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Intimidated In The End –
Walker Rides Into The Sunset

by Mike September 21, 2015

Some said the money wasn’t coming in. Others said he could no longer weave a path to the nomination – remember those new GOP nomination rules. Maybe he had more fun riding the Harley than at the campaign stops, however you slice it, Walker is toast – shame, a decent man. Sad. @GovWalker is dropping […]

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Unintended Consequences:
The RNC Plot For Jeb!

by Mike September 14, 2015

Steve has written here, and also covered in the Sept 5th newsread, that there appears to be a complex plot by the GOP Establishment (GOPe, rhymes with Dope) to ensure that Jeb actually could lose the early primaries and win the nomination. According to Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse, the plot was originally hatched when […]

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Van Jones on Fiorina- ‘A Mind So Sharp It Should Be Registered As A Weapon!’

by Mike September 13, 2015

Praise from an unexpected quarter: On this morning’s ‘State of the Union’, Tapper asked Van Jones what he’d be watching for in the debate next week – apparently he’s debated Fiorina before, and remembered the pain!! “She destroyed everybody on the stage!”

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Rick Perry’s Parting Words On Conservatism, Federalism, And Listening To The Grassroots

by Mike September 12, 2015

Rick Perry’s parting words to conservatives and a warning that the party should listen to its conservative grassroots, as he announces the suspension of his presidential campaign at the Eagle Forum in St Louis, MO, yesterday – an excerpt from KTVI Fox 2:

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Hillary – Mailing It In!

by Mike September 7, 2015

The lighter side of a deadly serious problem – Hillary had no respect for the People!

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What Did Hillary’s Paid IT Mole REALLY Do?

by Mike September 6, 2015

How many more shoes need to drop before Hillary Clinton is properly declared guilty of conspiring to put National Secrets at risk? Why is this ‘server guy’ pleading the 5th? How did the rest of the State Department communicate with The Red Queen? Enquiring minds have been asking, but there’s one question I haven’t seen […]

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Notable Quote – Trump:
‘the conservative principles for which it stands’

by Mike September 4, 2015

It’s not just this pledge, which is basically a declaration of a truce between Trump and the GOP Establishment – they realize that they have lost the battle to eject him, and are effectively capitulating! What is MUCH more important is at the 30Sec point, where Trump illustrates that he gets it – he Groks […]

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Perry Reminds DC “We Work For The People”
And “We’re Coming For Ya!”

by Mike August 31, 2015

Shannon Bream interviewed Governor Rick Perry on America’s News HQ. Pull quotes at about 3:20. We work for the People, not the other way around. I’ve been fighting Washington DC for 14 years. I want to go to Washington DC and make it as inconsequential in people’s lives as I can. “…that’s what wrong with […]

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Informal Eyeball Poll –
AFP Defending The Dream Videos

by Mike August 26, 2015

This morning, I took a quick peek at our YouTube Video Manager, and saw some surprising numbers, along with this message from the Analytics page: “AFP Summit – Perry: This video got more views in its first 2 days than your other videos from the last 6 months!” This is how the videos of the […]

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Full Steam Ahead And Torpedo The Dame!

by Mike August 24, 2015

First the trouble with Hillary herself (plain unlikable), then her endless scandals (nobody trusts her) – apparently drip-fed by the Obama Administration, then the risk that Sanders blows the whole gig by being HONEST about the goals of Socialism. What’s a Dear Leader to do about his Legacy. eh? Can’t trust Hillary to do the […]

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Goffstown GOP Picnic – Carly Fiorina Keynote

by Mike August 24, 2015

The annual Goffstown (NH) GOP picnic was held Sunday, August 23rd at Lemay & Sons Beef, who provided the space and catered the event – most excellent food In spite of the occasional rain shower, the event was very well attended, and the marquee was packed. Your Grok was in attendance, and live-streamed the whole […]

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Biden Gets Serious – Meets Warren In DC

by Mike August 23, 2015

We have previously reported on the Democrat panic over Hillary’s descent from inevitable nominee to (almost) inevitable jailbird, and on the rumors that Biden’s presidential hopes have risen from the dead. Now come reports on CNN (apparently backed by two ‘sources’) that Biden and Warren met in DC this weekend, potentially to discuss a run. […]

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AFP Defending The American Dream Summit
Keynote Videos

by Mike August 23, 2015

Wish I could have been there – some terrific presentations and speeches! Tim Phillips, AFP president, talks about AFP’s history and mission, and, oh yes – a shout out to David Koch Jeb Bush on his record as [spending] Veto Corleone, and his vision for America. Bobby Jindal absolutely on fire and unapologetic about his […]

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Political Cartoons – Outsider Edition

by Mike August 19, 2015

With all of Hillary’s troubles, and the surprising strength of outlandish outsiders on both sides, I thought I’d do a little roundup of some recent cartoons First the tribulations of the Dems, who are so desperate that they are combing the grooveyard of forgotten favorites – how does that make Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and […]

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Shock – Server Companies Make Backups!

