Data Point – So, like “where’s Waldo”, where is Global Warming for Americans?

by Skip October 14, 2016

What is it that Americans are fearful of?  Chapman University lists the top 10: Warmists fearing Global Warming / Global Cooling / Climate Chaos / Climate Change / Extreme Weather (you KNOW it has to be a Progressive “thing”; just like what they call themselves keeps changing, they keep renaming this “thing” as they figure […]

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Progressives – needing Sheeple and are happy to look at them as such

by Skip October 14, 2016

Sheeple: (a portmanteau of “sheep” and “people”) is a derogatory term that highlights the passive herd behavior of people easily controlled by a governing power which likens them to sheep, a herd animal that is easily led about. The term is used to describe those who voluntarily acquiesce to a suggestion without critical analysis or […]

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Notable Quote – Stephen Green

by Skip October 6, 2016

Leave it to government to force a marketplace into existence, where people are coerced into buying something many of them can’t afford to use, and which sellers still lose money selling. And then leave it to government to blame free markets for the failure. -Stephen Green (Instapundit) Actually, its not Government that’s doing the blaming […]

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Data Point – Taxation without Representation

by Skip August 10, 2016

From The Hill: Since President Obama took office in 2009, the federal government has issued 600 major regulations totaling $743 billion, according to a new study from the conservative American Action Forum.  The Obama administration issues an average of 81 major rules, those with an economic impact of at least $100 million, on a yearly […]

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Notable Quote – Richard Epstein

by Skip August 3, 2016

It is now possible to see how the progressive agenda thwarts the engine for growth in ways that private ingenuity finds it difficult to overcome. The initial observation is that virtually every progressive reform undermines free markets and tends to establish monopolies in labor, agriculture, and other industries. These rules frustrate the free entry into […]

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John Andrews obviously doesn’t want people to have any control of their tax burden

by Skip July 20, 2016

Ah yes, yet another missive from the Left complaining that the amount raised by property taxes here in NH should be paid by anyone other than by themselves.  While the original is after the jump, this Letter to the Concord Monitor quickly sums up their argument (reformatted, emphasis mine): The writer cites a $250,000 house […]

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“Birthrates always plummet under socialism.”

by Skip July 11, 2016

From Instapundit – and the important operative phrase is “Without a strong familial structure” FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED: Joel Kotkin: The Meaning Of The Baby Bust (emphasis mine) Once an exception to demographic decline, our country may be falling into the dismal pattern that is now common in other high-income countries, notably in East Asia and Europe. […]

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How About A No Abort List?

by Scott Morales July 1, 2016

Hmmm, a secret list of women who shouldn’t be allowed to have an abortion? Okay “insert into list (select * from all_females)”. Maybe the progressives and Democrats are onto something with the government keeping lists to deny people their “rights” even if those “rights” are not literally written in the constitution like murder…oh, I mean […]

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Blog Question of the Day to all you Multiculturalists out there

by Skip June 20, 2016

If All Cultures Are Equally Valid, Can Iran Kill Gay People? The core of the Left’s slobbering love affair with “Multiculturalism” holds that no culture is any better than any others.  Especially when it comes to their protected identity groups.  Seeing that the LGBT community currently sits atop their totem pole (disclaimer: which WILL change any […]

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How to Discuss the Orlando Jihad Massacre with Progressive Friends

by Steve MacDonald June 14, 2016
Thumbnail image for How to Discuss the Orlando Jihad Massacre with Progressive Friends

One of our frequent guests on GrokTALK!, John Zmirack, will be joining us again this Saturday to have a conversation about how to talk to your progressive friends about the shootings in Orlando. Here is a sample of the dialogue he has written to begin that discussion.

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Meme of the day

by Susan Olsen June 13, 2016
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Quote of the morning

by Susan Olsen May 24, 2016

“With progressive causes, the goal is not the goal. The coercive means of achieving the goal is the goal. ” H/T Ol Remus  

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“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

by Skip May 23, 2016

The Left’s tolerance only extends to themselves and not those that dissent from their monoculture and religion of The State and the misguided idea that History has a “right” side.  All they want is complete submission – maybe that is their attraction to Islam  (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Notable Quote – Ammo Grrrll

by Skip May 23, 2016

From Powerline on why Obama is so insistent on LGBT rights and now, the transgender bathroom war – and it isn’t necessarily what you think but Ammo Grrrll nails it (emphasis mine, reformatted): And so, in a spectacular example of Life imitating Art, we see the Great Revolutionary Obama, lowerer of oceans, healer of the […]

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American Progressives Should Look to Europe When it Comes to Abortion

by Steve MacDonald May 23, 2016
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Insatiable Uncle Sam Creosote Maws Cigars

by Scott Morales May 6, 2016

Indicating reason number 4,235,153 that the government is too big: They’re going after cigars!!! Cigars! What the hell is wrong with these people? Shut it down. Shut it all down!  The Federal Government is incapable of doing what it’s already seized responsibility for, so what do they do?  Grab more!!  The rapacious insatiable bastards. I […]

