises, promises… many promises

by Skip February 4, 2017

When was the last time you saw a politician keep their… (H/T: Powerline) …promises – and this quickly?  I thought the Obama Administration moved quickly when they first started – my head kept spinning and for the first time since we started GraniteGrok, I could not keep up.  And then I heard about the DensePack […]

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So, the DC Republicans do this in my name? And you have to ask why I am leaving the GOP?

by Skip December 22, 2015

Breaking: Omnibus passes House 316-113; Update: Senate approves, 65-33 Ahem. It doesn’t take much leadership to push through a bill that the opposition supports and that Obama wants to sign. John Boehner could have done that. The huge expansion of H-2B visas alone should have killed this bill, especially with millions of American workers still sidelined […]

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Another Republican willing to walk away – if the Republicans show, AGAIN, they won’t honor their words

by Skip July 29, 2015

More and more I am hearing things like the following.  And yes, I am getting to that point as well – I no longer will listen to Republicans yammer their pie holes and expect me to believe in that yellow rain.  Trust – built over time, gone in an instant.  A lot of the base […]

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GrokTALK! – GOP Promises Not Kept

by Steve MacDonald July 14, 2015
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! – GOP Promises Not Kept

The Republicans asked for the majority to fix things like ObamaCare and big government and when the voters gave them that majority what did they do with it? That and trimming the administrative state. (Yes, I said that last time – got my segment notes mixed up.) Listen to the entire program here Follow us […]

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Data Point – Marriage rate per 1K Unmarried Women

by Skip March 19, 2015

“But the problem, the 800-pound gorilla sitting calmly in the corner, eating Doritos, and throwing the bags in Putnam’s face is not named. It is the destruction of the traditional two-parent family. Instead of dozens of charts, Putnam needed only one“ And it all stems from that.  I grew up in a broken home and […]

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Obamacare – and is STILL not working

by Skip November 30, 2014

The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works — whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified.” -President Barack Obama, inauguration, 1/20/09 So, not only are Obamacare high deductible costs making people […]

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The best of hands…

by Susan Olsen August 27, 2014

I found this edition of the Hooksett Banner in the Hooksett Town Clerk’s office Monday when I went to register as an observer for the September 9 primary election. The guys filming David Boutin’s rant at the Asian Breeze restaurant didn’t seem to believe he was a sitting NH State Senator; it would appear that the editors […]

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Data Point: What was promised, didn’t

by Skip March 27, 2014

The questions is: will the American Public hold him responsible for the riches promised but not delivered?  Who will be held accountable?  What was promised, enjoying a robust rip-roaring economy if we just followed Obama’s proscriptions and policies, have delivered less than half than “better future to come”. Remember, he and his accomplicies decided that […]

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This advice should ring true to ALL Republicans – not just to NH State Senator Jeanie Forrester

by Skip March 23, 2014

Permission granted to post (and follows along with the words I just wrote: Jeanie, I’ve heard that the NH Senate – and quite a few senators – are thinking of voting in favor of SB 244. I was wondering if you’ve made up your mind and if you’ve had any discussions with other senators about […]

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Why do Progressive Politicans keep yammering about “promises made”?

by Skip January 5, 2014

Once again, from Obama’s Weekly Address: We make this promise to one another because it makes a difference to in continuing his points about extending unemployment insurance benefit. Sidenote: after 5 years, we have no one to blame except for him and the Democrats from the poor results of their economic policies.  So if Obama […]

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Some observations on Obamacare from VodkaPundit

by Skip December 13, 2013

Simply, Bright and Shiny Objects become lost in the Memory Hole…and one wonders why President Obama is now the 2013 recipient of Politifact’s “Lie of the Year”? (emphasis mine): Still, what are we getting for our money? In 2008, the promise was to save each family of four an average of $2,500. In 2009, the […]

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Promises, Promises…

by Steve MacDonald January 21, 2013

It’s time for another Obama Inauguration speech and if he keeps promises made in this one as well as he did the last….well, at least this time there is an actual shelf-life on the Obama Presidency as well. H/T Reason.TV, c/o Hot Air  

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