by Mike August 16, 2015

Proving once more that crooked politicians are not qualified to act as their own IT managers, ABC News notes that Platte River Networks, who have housed Clinton’s email since 2013, did exactly what professional IT companies do – THEY MADE A BACKUP! In other words, whatever Hillary deleted this year, or even last year, may […]

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The Earth Moves Under Hill’s Feet

by Mike August 15, 2015

It’s just Joe being Joe – creeping out the women as his Presidential hopes rise from the dead!! With apologies to William Banzai 7 (PhotoShop of Ol’ Joe) and Gary Varvel (cartoon of Ol’ Hill’) Unlike the GOP field, which is almost all fresh faces, the Dems are scouring the graveyard of forgotten (we wish) […]

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Ted Cruz’ Epic Rant: The Voters Came Out In Overwhelming Numbers, And Nothing Changed!

by Mike July 26, 2015

Don’t mess with Texas Ted! That warning ought to be tattooed on Mitch Mulch McConnell’s forehead as a warning that the voters are getting tired of delivering Republican majorities which do nothing to rein in big government. Specifically at issue is how our REPUBLICAN majority leader secured votes for the President’s Trade Promotion Authority (‘Fast […]

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Who’s Behind Trump?

by Mike July 25, 2015

No, not the very capable Corey Lewandowski – REALLY behind Trump? Jerry Holbert takes a swag at it….

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Perry Unloads: Beware Of False Prophets,
The Empty Calories Of Trumpism

by Mike July 23, 2015

H/T The Federalist, Video Courtesy PJ Media During a speech before the Opportunity and Freedom PAC Forum today in Washington, D.C., the former Texas governor made clear that he is not a fan of what he calls the “cancer of Trump-ism.” “[M]ost telling to me is not Mr. Trump’s bombast, his refusal to show any […]

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Walker Hits The Campaign Trail – Big Crowds

by Mike July 18, 2015

It’s not just Trump playing to overflow crowds, and by all reports, the Walker events are much better managed. Your Grok attended the event at Joey’s Diner in Amherst, NH on Thursday (16th), and got a good view of the governor, but there was also plenty of action outside – in addition to two or […]

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Carly Fiorina in Nashua

by Mike July 12, 2015

On Thursday evening, at the beautiful home of Steve and Terry Negron in Nashua, NH, Carly Fiorina addressed members of the Nashua, NH, GOP and other guests from the surrounding area. A good stump speech on the evils of a permanent political class and the bloated, incompetent, bureaucracy, the insulting condescension of a government that […]

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Rick Perry In Derry, July 3rd

by Mike July 4, 2015

The governor attended a cookout at the home of Air Force pilot Rob Hampton and his wife Terry on Big Island Pond yesterday. Your scribe (and Mar-Mar) got invites, and were treated to a very good speech, as well as skilful answers to a couple of questions. (When the question is “what are you going […]

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What’s Keeping Hillary Awake At Night?
Enter Sand[ers]Man!

by Mike June 26, 2015

Jerry Holbert nailed it so well, I thought it needed to be set to music!

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2nd Amendment Shoot-Out – Carly vs Josh

by Mike June 21, 2015

Josh McElveen, Host of WMUR’s “CloseUp” interviewed Carly Fiorina last week on her positions and presidential prospects. He dropped in the obligatory gun control question, thinking a woman from California would be sympathetic – not a chance: Paraphrasing…. “I’m a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment” “Cities and States with the most restrictive gun laws […]

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Rick Perry Cookout At Nashua Community College

by Mike June 7, 2015

Steve’s processing the High-Def video, but here’s the quick take – your ‘Grok was on location as the crowd filled the courtyard, filled their bellies, and gave the Governor a warm welcome. Around 300-400 people in total, including three official TV crews and at least two other professional videographers. As the campaign theme song played, […]

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All Aboard For The GOP Stampede!

by Mike June 7, 2015
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Street Artist Strikes Outside ABC Studio

by Mike May 22, 2015

This looks a lot like the work of “Sabo”, the brave soul who has occasionally mocked “The One” by his clever LA street art, but now he’s mocking Hillary’s little Pay-Pal, George Stephanopoulos.

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Is Walker The Non-Scary Conservative?

by Mike May 20, 2015

I asked this question yesterday, after reviewing the video of Walker addressing GOP activists “Could he be the most conservative candidate who is “non-scary” to the establishment??” Imagine my surprise upon reading Breitbart this morning “Republican Lawmakers: Scott Walker Dazzles on Capitol Hill“, along with quotes suggesting that his appeal is broad-based, and he appeals […]

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Scott Walker Addresses NH Activists at FITN

by Mike May 19, 2015

This event on the Saturday of the NHGOP “First In The Nation” event was originally billed as a private meeting, but the invited group had swollen to over 40 by the time the Governor entered. After checking with my sponsor, and observing other cameras at work – I recorded the event. Please note that the […]

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GrokTV – Ben Carson In Derry, NH

by Mike May 19, 2015

Yesterday, your Grok was on location when Dr Ben Carson spoke and took questions at The Halligan Tavern in Derry, NH. Here are the videos:

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