Progressive view of The Proper Role of Government – and your subservience to it.

by Skip March 24, 2015

Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal sums up these micro-totalitarians, perfect examples of the Progressive  philosophy: “The essence of modern Democratic Progressivism is: You will participate in what we have created for you, and you will comply with the law’s demands.” One used to believe that before pen was set to legislative paper, our […]

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First Responders – Susan The Bruce shows us the Progressive view

by Skip March 22, 2015

From the March 2015 of America’s Freedom (p.39, emphasis mine): In the United States and other nations, more and more people are recognizing that victims have the best chance of survival when they can be the first responders. First Responders.  We usually think of these folks as heros – and they are, no doubt.  But they […]

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The Left – “disagree with us and you should be PUNISHED!”

by Skip March 18, 2015

And they are not kidding.  We have written about this before – upon hearing ANY kind of disagreement from anyone, they immediately run, not to confront the issue, but to denounce, demonize, and delegitimize that person.  And then they call for banishment.  No, there is no discussion, no debate on the points – they simply […]

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Free Speech: Guardians and Vassals

by Rick Olson March 2, 2015

“The Framers of the Constitution knew that free speech is the friend of change and revolution. But they also knew that it is always the deadliest enemy of tyranny.”   —Justice Hugo Black Vassals of the Feifdoms…oh how they love to rule and oh how we love to let them! Periodically, we hear the din […]

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Michelle Obama: You WILL like we mandate – you’ll get used to it

by Skip February 20, 2015

Essentially, that is what she has said to America – my your children will only know what I allow and then they will LOVE it!  I read FAR more posts from around the blogosphere than what I can ever write about so I’m in the process of going back to some of those old ones […]

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How bad is it when an uber-Progressive is calling Mitt Romney a born-again Progressive?

by Skip January 24, 2015

David Corn, pretty much far Left as one can get without being BFF with Castro bros (ok, maybe he’s standing between them in that picture over there) is now welcoming Mitt Romney as a brother-in-ideology (reformatted, emphasis mine): It is time for liberals to cheer Mitt Romney. Not because his possible entry into the 2016 […]

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Treehugger time – You proles don’t pay enough for your food!

by Skip January 14, 2015

Once again, you have been put on the Alter of GAIA and about to be sacrificed, you infidel of the Cult of Beef & Dairy.  Katherine Martinko over at TH has a post listing a couple of studies saying how bad the beef and dairy industries are for planet (yes, global warming.  Not again – […]

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Whereby REPUBLICAN J. Belanger’s (Hills-27) HB103 adopts the Democrat Nanny State agenda – take away your cell phone COMPLETELY in a car

by Skip January 6, 2015

An alternative title: REPUBLICAN Belanger adopts the Progressive view of that everyone must be punished for the sin of one (or a few).  It IS the Progressive modus operandi- we must INSTRUCT the people to behave correctly to achieve our Progressive “Heaven on Earth” (which is, pretty much, the Socialist one). After all, it wasn’t enough […]

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They fear Ted Cruz

by Skip December 23, 2014

I read this on GrokTALK! this past Saturday and I figured that you might want to read this Big Government post yourselves (reformatted, emphasis mine): White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer conceded that he fears a President Ted Cruz will overturn President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, perhaps signaling that Cruz represents the greatest threat to […]

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Notable Quote – John Hayward

by Skip December 19, 2014

Collectivism and the presumption of guilt <snip> What all of these stories, and so many others, have in common is the assumption of bad faith by liberals, who claim they can read the minds of everyone from dinner-party guests to society at large and detect the dark secret impulses seething beneath every word and deed. […]

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It’s called “scamming the system”

by Skip December 17, 2014

“My 15-year old in 10th grade asked me the other day about free lunch. He asked how people get it. I explained and then he said, “But dad, these kids are wearing Jordan’s and expensive clothes.” Welcome to the real world son.” And why wouldn’t parent give their kids better things when other people have […]

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Well of COURSE Progressive Kathy Sullivan wants more centralization of Govt functions!

by Skip December 7, 2014

To be honest, from just an engineer’s view, I used to think the same way – small State, duplication of effort, higher costs, inefficiencies;  do we need three levels of Govt? Sidenote: with the Regional Planning Commissions, we actually have 4 levels but that’s for another post If the goal is just in having the most […]

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Yes, we have a few Progressive commenters that hold onto this outlook as well

by Skip November 23, 2014

It’s been more than 50 years since William F. Buckley first complained, “Though liberals do a great deal of talking about hearing other points of view, it sometimes shocks them to learn that there are other points of view.” …“Convinced that no intelligent, decent person could take conservatism seriously, liberals believe it is not necessary or even […]

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Individualist vs Collectivist mentality: the Leave Me Alone Coalition vs “You WILL be forced together”

by Skip October 25, 2014

As in “we’re all in this together”.  Voluntarily being part of a group is one thing if it is voluntary but Progressives / Socialists / Collectivists brook no dissent – you WILL be made to be all in (with them in charge).  This article at Bearing Arms lays out the contradiction that is tearing apart the American polity […]

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Trust – and Progressives lament that people won’t Trust Big Govt. Yet Another Example why

by Skip October 6, 2014

From Bearing Arms, this story of how Govt uses its Power to Crush on a person that simply knew the Law – and they didn’t: Bullies have certain personality traits. Most are very insecure. They like to prey upon those that they feel are weaker than they are. They have long memories and thin skins, […]

