USSR: Julio Iglesias, A Neofascist!

by Scott Morales May 23, 2016

Check out a list of bands banned in the Soviet Union (it was too long to put on the home page, so you need to click “See the entire list” below to see it, the original site is here).  The list was distributed by Komsomol, “the Youth Wing of the Communist Party” (I wonder how […]

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The purpose of the Left is to destroy traditional Morality

by Skip April 25, 2016

How many of us have looked around and said that I don’t recognize our country anymore?  Actions, behaviors, and words that would never have been carried out, brazenly done, and dirtily spoken are seemingly the norm nowadays.  Things that were “bad” are now glorified, that were done in secret because they were shameful now get […]

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Progressives: Corporations Out of Politics…

by Scott Morales April 22, 2016

… unless they’re for our side! h/t @BillFrezza

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It’s Time To Challenge Our Lazy, Politically Homogeneous Teachers

by Steve MacDonald February 29, 2016
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Breitbart Whether liberal, libertarian or conservative, we’re united by one common belief: students should be able to read what we want, watch what we want, play the video games we want, and most importantly, think what we want. And if colleges refuse to expose us to new ideas by employing politically homogeneous faculties, we’ll do the hard work ourselves, […]

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Newspaper Doodlings – righting wrong thinking

by Skip February 14, 2016

Over at the Concord Monitor, a Tom Shamberg (a flaming Progressive from his voting record in the NH Legislature and ratings), is all about having the State take on the responsibility and cost for all of NH’s Education (hey, that’s what Progressives do – take away control but make everyone else pay for it).  From […]

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“To the man I sat next to on the train: I am the gun owner you hate”

by Skip January 9, 2016

Just saw this at the Boston Globe – am REALLY surprised (because of their very liberal slant) they even printed it.  But given the absolute vitriol that the Left has for folks like me, I’ve put that Letter to the Editor here (reformatted, emphasis mine): When I boarded the commuter rail, you were already in […]

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Thinking of Playing Doctor – Meet Nurse
Haggie Massan

by Mike September 4, 2015

Don’t you feel so much better, ahem, insured, now? Inspired by Kimberly’s article

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Blogline of the Day – move or arm yourself

by Skip April 29, 2015

From Big Government: BALTIMORE IS NOTHING MORE THAN AN INFORMERCIAL FOR U-HAUL AND THE NRA If you can, move.  If not, get a gun to protect yourself as it is clear that under the present Baltimore Mayor, Progressive Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, is not going to allow the police to protect you or your property (bonus – […]

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“The whole enchilada”

by Susan Olsen April 12, 2015

” I need to know two things about anyone’s political system: Does it prioritize human freedom, or human coercion?” Lets take a moment to consider political labels. All too often, they are used as simple pejoratives, not the least by me. If we’re talking and I tell you “You’re so progressive!”, chances are it isn’t […]

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Where NH State Rep Barbara French (D-Henniker) gets it completely wrong, language and meaning wise

by Skip April 5, 2015

NH State Rep Barbara French (D-Henniker) had an Op-Ed in the Concord Monitor stating why she was not going to vote for the NH Budget.  Certainly and true to the Democrat form whereupon ANY lessening of a proposed budget calls for shrieks of death, damnation, and falsehoods (“Our state agencies have been severely cut over the […]

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Chapel Hill Shooting – Moon-Bat Over Parking Space

by Steve MacDonald February 12, 2015

What you probably wont hear and why the media will likely not be covering the shooting at Chapel Hill 24/7 for weeks without end. (PJ Media) A review of the Facebook page of the man charged in these murders, Craig Hicks, shows a consistent theme of anti-religion and progressive causes. Included in his many Facebook […]

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Fear Mongers: Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Laconia Fire Chief Kenneth Erickson, & PFoNH Prez David Lang

by Skip February 8, 2015

From the UL (reformatted, emphasis mine) comes this news from the Federal Govenrment’s Ambassador to NH Shaheen in dragooning two other Government employees into saying “ONLY GOVERNMENT CAN SAVE US ALL!”.  Translation: All hail the Sacred Government! The showdown over Homeland Security funding could affect first responders, right down to local firefighters, U.S. Sen. Jeanne […]

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New Twitter Follower: Linda Lucks (self-proclaimed Progressive)

by Skip February 3, 2015

We DO welcome our latest follower on Twitter (@GraniteGrok) – Linda Lucks: It’s nice to know that folks on both sides of the aisle follow us.  My question is: @LindaLucks1, would you consider us “good people”?  After all, we are committed to the original values expressed in both our Constitutions, we love our families and […]

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And this Progressive US Congressman sound like WHICH former Progressive US Congressman?

by Skip January 1, 2015

Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., is using alleged police brutality victims to raise money for a re-election campaign he promised not to run. “The historical election of President Obama doesn’t mean the end of racism and injustice in America,” says @cbrangel Rangel, the veteran Harlem congressman, barely eked out an electoral victory this year in part […]

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Notable Quote – Elaine Andrews-Ahearn

by Susan Olsen December 21, 2014

“I think people are so unbelievably unsophisticated,” Andrews-Ahearn said. “They do not pay attention to the elections, they do not know who they are voting for and they do not vote. We refer to this problem as ‘low information voters,’ and it’s a huge problem in the state of New Hampshire.”  

