Former Speaker Bill O’Brien was excoriated for this – devolve Power back to Individuals

by Skip November 11, 2014

BUMPED: First posted on 2/17/2014 And that is why the Left here in NH HATED Bill – he believed that political power should not reside in the State Capital and certainly not with politicians (note: some harsher words from Glen Reynolds from Instapundit about this: “Deny them that, and make it painful for them whenever […]

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Trouble Ahead…Administration has Its Head in the Sand

by Steve MacDonald October 28, 2014
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 ICECAP Trouble Ahead…Administration has Its Head in the Sand By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM Hudson Litchfield News In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle that his cap-and-trade proposal to control greenhouse gas emissions would mean higher energy prices for Americans. “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket,” Obama […]

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Fundamental Concepts-What Does Government Produce?

by Susan Olsen October 26, 2014

Some things are just better presented in their entirety. “The one and only product of government is power. Government produces (or more accurately, projects) nothing other than power. Look at anything that government does, and once you strip away all the rhetoric, you’ll find that all it’s doing is projecting power, and that it has […]

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President Obama Should have Met With Senator Obama About The Failure To Prepare For Epidemic Emergencies

by Steve MacDonald October 3, 2014
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Senator Barack Obama, floor of the US Senate – 2005: Mr. President why aren’t we prepared for an Avian Flu pandemic? The failure to prepare for emergencies can have devastating consequences. We learned that lesson the hard way after Hurricane Katrina. This nation must not be caught off-guard when faced with the prospect of an […]

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NH Senate Republican Majority PAC: TC nails it-$100/yr salary means Cronyism

by Skip August 20, 2014

On Kimberly’s post on the NH Senate Majority PAC spending 4 digits on a mailer for incumbent NH State Senator Dave Boutin (which said PAC seems to only wish to spend money to keep incumbent NH State Senate Republican incumbents butts in those seats – an exclusive Good Old Boy club), commenter TC had this, […]

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Observation on the nature of a Progressive and Progressivism: Jeanne Shaheen

by Skip July 30, 2014

Steve has a most important post up today where he brings up that Jeanne Shaheen, regardless of her campaign ads or sound bytes, is not really interested in the people of NH (but gets it very slightly wrong).  Emphasis mine, a bit of reformatting: I can’t say it often enough.  We need to elect Senators […]

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ObamaCare, ObamaZone – The Big Lie: ” It was disguised as something that would be almost completely voluntary”

by Skip July 27, 2014

NH State Rep Leigh Webb (D): “The role of government is to legislate behavior“ And that is not the expression of one that values or cherishes Freedom; instead, it is THE  seedling of Totalitarianism.  Obamacare, ObamaZoning – different facets of the same evil – those that have the hubris of incomplete knowledge that feel they have the right […]

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Weasal Words from Sportsmen’s Act (S. 2363); Senator Kelly Ayotte complicit in yielding US Senate power to President Obama with flowery words?

by Skip July 3, 2014

From Tom’s post about our Jr. Senator Kelly Ayotte signing up for this bill, Sportsmen’s Act S. 2363, that is being sponsored by known Democrat anti-gunners Senators (some of which are also Democrat illegal alien amnesty Senators), it mentioned: The Sportsmen’s Act is, substantively, largely a “nothing-burger.” People could hunt on federal lands — unless Obama didn’t […]

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40-60 is the New 80-20

by Steve MacDonald June 22, 2014
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Republicans as a party, the establishment variety in particular, are like awkward children of privilege who get upset when their money isn’t enough to make them popular. They stamp their feet and whine, even threaten. How dare you do this, you’ll rue the day that. It’s all very annoying. But more than a few Republicans […]

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Obama is behind the IRS Scandal to silence Liberty & Freedom / Free Speech

by Skip June 11, 2014

The IRS was weaponized by the Progressives, chief among them the Community Organizer Obama.  Being an Alinskyite, he TAUGHT the lessons that the end justifies any means, and the end is just pure power (aka, a Totalitarian government).  Quacking platitudes that Free Speech matters only until they believe that can destroy it.  With Lois Lerner […]

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Dogs and Guns and Democrats…Oh My!

by Steve MacDonald February 4, 2014
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People who are unfamiliar with dogs or have never owned one, are more likely to be intimidated or even afraid of them.   While people who are familiar with dogs, grew up with them or own a dog, understand them, know how to read their signals, and have the sense to have some respect for what they are capable […]

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Something to think about – The Left’s view of “The Noble Savage” and “End of Empire”

by Skip January 12, 2014

Emphasis mine: In boring fact, Empire keeps the peace and spreads civilization. The end of the Roman Empire introduced the Dark Ages. The end of the Habsburg Empire was the prerequisite of European war and revolution. Various lands and populations were destabilized at the fall of the Mughal and Ottoman Empires, and again at the […]

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It is a time of choosing

by Skip January 1, 2014

More and more, I see this sentiment boiling up from those “in the movement”.  More and more, they are feeling used (“thanks for 2010, now go away) If Republicans were as concerned as they say with winning in 2014 and 2016, the GOP establishment in Washington would get out of the way and let the […]

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Notable Quote – Dr. Thomas Sowell

by Skip December 1, 2013

Those who want to “spread the wealth” almost invariably seek to concentrate the power.  It happens too often, and in too many different countries around the world, to be a coincidence.  Which is more dangerous, inequalities of wealth or concentrations of power? – Dr. Thomas Sowell, professor of Economics, author, syndicated columnist The prototypical example […]

