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New Theme: R.I.P And Replace

by Mike January 22, 2014

Time to introduce a theme which just might strike terror into the hearts of Lincoln’s Lost Tribe, the junior partners in Socialist Tyranny which the GOP have become. (Way beyond ‘Tax Collectors for the Welfare State’.) We have tried persuasion, we have attempted reform, but the hardened hides of the entrenched RINOs don’t feel the […]

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Forecast For Global Warmists: Cloudy, With A Chance Of Cosmic Rays

by Mike August 31, 2013

As Steve pointed out, it seems that the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface is greatly affected by minute particulate matter in the atmosphere, and the cooling trend that the scaremongers were so exercised about in the ’70s was replaced by a warming trend when there was less soot and pollution – Who […]

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Limited Government vs Limited Citizens – A Reform Proposal

by Mike July 8, 2013

Skip* says: “The Bigger the Government, The Smaller the Citizen.”   Consider the Original Intent, and how far we have strayed (Bastiat was a contemporary of, and influence upon the Founders)…

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Jeopardy For $1000: A Pungent Vegetable That Hides Your Surfing From The NSA

by Mike June 26, 2013

“A tangled web, Alex: What is TOR, The Onion Router?”   Watch the video or click the onion to learn how it can help you – read on to learn how I met TOR… So, you tie me to a chair, shine a bright light in my eyes, and ask: “Who is this TOR person, […]

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Featured: Airport Food Worth Dropping In For

by Mike June 24, 2013

You’re out for a country drive on Saturday, cruising along a main road, miles from anywhere, and you’re wondering “what’s for lunch?”. Yet the miles roll by, the villages are small, and no restaurants to be seen – even the SatNav doesn’t show any of those little knife and fork symbols. What to do?? Wait. […]

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Scandals, Schmandals – Time For Obama’s ELEVENTH Royal Command Performance!

by Mike May 18, 2013

Give him his due – not only does Obama try to distract us from his never-ending scandals with a combination of lies, showmanship, and greater scandals, but he also goes to great lengths to distract himself and his friends with top-notch entertainment at the White House! In our prior article, we described the prerogatives of […]

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What’s That Ripping Sound? The Link Between Physical And “Paper” Gold Is Breaking Down

by Mike May 10, 2013

A few weeks ago, I wrote that central bankers appeared to be manipulating the price of gold to cover up the devaluation of fiat currencies by their incessant printing. We noted that, as far back as 1998, Greenspan had said that “Central Banks stand ready to lease gold in increasing quantities should the price rise”. […]

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The Gold Meltdown – Gold Futures Come Unglued While Individuals Buy The Metal

by Mike April 17, 2013

As central banks continue to print fiat currency like crazy, amid a competitive devaluationary race to the bottom (currency war), you’d expect regular commodities to cost more in terms of paper money (inflation), regardless of bogus government statistics telling you it ain’t so. And most of us have noticed the necessities of life are costing […]

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FiliBusted: Republican Goats And (Temporary) Democrat Heroes

by Mike April 12, 2013

Courtesy Chris Cilizza at WaPo, we have the vote count from today’s epic Senate #FAIL. We note with interest that Mitch McConnell was as good as his word, and did NOT vote to bring the bill to the floor, whereas Kelly Ayotte, riding in McCain’s sidecar was convinced that it was “outrageous” to make life […]

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Royal Command Performance – Only The Best For Obama!

by Mike April 11, 2013

The term “Royal Command Performance” has been around for centuries, as monarchs exercised their divine right to command performances at their palaces by the best entertainers and of the latest plays. During the last 100 years, the British Royal Variety Performance, often known by its older name, has been a staple of the Christmas season, […]

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One Of These Senators Has More Courage Than The Other

by Mike April 9, 2013

The list of GOP senators opposing even having a debate on Harry Reid’s Gun Control People Control bill has grown to 14, and was most famously joined by Mitch McConnell this week, showing the courage which has sometimes been absent during the financial brinkmanship. The List of senators vowing a filibuster before the bill even […]

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Domestic Currency Wars?? Texas Wants Its Gold Back!

by Mike April 9, 2013

We warned you previously of the danger of global currency wars, and that the trouble could come in two major flavors: Competitive devaluation, most recently in the form of massive printing by the Bank of Japan. Nations moving away from Dollars as their reserve/trading currency. We told you about the gold purchases and repatriation by […]

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Pushing On A String – Dollar Without Visible Means Of Support

by Mike April 1, 2013

We already know that the Euro is pretty much held up by Leprechauns and rainbows, but what’s holding the Dollar up? Thanks to currency wars, which the G20 swore off for just long enough to hold their news conference in February, the aggressive printing of Euros and Yen are driving investors toward Dollar investments, even […]

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Open Letter To The National Republican Establishment – Find Your Principles!

by Mike March 26, 2013

The establishment Republicans, especially the national ones, never listen to their base, and yet they keep asking us for money. They do not seem to understand that they’ve blown it, and like I told my kids, respect has to be earned. So, after a Re, Re, Re send of a begging letter from Greg Walden […]

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Traditional Pope Francis Is Sure To Offend The Left!

by Mike March 14, 2013

Guaranteed to offend the left, and determined to uphold the moral underpinnings of Christianity, the new Pope, like Benedict before him, has a paper trail of clear and unambiguous statements, which would be sufficient for Senate Democrats to reject any Republican nominee. Luckily, the Cardinals did not shirk their duty, and voted in short order […]

