Notable Quote – George Will

by Skip August 18, 2014

…Progressives say corporations using inversions are unpatriotic, which is amusing. When the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision stipulated that Americans do not forfeit their First Amendment right to political advocacy when they act together through corporations (including, and especially, incorporated nonprofit advocacy groups), progressives ridiculed the idea that corporations should be treated as people. Now, progressives charge that corporations resorting […]

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Still, Progressives don’t understand why we don’t accept their “brilliance”?

by Skip August 6, 2014

Africa is now a country! Yeah, such a show of brilliance!  For their underlying philosophy is that Government is FULL of smarter people than the rest of us “little people” who not only need but WANT them to lead us.  And that these folks are totally non-partisan to boot. Snort!  First we get our esteemed […]

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“Caucasians” – I’m supposed to be offended by this white Chief Wahoo? Ha!

by Skip August 2, 2014

Let’s get right to the nub of this – the Progressive Left’s attempts to force a name change of the Washington Redskins (and college / high school teams and their mascots) is simply Political Correctness (aka, really Cultural Marxism) run amok. It is “groupthink” under the rubric of “politeness” – you WILL think like us about them or we […]

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Obamacare Architect, Prof. Jonathan Gruber, confirms the DC Court of Appeals decision

by Skip July 25, 2014

that determined that the IRS can only issue tax credit subsidies to Obamacare plan holders IF they purchased their Obamacare plans from an Exchange that was created by a State and NOT the Federal Government.  Here, the Progressive academician from MIT, Jonathan Gruber takes a question and confirms what the language in the Obamacare Law states […]

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It’s bad when even LIBERAL Law Professor Jonathan Turley says Congress is making itself irrelevant

by Skip July 18, 2014

The Founders' belief that self-interested branches would protect their own appears to have been their single, fatal miscalculation. — Thomas H. Crown (@ThomasHCrown) July 9, 2014 I have been saying this for a number of years now – that Congress has been following in the footsteps of the Roman Senate – still having the self-righteous words, […]

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Notable Quote – Calvin Coolidge on the Proper Role of Government

by Skip July 14, 2014

I was in a Facebook discussion a couple of days ago when I was asked which one of the Presidents was one of my favorites – it is “Silent Cal” (emphasis mine): Under this weight [of ever larger government] the former accuracy of administration breaks down.  The government has not at its disposal a supply […]

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Incendiary Image of the Day

by Susan Olsen July 14, 2014

H/T TTAG I guess Dems and Progressives would prefer that the slaughter of children profit Planned Parenthood instead.  

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Notable Quote – Oscar Wilde

by Skip July 9, 2014

“Selfishness is not living your life as you wish, it is asking others to live their lives as you wish.” – Oscar Wilde If only Progressives and Nanny Staters would read and meditate upon that…. (H/T: TTAG)

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Observation about Liberals: they always want Dependence Day, not Independence Day

by Skip July 4, 2014

From Jonah Goldberg:  The notion that denying a subsidy for a product is equivalent to banning that product is one of the odder tenets of contemporary liberalism. Not only that but that Liberals, having lost in the Arena of Ideas and failed to make their case to voluntarily persuade companies provide benefits strictly tailored to […]

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The Progressive Promise Includes a Compulsion to Pillory…

by Steve MacDonald June 30, 2014
Thumbnail image for The Progressive Promise Includes a Compulsion to Pillory…

The progressive promise includes a compulsion to pillory those who are better off. From corporate fat cats to your boss, small business owner to CEO’s, all the way down to the everyone gets a trophy crowd, someone is doing better than you are and that’s not fair. (Note that highly paid public employees, union bosses, […]

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If Progressive Govt hadn’t “crowded out” mutual aid societies to begin with

by Skip June 12, 2014

Mutual Aid Societies and Fraternal Organizations - before Progressives decided that ONLY Government could and should do charity work, there were mutual aid societies.  Groups of people banded together to help each other – family, friends, fellow immigrants.  And to the latter, I dimly remember stories from my Dad’s dad who came over to Southie (Boston) […]

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“All politics is local: What we see here happens elsewhere” – Highway Trust Fund edition

by Skip June 9, 2014

When our “Meet the New Press” radio show was around, that was an oft said saying as a take off of what Massachusetts pol (and later US Speaker of the House) Tip O’Neil used to say “All politics is local”.  We extended it as it seemed that all of the political problems we talked about […]

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Blogline of the Day – ideological Klansmen, indeed

by Skip May 26, 2014

 They are ideological Klansman coordinating with a major progressive group to blacklist candidates simply because they happen to believe in less government. – Steve Mac Donald, Editor at (In reference to the OUR State Project Progressives who are out to “get” newly arrived transplants to New Hampshire (like themselves) simply because Free Staters just […]

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GrokSHOTS! – But,… What About the Children?

by Steve MacDonald May 26, 2014
Thumbnail image for GrokSHOTS! – But,… What About the Children?

NH House candidate Michelle Levell (Rock- 7) tell us how she would deal with the emotional pleas for gun restrictions from Democrats. GrokShot! What About the Children! (52 sec) Looking for more…Click here to Listen to this Weeks program Listen on iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spreaker, TuneIn, or Stitcher. Please Like, Link and Share!