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The Progressive Income Tax: A Tale Of Three Brothers

by Steve MacDonald November 3, 2014
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Adapted from an article by noted investor and economist, Kip Hagopian, and narrated by actress Carolyn Hennesy of “General Hospital” and “True Blood” fame, this animated story will change the way you think about how you pay your taxes Parger U

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The Progressive Hate Machine in Review–Inaugural Edition

by Scott Morales November 1, 2014
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Laughing at assault victims, calling women whores, mocking the paraplegic and putting his own kids on food stamps while they live in squalor, that’s Progressive.  And it’s all in a few weeks work of the Progressive Hate Machine. Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Progressive Hate Machine in Review. We all know them. We’ve […]

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Texas is booming – thank cheap energy!

by Skip September 28, 2014

The money part was the focus – but it was the last line that should catch EVERYONE’s attention (and then think about it) The economists had predicted just last year that they expected the total economic impact to South Texas to be $89 billion in 2022. Instead, they now estimate that the impact has already […]

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Stiles “Takes The Lead” in Advancing the Liberal Democrat Agenda

by Steve MacDonald August 25, 2014
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Nancy Stiles has another mailer out, in which she is sold as a leader who is tough on Liberal Democrats.  (I almost spit my coffee out I laughed so hard.) The mailer obviously says things Republicans would like to hear from or about a candidate but all of that pales next to the one thing […]

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GrokBite – I would expect nothing less from a race-baiting Progressive

by Skip August 18, 2014

“We are going to have our ARRMMMMS UP!  Rally and march in DC to demand federal legislation around policin’.  How we get policin’ and community to work together….“ (H/T: FoxNews)  That would be the Rev. Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton: parlaying civil rights bona fides w/MLK to owing millions in unpaid taxes BUT still “advising” Progressive President […]

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Where Are The Anti-Liberty Inquisitors Hiding?

by Steve MacDonald July 11, 2014
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Do you remember the Our State Project and FreeState Watch?  These were fledgling inquisitions operated by modern-day Torquemadas of the so-called non-profit progressive left.  Their mission was to find and persecute non-progressives by labeling them as ideological infidels; opponents of the endless, debt-driven expansion of the  taxpayer funded Democrat Ummah.  After all, who would want […]

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Problem is, Obama has said stuff like this before

by Skip June 27, 2014

This just struck me the wrong way, but given the attitude he exudes, I’m not surprised: Obama Jokes about Executive Order to Make Boys Play It’s funny, because President Obama issues a lot of orders. “And last month, three young girls wrote to me that boys aren’t fair because they don’t pass the ball in gym […]

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Data Point – A culture of Black Death

by Skip February 20, 2014

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and hater of blacks, would be proud. US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), too. from NYC 2012 stats: Black babies born alive: 24,758 Black babies killed via abortion: 31,328 A throw away culture – a segregationist’s delight if the words of Margaret Sanger are to be believed.  Let me paraphrase: […]

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The Non-Objective Progressive masks slips in the media: “Reprehensive Party of FL”

by Skip February 2, 2014

From Big Journalism: “NBC does it again, this time through a Miami affiliate that broadcast a graphic (see above) that read: “Reprehensive Party of Florida.” You have to ask yourself what kind of culture there is at NBC News that makes staffers believe that dehumanizing Republicans in this way is okay. This isn’t a one-off. […]

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Progressives, In Practice, Cling To The Antiquated

by Scott Morales November 27, 2013
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Progressives are regressive. They are people that are truly mired in ideological bog, unwilling to adapt to the world that is. Anyone whose had the pleasure to read the Grok for any stretch of time is surely to have noticed the word “regressive” mordantly used in place of “Progressive” when referring to those that characterize […]

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The Con’s Detonation

by Scott Morales November 3, 2013
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The idol burst and sprayed angled shards and fragments over the podium and media landscape, burrowing sharply into the souls and hearts of his acolytes. Puncturing dreams and deflating hopes quicker than a set of Michelins backing over a spike strip on a quick get away. You can see it everywhere. On the lefty shows. […]

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Blogline of the Day: “…applied Boombergism”

by Skip October 29, 2013

“You can keep your insurance if but only if you buy the insurance that we think you ought to have,’ which reveals the part of ObamaCare that is applied Bloombergism.” Well, when I watched “Special Report” tonite and heard George Will say that line, I told myself that I had to transcribe it – and […]

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Succumbing to Democrat identity politics will not work out well

by Skip September 22, 2013

“We have to reach out to this group in order to win and show that we’re hip!” “NO!  Now we have to reach out to this other group”.    “Wait!  You’re forgetting this other one – it’s important because it contains a whole 2% of the voter population!” Yuck.  This coming from Republicans as we […]

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Guest post by NH State Rep Jane Cormier: “Rep. Bob Kingsbury Is Turning In His Grave”

by Skip September 13, 2013

Rep. Bob Kingsbury Is Turning In His Grave How does a public servant who has been an Attorney, Judge, and Representative of the NH House, come up with a “tribute” editorial for a fellow representative which offers such profound prejudice?  Serving with Rep. Huot, I can only hope he “misspoke” in his recent Letter to […]

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Where Piers Morgan shows he doesn’t ‘get’ the US Constitution – again

by Skip September 12, 2013

Piers, Piers, Piers – you of all people should know the phrase containing “and dispel all doubt”.  A recent tweet on his favorite hobby horse (the Socialist / Statist mantra that citizens should be disarmed) shows a serious lack of understanding of the underlying philosophy of the US Constitution.  The Founders were careful with their […]

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