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Liberalism and progressivism are addictions

by Susan Olsen November 3, 2013

Think of a couple of Progressives that you know here in NH and see if this doesn’t fit… ‘It’s as powerful as heroin or cocaine. It supplies a terrific high: all sense of personal failure, betrayal, guilt, ineffectiveness, irrelevance, of being nothing and nobody, disappears in a flash. Instead our hero feels extraordinarily good about […]

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Data Point – Americans believe Government has too much power

by Skip September 24, 2013

The most Americans who think their Government has become too powerful – EVAH!  When the People have realized that Government has inserted itself into every nook and cranny of their lives, either controlling them by law and regulation or spying on them to the point of feeling that the Land of the Free has become […]

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If doctors are already not taking Medicare patients, will they opt out of Obamacare?

by Skip July 30, 2013

Or is that the reason why Obamacare was structured the way it was – political and policy decisions that effectively force doctors to sell out their practices to hospitals, and for hospitals to merge with others simply to better scale up to deal with lowered payments?  Why would this be happening?  Simply the penchant of […]

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An answer to Radical Moderate on Unions

by Skip July 22, 2013

As the sysadmin for GraniteGrok, that means I get (have ?) to review all the comments.  A relatively new commenter, Radical Moderate, has left a couple of serious questions for Steve on his post “The Public Unions vs. the Public — Prager University“.  I figured that even though Steve will have his own thoughts, they […]

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Freedom is Sexy

by Steve MacDonald July 5, 2013

Skip linked to this post (from here) and it seemed worth revisiting.  It remarks on how the Constitutional Republic is what is new and sexy and that what the progressive Democrat wants for your government is not new at all.  What they want is old and tired; a game used to deceive and control you. […]

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EMail Doodlings – What do you think about the NYC group trying to influence NH political system?

by Skip June 23, 2013

This came over the transom a little bit ago: tell me what your thoughts are regarding NYC paying for a group that comes to NH and gets space in the House Calendar as a “not for profit type group”? Is this not coercion of NY on the political system of NH?   just a thought. […]

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The Maze of Unaccountability

by Steve MacDonald June 14, 2013

If, over time, you’ve managed to build a maze that no one can get through, something so complex that even those tasked with it’s oversight and maintenance cannot only not oversee it, but who because of that can never expect to be held accountable, then the exercise of elections and appointments is merely a ceremonial […]

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A voice suffering from Government Tyranny – simply for being TEA Party – Part 2

by Skip June 4, 2013

“I think the IRS needs to fix its labeling machine: we’re the San Fernando Valley TEA Party not Occupy Oakland” In addition to Becky Gerritson, another TEA Party founder by the name of Dr. Karen Kenny  of the San Fernando Valley TEA Party testified to the Congressional committee on the targeting that they received from […]

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BlogAdvice of the Day: Glenn Reynolds

by Skip May 27, 2013

“Since we’ve seen that the government can take a 2.3 percent cut without anybody noticing, why not go for a 5% across-the-board cut next year?” (H/T: Instapundit) Given the rise in spending by Government since Obama took office, yes, a 5% cut probably would show up as much as this sequestration did to the ordinary […]

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Mi stai prendendo in giro?

by Susan Olsen February 16, 2013

“This is something I’ve struggled with throughout my presidency,” said Obama. “The problem is that I’m the president of the United States, I’m not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed.”    

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A quick ditty on Electability, Power….and what often gets forgotten: Why? And what is Jennifer Horn’s answer to that?

by Skip November 30, 2012

As I mentioned here, I had a long phone call with an official in the NH GOP and I had brought up this article that was written by Mike Murphy in that paragon of Conservative Journalism: a blog at Time magazine.  He’s a Republican strategist who often appears on the Sunday morning talking head shows […]

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Notable Quote: Yes, Edmund Burke is a Quote Machine…

by Steve MacDonald November 9, 2012

  An artful man became popular, the people had power in their hands, and they devolved a considerable share of their power upon their favorite; and the only use he made of this power was, to plunge those who gave it into slavery.

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Hurricane Sandy – NH is out of power

by Skip October 30, 2012

Much worse in other states, to be sure.  But with 1.3 million people in the state, almost a quarter million customers are out of power.  Including many of the Groksters, so consider this your “blogging will be light today” notice. Just from PSNH, a map of their outages: Pray for the folks in along the […]

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GrokTV Special Interview: Josh Youssef for NH State Senate. Question 4: Devolvement of power back to the local level from Concord? And unfunded mandates?

by Skip June 4, 2012

To a large degree, the voters kicked out the extreme spending Democrats in 2010 and decided that Republicans would be better at governing the State.  Part of what the Republicans have done is to try to return power, that the Democrats gathered into Concord, back to local communities.  I asked Josh about his stance on […]

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Geithner Can’t Justify Doing That

by Tim Condon June 24, 2011

I’m not sure which is worse. The fact that Geithner thinks we need to do this at all, or the fact that he seems to believe that what he says is in any way moral or that it will, as Mr. Geithner claims to believe–improve growth. Growth of government and taxes yes, but nothing else grows.

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Jury Nullification Bill In NH Senate

by Steve MacDonald May 31, 2011

The New Hampshire Senate will be voting on HB 146 this week, a bill that would give the jury in any trial the power of nullification.

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