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There’s Too Much Democracy In America

by Mike March 11, 2013

You’re thinking: “What does he mean? Does he agree with O’Bummer that the Chinese model of governing (no opposition) is more ‘convenient’?” Hunter Dan’s thinking: “Damn – I knew the arrogant Brit wanted to be King!” You’d all be wrong. What I mean is that pure Democracy, a bit like undiluted Democrats, is pure poison […]

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Merrimack Gun Store Calls Obama Salesman Of The Year

by Mike March 3, 2013
Thumbnail image for Merrimack Gun Store Calls Obama Salesman Of The Year

It’s about twelve weeks since the Left took unholy advantage of the Newtown tragedy, with hyperbolic gun control rhetoric. It’s about 6 weeks since “

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It’s Hard To Hire Good Help In Washington

by Mike March 2, 2013

They call it “growing in office” when a conservative Republican gets in the groove down there in DC, and starts to vote the “right”way. After all, Trent Lott (in)famously said in 2010: “We don’t need a lot of Jim DeMint Disciples….. As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them”! Especially when candidates […]

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Violence Against the Constitution Act (VAWA): Et Tu, Ayotte?

by Mike March 2, 2013

Earlier this evening, Steve pointed out the unintentional consequences of the “Violence Against Women Act” (VAWA), which included giving unconstitutional jurisdiction over non-tribal matters to tribal courts, and (could we call it the Menendez clause?) decriminalizing child prostitution! What I find more interesting, if Heritage thinks the law is a bad idea, and we think […]

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Organizing For Action Hijacked – Forgot To Register Domains!

by Mike February 26, 2013

Warner Todd Huston, of the Axis of Fedoras, reported today over at Breitbart’s Big Government, that the Obama team was getting sloppy in its old age. You see, when you change names as often as leftists have to do, it is essential to secure trademarks, copyrights, AND domain names for the new name BEFORE announcing […]

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I’m a Target, You’re a Target, Your Kid’s a Target!!

by Mike February 24, 2013
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A story that’s been brewing this week, and got hot enough that the vendor involved pulled their images and descriptions from the web, involves training law enforcement and federal officers not to hesitate before shooting – YOU! And the government wonders why we cling to our guns, even as they stockpile bullets by the billion, […]

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Businesses Big and Small Dump Part Time Benefits

by Mike February 21, 2013

Skip reported on the Obama Supporter in Ohio who was ‘first up against the wall when the revolution came‘ and bit her employer in the …..umm… wallet. Well, Businesses both small and large have been finding out that the benefits they had been providing, especially to part-time employees, are being priced out of reach by […]

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He’s Not Down For The Struggle – Obama Calls For Racist Minimum Wage

by Mike February 16, 2013

Born into white privileged ‘limousine liberal’ society, riding affirmative action through academia, adored by liberal whites as the ‘Magic Negro‘ who could assuage their white guilt, thoroughly indoctrinated with Marxism, and best buddies with the labor unions, Barack Obama has been described by some black commentators as ‘inauthentic’, ‘not down for the struggle’. Indeed, even […]

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Sarah Palin Pwns Obama With #sotUGottaBKiddingMe – Via Twitchy

by Mike February 13, 2013

Sarah Palin launched a hashtag specifically for the purpose of poking holes in Obama’s straw men this evening, and with #sotUGottaBKiddingMe, she absolutely pwned him. Special thanks to Michelle Malkin’s for aggregating Governor Palin’s comments – here they are: Obama: “There is much progress to report.” Oh really? Let’s see what the facts show… […]

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Obama Has His Stage Props – We Have Stage Presence: Ted Nugent At SOTU

by Mike February 12, 2013

Fed up with the blatant overuse of children and ‘victims’ as stage props at Obama speeches, Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas decided to bring in a genuine American Treasure with real stage presence – Ted Nugent. Congressman, we salute you, and we’ll be watching for updates.

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Do Not Give Up Your Guns – Do Not Extinguish The Last Light In The World

by Mike February 9, 2013

That admonition comes, not from a right-wing extremist, but from Stanislav Mishin a Russian blogger who also writes for Pravda! He tells us the story of the heavily armed citizenry under the Tsar, and how enemies, both foreign and domestic, were easily repelled, or murderously driven out by the peasants, who jealously guarded their lands […]

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Godfather Warning: Is The DHS Our Gestapo?

by Mike February 6, 2013

A week or so ago, Tom wondered why the Department of Homeland Security might need 7,000 full-auto rifles, and millions of rounds of hollow-point rounds for them. Tom posited several useful tasks that DHS could be planning to perform (but most likely isn’t), and concluded with: “Do you still think the Federal Government should be […]

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YOU Can’t Photoshop Our Leader: Only WE Can Photoshop Our Leader

by Mike February 6, 2013

Much has been made of the “official skeeter” photo of our Dear Leader, and the commandment from on High that “thou shall not Photoshop” the Hallowed image, but just as the Lamestream Media patiently waited for The Photo to miraculously appear and back up the claims by His Majesty that “we go skeet shooting all […]

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While the Debt Keeps Heading North: 103%

by Mike January 30, 2013

Yessireee Bob, the debt to GDP ratio is now sitting at 103%, aided and abetted by that downward revision of GDP – Thanks, Obamanomics! Add in the fact that we are creating 4 Trillion of new debt each year (3 Trillion rolled over and 1 Trillion net new), which is 25% of GDP(!), those warning […]

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Last Line Of Defense – Is YOUR Sheriff On Board?

by Mike January 30, 2013

The duty of the County Sheriff is to uphold the Constitution. The County Sheriff should NOT be just another layer of law enforcement, faithfully executing whatever garbage Washington sends his way. Done right, the office of County Sheriff could be your last line of defense against Federal overreach, short of reaching for your own gun. […]

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