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Obama Says He’ll Make Sequester Cuts Really Hurt, But They Don’t Need To

by Don February 28, 2013

How does anyone understand the real impact of the “sequester”?  Let’s consider what the “sequester” would mean to your family budget. If President Obama were in charge of the “sequester” for your family budget, he might tell you that you will have to cut the following:  1 ½ meals a week, turn your thermostat down […]

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Even if it Causes Americans to Suffer, Defeating Republicans is Obama’s Priority

by Don February 25, 2013

President Obama and the fawning mainstream media want you to think that the “sequester” and the harsh “sequester” cuts are being forced on him by others. These are deliberate falsehoods. The “sequester” was President Obama’s idea to pretend concern, in anticipation of his re-election campaign, for our huge deficits by agreeing to future (small, less […]

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President Obama’s Failing Foreign Policy

by Don September 24, 2012

Claims that President Obama’s foreign policy is successful can only be explained by pure partisanship or by criteria putting the interests of others ahead of those of our country and our citizens. We credit President Obama for killing Osama and other al Qaeda leaders.  Obama outlawed enhanced interrogations that led to Osama.  The attack was […]

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