Progressive policies

Progressive Policies Embolden Aggressors

by Don September 30, 2014

Aggressors around the world have been emboldened.  Some aggressors are nations, others are terrorist groups like al Queda and ISIS or criminal groups such as the Mexican drug cartels.  Some aggressors claim their neighbors’ lands, others just take them, some aggressors kill fellow citizens who aren’t the right something (e.g., religion, tribe, ethnic group, gang), […]

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Data Point – Obama’s economy heading south: -0.1%

by Skip January 30, 2013

The Obama administration, I think, has figured out that the Bush excuse has expired.  But, they were happy to talk Sandy Superstorm and “The Republican fiscal cliff” – it is never, EVAH the result of their policies.  Never. Some numbers breakdown here. (H/T: AEIdeas)

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