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Notable Quote – George Will

by Skip August 18, 2014

…Progressives say corporations using inversions are unpatriotic, which is amusing. When the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision stipulated that Americans do not forfeit their First Amendment right to political advocacy when they act together through corporations (including, and especially, incorporated nonprofit advocacy groups), progressives ridiculed the idea that corporations should be treated as people. Now, progressives charge that corporations resorting […]

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Observation on the nature of a Progressive and Progressivism: Jeanne Shaheen

by Skip July 30, 2014

Steve has a most important post up today where he brings up that Jeanne Shaheen, regardless of her campaign ads or sound bytes, is not really interested in the people of NH (but gets it very slightly wrong).  Emphasis mine, a bit of reformatting: I can’t say it often enough.  We need to elect Senators […]

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Joel Gilbert vs Progressive Utopia

by Mike July 20, 2014

H/T Thomas Lifson at, who went to see the premiere of Gilbert’s new movie “There’s No Place Like Utopia“. In the film, Gilbert covers the historical efforts to create Utopia, or “no place” here on Earth, and the attendant death and destruction wrought by those attempts. He likens Obama to that great charlatan, the […]

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Another’s observation about “Progressivism”

by Skip July 2, 2014

From Big Government: …The term came into (re)use just as there was a concurrent (what I perceive as) negative shift on the Left. The politically correct generation came on the scene. A brand of leftism associated with political conformity, with hardcore statism, with an antipathy toward a Constitution written by a bunch of white, land-owning, […]

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#WarOnWomen – good to see that Sandra Fluke continues to objectify females as mere reproductive organs

by Skip June 29, 2014

Ah yes, Sandra Fluke – the gal that just keeps on giving… Sidenote: and giving, and giving,  and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, and giving, […]

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Obama’s Progressive Administration finally tells the truth – they are out to kill off fossil fuels of all types

by Skip June 17, 2014

Bill Maher: “Some people called it a war on coal. I hope it is a war on coal. Is it?” Gina McCarthy: “That’s exactly what this is.” For some perspective, a Heritage Foundation analysis of anti-coal policies found that they will destroy more than 500,000 jobs, slash the income of a typical family of four more […]

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Obama is behind the IRS Scandal to silence Liberty & Freedom / Free Speech

by Skip June 11, 2014

The IRS was weaponized by the Progressives, chief among them the Community Organizer Obama.  Being an Alinskyite, he TAUGHT the lessons that the end justifies any means, and the end is just pure power (aka, a Totalitarian government).  Quacking platitudes that Free Speech matters only until they believe that can destroy it.  With Lois Lerner […]

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“I just don’t know where their politics end”

by Skip June 5, 2014

Gilliam said he was concerned that “the real objective of this fight has turned into politics, and we’ve lost our mission objective.” “I just don’t know where their politics end and their legality and their war-fighting start,” he said. This from a post where Jonathan Gilliam, a former Navy SEAL and an FBI special agent was commenting […]

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Notable Quote – Bertrand de Jouvenel

by Skip May 11, 2014

If the natural tendency of power is to grow, and if it can extend its authority and increase its resources only at the expense of the notables, it follows that its ally for all time is the common people. The passion for absolutism is, inevitably, in conspiracy with the passion for equality. – Bertrand de […]

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Media Matters Management Fights Union Formed Using Card Check

by Steve MacDonald May 2, 2014
Thumbnail image for Media Matters Management Fights Union Formed Using Card Check

This story about Media Matters refusing to accept the unionization of its staff via card-check, is a priceless tool for conservatives to see what kind of Democrats you’ve got cluttering up your neighborhood. Media Matters management recently declined to recognize the union through the “card check” process, instead exercising its right to force a union […]

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So, he’s more of a “free rider” than Sandra??

by Skip April 18, 2014

That would be the girl made famous when Rush Limbaugh called her “a slut” when she was all up in arms that society should be providing her free contraceptives (and yes, I used the diminutive because it is clear that she willingly didn’t want to be self-sufficient – the hallmark of immature children that don’t know […]

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Taxes – I screwed up yesterday

by Skip April 16, 2014

That’s right.  On April 15th, I messed up big time.  Actually, I figured it out on Monday, the 14th, as I did my taxes on a vacation day.  How badly had I booted it the previous year? Yeah, I’m getting a refund.  Which means that I failed – I just gave Obama an interest free […]

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Notable Quote – Prof. David Corbin & Matt Parks

by Skip April 15, 2014

From a longer piece at The Federalist (go read the whole thing, emphasis here is mine): …Americans, Madison argues, are natural republicans–republicans in their heads and in their hearts, determined to show the world that “self-government” is possible. The republican principle, as Madison defines it later in the essay, requires “a government which derives all its […]

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Free will, Freedom to choose – why both are so important

by Skip April 15, 2014

“Respecting the dignity of a human being is giving that person the freedom to choose” If God loved us enough to give us free will, then why do Progressives

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Data Point – And Progressives keep saying its a GREAT investment??

by Skip April 14, 2014

Gosh, and I thought everyone knew that those late into a Ponzi scheme gets screwed! Demographics rule this world, and Progressive policies that have made it more and more expensive to have the larger families that easily supported the underpinnings of SS (i.e., lots of workers to support retired) will end up killing their own […]

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