Open letter to Fergus Cullen and his GOP Establishment

by GrokWatch News Desk March 25, 2015

Kathy Dunton | GrokWatch News Desk I had been hoping that you and your people would have figured it out by now, but I guess it needs to be explained to you, and others that have lost their way. Recently, Presidential Candidate Rand Paul made the comment that NH cannot seem to get a Republican […]

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GrokTALK! at Liberty Forum with Ian Underwood

by Steve MacDonald March 11, 2015
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It’s always great to have Ian Underwood joins us and this was no exception.  We’ve got the Shaolin Rifleworks, the serenity of self-defense, the lefts lack of limiting principles, Senator David Pierce (again) this time encapsulating the violence of progressive government; then a great discussion about principles vs outcome. Follow us on YouTube, USTREAM, Facebook, […]

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Keep attacking our fundamental values and guess what happens?

by Skip November 25, 2014

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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GrokTALK! The Political Evil In the Room

by Steve MacDonald October 7, 2014
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SNHU Professor Kevin Kervick started a massive debate on Facebook about where we should be directing our energy in the run up to the November Election, which he takes up with us in this segment of GrokTALK!  Do we let the GOP off and focus only on Democrats or should we turn up the heat […]

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Notable Quote – Steve Mac Donald

by Skip October 5, 2014

Pretty much sums up what we at GraniteGrok are all about (emphasis mine): We write about a set of principles and compare everyone to them, regardless of party. Without principles as a litmus there are no limits to what any elected official can or will do. We also write about Republican principles outlined in their own […]

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Being Constitutional is everybody’s business and concern – not just the Judiciary

by Skip June 27, 2014

NH State Rep. Sandra Keans (R, now D): “I don’t try to justify anything by the Constitution, it’s not my job and I don’t want to do it”. NH State Rep. Susan Almy (D): “Well, you don’t get to decide what is Constitutional and I don’t get to decide what is Constitutional, the judiciary decides […]

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It looks like NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn’s Unity demand to vote for Scott Brown is being ignored by the troops

by Skip June 24, 2014

That would not be the Elite troops that all want us to be Gene Chandler type Republicans (“Anyone with an R after their name is a good Republican”), just us “regular” troops.  Rather, this is yet another email that has come across my transom that shows that her message is rather “revolting” (name redacted to […]

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For U.S. Navy Rear Admiral William H. McRaven, it’s the little things that show the Principles at UT Commencement speech

by Skip May 23, 2014

U.S. Navy Rear Admiral William H. McRaven is also the Commander of the US Navy’s SEAL special operator forces.  And a SEAL himself so he knows of what he speaks: I have been a Navy SEAL for 36 years. But it all began when I left UT for Basic SEAL training in Coronado, California.  Basic SEAL […]

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Notable Quote – Tom DeWeese

by Skip April 22, 2014

“Freedom.” We use that word a lot. Do we all really know what that word means? It’s used in so many different ways. Do we understand how it is attained? Most importantly, do we understand how it is used by some to actually take freedom away?  Simply put, freedom is the ability to act without […]

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Disqus Doodlings – The Results of Gubmint Education..

by Mike April 8, 2014

The Las Vegas Review Journal has an article about the Federales rounding up cattle belonging to a rancher whose family had grazed their herd on the same public land in Nevada for generations, because the rancher believed that his longstanding usage pre-empted any attempt by the Bureau of Land Management to impose fees upon a […]

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Brown Heads NH Poison Poll
Why Vote For A Lesser Evil?

by Mike April 2, 2014

Just got mail from ‘Grok friend Scott McGrath, commiserating on our recent experience with Scott Brown. (Honestly, Scott M., on the personal level they were fine.) What got my attention was the absolute refusal to vote for Brown! The visitors to my recent house party were divided: Those who were happy to see a well-funded […]

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One does wonder if they can really see themselves

by Skip March 22, 2014

Neil Cavuto is not everyone’s cup of tea (I like him, TMEW does not); even though he is known as a biz reporter, he has to be up on the politics as Government has put itself into all aspects of pretty much all businesses (after all, we individuals can’t deal with companies on our own […]

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Sunday talking head show Doodlings: That is only the prerequisite, sir!

by Skip February 16, 2014

“It is because the base no longer Trusts what happens after “winning” that this is an issue.” On This Week with “Mr.  wContraceptive in Presidential Debates” (that would be George Stephanopolous, Clinton’s Vonderkind, turned Democrat “journalist”) was this clip from NJ Gov. Chris Christie: Our party’s priority should be on winning. Not winning the argument.  […]

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“Whale Wars” Republicans? Yes – but which one?

