Prof. Dan Boudreaux

Notable Quote – Prof. Dan Boudreaux on “Price Gouging”

by Skip October 11, 2017

Some letter-writers who criticize my defense of so-called “price gouging” mistakenly assume that I oppose charitable actions to help victims of natural disasters (Letters, Oct. 11).  In fact, I applaud any and all outpourings of such generosity.  To the extent that big-hearted people make available, at zero or very low prices, additional supplies of goods […]

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Notable Quote – Prof. Dan Boudreaux

by Skip May 13, 2013

for the “Progressive,” to insist on spending your own money, and only your own money, is considered to be greedy and shallow, but to insist on spending other people’s money is considered to be selfless and enlightened. Truly strange. – Prof. Dan Boudreaux

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