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Why I’m More Right And They Are More Wrong

by Steve MacDonald April 26, 2016
Thumbnail image for Why I’m More Right And They Are More Wrong

I spoke about this big picture issue briefly on GrokTALK! Saturday. One of my kids pointed out that they have a teacher who speaks to the ideas of progressivism with the same certainty with which I speak about conservative principles and liberty. I told him that it is great to hear people who feel so […]

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The heart of a socialist is long – and always gets broken

by Skip April 16, 2016

If you are always reading, you will learn something new all the time!  And this I didn’t know, that socialism (and the tendency of Progressives to try (force?) to “perfect” others arrived here on our shores much earlier than the late 1800s in this piece labeled “The Character of a Socialist” (emphasis mine, reformatted): Upon […]

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Never a chance they’ll review on what they have wrought

by Skip April 9, 2016

Progressives place a bunch of constraints of the lives of the working poor, then they expect to be hoisted triumphantly into office on the shoulders of people they have harmed. When a worker making $800 on 50 hours of work has to go home and tell her family she is now making $600 on 40 […]

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Progressives – bringing that about which they decry

by Skip April 8, 2016

Progressives also worry that robots will take everyone’s jobs away but that, empirically, raising the minimum wage doesn’t cause workers to be replaced by machines. It is a subject that is starting to pop up more and more – the advancing of robotics and AI are creating much higher skilled and paying jobs but those […]

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Citizens United, Corporate Personhood & The Progressive Freakout (Part 2)

by Scott Morales April 5, 2016

Continued from Part 1 That wafts up the next pungent rhetorical fog flatulated from the dishonest Left to inflate their spurious “The court ruled that corporations are people” blimp so they can float it high as some looming ominous evil casting a shroud of doom over all we hold dear.  This is of course silly.  […]

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Citizens United, Corporate Personhood & The Progressive Freakout (Part 1)

by Scott Morales April 4, 2016

What is it about Citizens United and Corporate Personhood that crumples, bunches, and tucks deep the underwear of so many progressives? Why the foot stomping screaming spasms? It’s difficult to get a solid understanding of what exactly vexes them so because very often merely uttering the inquiry unleashes a torrential response of vacuous slogans wrapped […]

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Shades of TX Gov Rick Perry trolling CA and NY to “get” jobs – but FL Gov Scott trolling Yale?

by Skip March 29, 2016

This is funny as all get out – and EXACTLY what low cost States should be doing to the money-grubbing ones.  I put this post up yesterday about the deep Blue State of Connecticut eyeing more revenue by going after the endowment funds held by Yale with the main message of “theft by the point […]

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Is Senator David Pierce “Suitable”?

by Susan Olsen March 27, 2016

The people of this country have shown they are fed up, they’ve had enough of politicians’ lies and deceitful ways.  But never has a NH politician shown just how bad it is before Senator David Pierce entered the competition to become the nation’s worst offender. Senate Bill 336 is a piece of legislation written to […]

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Question of the year – Brendan O’Neill

by Susan Olsen March 16, 2016

““Unless you think Trump is an insanely powerful political maestro who in the space of six months has utterly altered the character of America, then you have to conclude that the current ugliness and division everyone is complaining about has been brewing over the past eight years of Obamaism and ‘politics of hope’. For liberals […]

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The Moral Equivalent of War

by Steve MacDonald February 23, 2016
Thumbnail image for The Moral Equivalent of War

We discuss the purpose of the war economy and the progressive moral equivalent of war, starting with Wilson, then examine what is happening today and consider why it still works.

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I like this new term for “Progressives”: Compassionate Totalitarians

by Skip February 17, 2016

It is clear that today’s progressives have the same constitutional contempt as their predecessors. I hope they do not share the racial vision. Black voters ought to demand, at a minimum, that progressives disavow their ugly racist past. They should re-label themselves to something other than progressives, maybe compassionate totalitarians. If you listen to either […]

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“Socialism, it could happen here and probably will”

by Susan Olsen February 15, 2016

“…the attraction of socialism is easy to understand. In effect, it offers the promise of taking wealth from people who, by and large, have earned a lot of it and giving the proceeds to people who have not. Because the latter group vastly outnumbers the former, the mass appeal is obvious.”

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Need a short, pithy definition of Conservativism? This is BRILLIANT!

by Skip January 30, 2016

From US Senator Ben Sasse who points out, for the Progressives that have lost their way (and their minds) that America is not great because of its Government but because of Civil Society.  That would be the interactions of individuals who our Founders knew were the sovereigns and not a Monarchy, a Royal class, or […]

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Taxpayer Funding for Planned Parenthood Rears Its Ugly Head – AGAIN!

by Jane Cormier January 29, 2016

Due to the votes of courageous Executive Councilors Wheeler, Kenney, and Sununu, taxpayer funding is no longer flowing to Planned Parenthood health centers here in NH. Under the continued scandals and propaganda, the Progressives in New Hampshire are working hard to put Planned Parenthood hands BACK into your pockets.  Quite amazing to be sure.  There […]

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