by Skip December 15, 2013

Or “why does the Republican Party keep acting like Captain Luis Manuel Pinho?” Translation: “Are you willing to die to save the life of a whale?” So which Captain do we see in the Establishment Republican wing of the Party? I have to admit that I’ve been watching this “reality show” for quite some time.  […]

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The Party Exists Because of the Principles, Not the Other Way Around

by Steve MacDonald October 25, 2013
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Free association in any group is based on the presumption that those who choose to join will promote the groups “charter.’  They will support its mission.  That those charged with leading that mission will develop and deploy strategies to advance those shared goals. The current leadership of the GOP and the NHGOP has a platform […]

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Consistency and Trust – Will the Republican Party wake up?

by Skip October 10, 2013

Consistency yields Trust yields Votes.  Simple, eh?  While I’ve been saying this for a while as to the disaffection of voters for the Republican Party, it doesn’t seem to be getting traction.  That is, at least in Republican circles.  Rarely do I even hear this idea mentioned – only that “We have to win (even […]

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Or better put “I used to be your base – now I’ll be someone else’s”

by Skip September 24, 2013

This is one of those few times that I will reprint an entire post.  Yet, I am hearing similar things more and more: “why should I fight and support a Party that more and more is Democrat-like versus Freedom and Constitution loving?  Why should my time, my valuable time, be spent defending a Platform that […]

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If only ALL elected (AND appointed) officials would keep this uppermost:

by Skip September 24, 2013

A senior Washington Post congressional reporter found it “interesting” that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told him that he answers to his constituents and the grassroots instead of the leaders in the Republican leadership who make up the permanent political class. On Tuesday, Paul Kane said that in an interview in August, Cruz told him that […]

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Scott Brown – problem?

by Skip August 27, 2013

I think a lot of Northeast Republicans were fairly happy when Scott Brown won the special election from “Marsha” Coakley  in MA to fill the Senatorial seat left empty upon the death of Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy a few years ago now.  Occupying “the Peoples’ Seat” (as opposed to the “Kennedy Family Seat”), he pretty […]

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Great, Just What We Need, More Anti-Republican Crap

by Steve MacDonald May 6, 2013

When I first announced the return of GrokTALK! a few weeks ago, in pursuit of likely guests, the very first response I got on my status update from a Republican Facebook page was, “Great, just what we need, more anti-Republican crap.” In some respects yes, but not because the objects of our remarks happen to “claim” to be Republicans.  It would be a result […]

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THANK YOU, Senators Lee, Paul, and Cruz!

by Skip April 29, 2013

It’s about freaking time SOMEBODY forced other Republicans, you know, to have to rely on Principles! Once again, the political symptom is gun control and the filibuster but the Republican disease is   Heh!: Texas senator Ted Cruz on Friday indicated that the battle among GOP Senators over gun control was so fierce that, at […]

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A word about criticizing “our own”…

by Tom April 8, 2013

Call us honest. We criticize anyone, including “our own” in the New Hampshire GOP.  No wool over these eyes, no regrets, no guilt.  We sleep very well at night. Our targets include anyone who directly, or indirectly, works against the founding Conservative principles we believe in – reverence of the Constitution and the Bill of […]

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A Letter sent to NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn, based on her HB617 Press Release

by Skip February 27, 2013

I wondered what Jennifer Horn would do as I wrote this; now we know – the non-silent silent answer.  She did not “Choose Well”.  The Press Release, which went out this morning, is after the jump.  This is my Letter just sent: Dear Jennifer (NH GOP Chair), Right you are concerning the proposed gas – […]

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I,________, do solemnly swear, that I will bear faith and true allegiance to the ‘Guidelines?’

by Steve MacDonald February 23, 2013

Has ignorance reared its ugly head again in the New Hampshire Legislature   Yeah, yeah, more times per day than we could count with all those people there.  Actually, I’m referring to Debra DeSimone, Rockingham 14 who seems to have a questionable view of her relationship to the constitution. According to Ms. De Simone, the constitution is really just a guideline […]

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A Flip-Flop? No, more of being an on-going feature than a bug

by Skip January 1, 2013

“…does this enhance a perception by them as a Stand on Principle or a Politics as Usual?“ Steve’s post brought up that fact that when Jennifer Horn (running to be the next NH GOP Chair – oh my!), she changed her tune might fast once it was pointed out that she included one of the […]

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David Brooks is the epitome of his own ‘moderate Republican’ vision

by Skip March 1, 2012

David Brooks is one unhappy dude – I would be, too, if I was the New York Times token “Conservative “.  Problem is, in order to be Conservative, one has to have a solid belief system rooted in actual conservative values – something he actually doesn’t particularly like (my previous post: strong American values are […]

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