Anti-Gun Bill HB350 – A ‘Solution’ for a Problem That Doesn’t Exist

by Steve MacDonald January 22, 2017

With 400 House members, the NH Legislature sees its share of bad bills. But HB350 is not just a bad law; it creates problems where none existed in the name of solving a problem that never existed. This bill prohibits possession of a firearm at a polling place during a federal, state, or municipal election. I […]

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Hillary Doesn’t Know Where She Is and Gets Angry

by Scott Morales November 4, 2016

Yesterday, Hillary tried to reassure her supporters at a rally in Winterville, North Carolina.  Although she kept calling it Greenville.  Over and over again. From one tweet at the event: Hillary has no idea where she is. She keeps calling Winterville, NC…Greenville, SC. — Ron Crowe (@RonCrowe1) November 3, 2016 Not to worry. I’m sure it’s […]

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Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Bush, Kasich

by Steve MacDonald December 18, 2015
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The Boston Herald has a New Hampshire primary poll out this morning (post-debate). Trump 26, Cruz 12, Rubio 12, Christie 11, Bush 10,  Kasich 8, Fiorina 6, Carson 5, Paul 3, … Observations on the NH numbers: Fiorina and Carson continue to slide while Donald Trump maintains a stranglehold on first.  The next position is […]

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Consistency and Trust – Will the Republican Party wake up?

by Skip October 10, 2013

Consistency yields Trust yields Votes.  Simple, eh?  While I’ve been saying this for a while as to the disaffection of voters for the Republican Party, it doesn’t seem to be getting traction.  That is, at least in Republican circles.  Rarely do I even hear this idea mentioned – only that “We have to win (even […]

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What Has She Done to Deserve This?

by Ed Naile August 1, 2013

It is so popular to call a Democrat “popular” that pollsters, who somehow forgot to poll our non-resident voters, are doing new popularity polls on Maggie Hassan: the Concord Monitor has just reported onone now.   Imagine that, she is “popular” and it’s a UNH poll! Here we go again! If another 99,000 people register […]

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Here’s a great example of what’s causing Republican angst lately – and a fact staring down the NH Dems

by Skip October 1, 2012

Tim has a great chart about political registration – while it is true that it is not all roses blooming for the Republicans, it looks downright nasty for the Democrats.  And using that as the foundation, look at this from (yes, again) The Corner: Obama Three Points Ahead Among likely voters, President Obama is at […]

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These Polls Too, Shall Pass

by Scott Morales September 10, 2012

In light of the current freak out wave that’s crashing on the souls and psyches of many fellow conservatives over the recent not-so-stellar presidential polls, I think it’s a good time to dust off a classic by one of the movements pillars to remind us that this fight is forever.  These polls too, shall pass. […]

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White Conservative Racists

by Steve MacDonald October 9, 2011

The monthly Hot Air Presidential Poll is out and Herman Cain is kicking some serious ass among the conservative racists we keep hearing about. They must be feeling almost as guilty as the white liberal racist that voted for Obama.

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What Ancient Form Of Torture…

by Steve MacDonald December 18, 2010

While following up on a story about the ridiculously stupid group No Labels, which I nailed weeks before anyone else, (big pat on back) I discovered on of those polls you often find lingering near a Google ad, or between widgets in the right column. You’ve seen them. Do you support Health Care reform; Palin or Obama; What ancient form of execution would you least prefer?

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