Prof. Thomas Sowell

Notable Quote – Prof. Thomas Sowell

by Skip June 21, 2017

“Liberals are for helping people who are disadvantaged, while I think conservatives want to stop people from being disadvantaged,” he explained. “In other words, liberals want to help the poor while they’re poor, but really the biggest benefit is to stop them from being poor, and that’s something they [liberals] have little interest in.” -Prof. […]

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Notable Quote – Prof. Thomas Sowell

by Skip February 15, 2017

Many individual fallacies in economics are founded on the larger, and usually implicit, fallacious assumption that economic transactions are a zero-sum process, in which what is gained by someone is lost by someone else. But voluntary economic transactions – whether between employer and employee, tenant and landlord, or international trade – would not continue to […]

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Notable Quote – Dr. Thomas Sowell

by Skip January 31, 2015

Few things blind human beings to the actual consequences of what they are doing like a heady feeling of self-righteousness during a crusade to smite the wicked and rescue the downtrodden. – Prof. Thomas Sowell (Ph.D. Economics, syndicated columnist, author (The Housing Boom and Bust)  

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