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OUR State Project: With Progressives, there’s no such thing as “Small Government”

by Skip May 26, 2014

Hilarious! You know, the posts almost write themselves: @ourstateproject Looks like it's the Granitestaters versus the Freestaters. Small Government versus No Government! — North_Of_Boston (@Charles_1944) May 25, 2014 But of COURSE, if your vision of Government is that it must be in charge of everything as Progressives believe, a pronouncement that they are for “small […]

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Why suffer when Progressive Paradises are so close?

by Don May 20, 2014

Last weekend I traveled through beautiful parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. These nearby beautiful states do all the things that New Hampshire Progressives/Liberals/Socialists complain that New Hampshire doesn’t do. It’s a shame that we have so many unhappy citizens when these Progressive paradises are so close. Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York have huge […]

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Notable Quote – Ol Remus

by Susan Olsen May 6, 2014

“The Forgotten Man, now as  then, is a beast to be burdened, something to  be bargained for, not  with.  In education and employment he’s commanded by the corrupt to stand aside for  the incompetent, the  improvident and perpetually needful, even  the criminal illegal. He’s embezzled by default and slandered in absentia. He’s the uncaring, unfeeling malignancy […]

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Notable Quote – Spengler

by Susan Olsen May 1, 2014

“Why don’t liberals seem to notice the catastrophic consequences of their policies, and why do they imagine imminent horrors where none exist? If  you corner a liberal and point to a disaster that followed upon his policy, at very most he will say–with a tear in the eye and a quivering upper lip–”We did the right […]

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Chinese Economy: God Bress Amellica!

by Rick Olson April 30, 2014

Reported today, the Chinese will overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy. Liberals blame corporate America, while Corporate America blames liberal fiscal policies.

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Notable Quote – Kyle Becker

by Skip April 25, 2014

“…What makes Constitutional conservatives different from progressives is that they do not desire to rule their political opposition or otherwise impose their will on their fellow citizens. Instead, most conservatives want to restore the nation to its Constitutional foundations, establish fiscal responsibility in government, reinstate the free market economic principles that allowed the majority of […]

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Democrat War on Work – What Do You Mean ‘Where Have The Workers Gone?’

by Steve MacDonald April 6, 2014
Thumbnail image for Democrat War on Work – What Do You Mean ‘Where Have The Workers Gone?’

Democrats are not the party of work, or the American family.  Their ‘American Dream’ is a nation crowded with dependents. Under Democrat rule work force participation has plummeted while government dependence has skyrocketed. There is no mystery.  Millions or worker did not “vanish from the workforce.”  They were driven out by a sustained, regulatory assault […]

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Notable Quote – John Wright

by Susan Olsen April 2, 2014

“Because Leftism is the theory that truth is impossible, and reason is a hate-crime, it requires self deception. Because self deception provokes guilt and humiliation, the self esteem of the Leftist is continually uncertain. Because it is uncertain, it must be uplifted. The only emotion loud and broad enough to smother the powerful emotions of […]

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The problem with Progressives is that they REALLY think that human nature “has progressed”.

by Skip March 23, 2014

They really believe their own PR: So much for that “Post Cold War” historical period we’re supposed to be in, eh?  Once again, Progressives not understanding that human nature IS just that – human nature.  It hasn’t changed over thousands of years on its own – there is that innate feeling that some have that […]

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The Scourge Of Regional Planning Simplified…Almost

by Steve MacDonald March 23, 2014
Thumbnail image for The Scourge Of Regional Planning Simplified…Almost

Democrats lied to pass ObamaCare and continue to lie as it fails on all points because it could never be anything more than a big unwieldy machine that denied you choices.  ObamaCare took what worked for you, made it unworkable, then forced you to find a way to comply. And while we can debate just […]

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Guest Post by Radical Moderate: “Obamacare is a direct attack against the middle class.”

by Skip March 22, 2014

Obamacare is a direct attack against the middle class. The ‘poor’ receive free healthcare. The level of those considered ‘poor’ has just risen dramatically here in New Hampshire thanks to Medicaid expansion and with no limitation on Medicaid eligible people relocating to New Hampshire causing the level to only rise higher. The ‘wealthy’ can afford to pay for healthcare. Wealthy defined […]

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“Paint Stewardship Program” – look, there’s the gun toting Nanny at the paint racks!

by Skip March 21, 2014

NH State Rep Leigh Webb (D): “The role of government is to legislate behavior“ NH State Rep Laura Pantelakos (D): “I don’t care about protecting peoples’ Liberty“ Yet another Government mandate in search of a problem.  Democrat Progressives just can’t STAND the idea that they aren’t smarter than everyone else and have to pass legislation […]

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Fifty-Fifty Brown

by Rick Olson March 19, 2014

“I used to be indecisive but now I am not quite sure.”  —Tommy Cooper And George Canning once quipped, “Indecision and delays are the parents of failure.” The Establishment wing of Republican party has now spiraled down into the abyss of emulating liberal, progressive Democrats in some if not the majority of their votes. New […]

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Notable Quote – Christopher Chantrill

by Susan Olsen March 18, 2014

“You see, liberals, a world without personal responsibility is not a Kumbaya world of fuzzy collective consensus. It is a world wrenched back in time to the rule of the patriarch or its modern derivative, the charismatic lightbringer. In the age of cities, science, markets, commerce, it fails every time it’s been tried. But you […]

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Progressives: you have NO right to be left alone – ever. EVAH!

by Skip March 17, 2014

NH State Senator Kathy Sgambati (D-Tilton): “Everybody in the chamber respects personal freedoms and individual rights…[BUT] We’re also trying to ensure that all citizens in the state have the protection they need. It’s unclear to me how you can possibly have all the benefits of coverage without everyone being under the tent. You will participate […]

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Who’s In Your Wallet!?

by Steve MacDonald March 16, 2014
Thumbnail image for Who’s In Your Wallet!?

The Republican party has no interest in receiving advice from me, and not just because we’re not exactly on speaking terms.  As a rule, I don’t speak to ‘The Party” I speak to folks who run as Republicans, activists, and voters, who may or may not be Republicans but have traditionally prefered what Republicans run […]

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