Notable Quote – Ace

by Skip May 22, 2018

“Senator Feinstein has an inflated sense of her own intelligence and importance, and most of all her ability to sway public opinion. When she spouts “facts” that upon close examination disprove her point, it exposes the conceit that our politicians are in any way intellectually impressive. On the contrary, most of them are mendacious, grasping, […]

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Notable Quote – Kevin Williamson

by Skip March 22, 2017

The people who have an explicit legal obligation to work not on our behalf but on behalf of their shareholders do a pretty good job of giving us what we want; the people who vow to work on our behalf do not. That is a paradox only if you do not think about it too […]

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Notable Quote -Auberon Herbert, Prof. Don Boudreaux

by Skip March 10, 2016

T]here is no region of human thought which is so disorderly, so confused, so lawless, so little under the rule of the great principles, as the region of political thought.  It must be so, because that disorder and confusion are the inevitable consequence and penalty of the strife for power.  You cannot serve two masters. […]

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Notable Quote – Kerry Jackson

by Skip January 24, 2016

The REAL greedy ones are not the capitalists but the politicians: Like most on his side of the political spectrum, Sanders doesn’t know how to use the word. Greed is not a company or a person working hard to make more money, and then working just as hard to keep what they have earned, what […]

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Notable Quote- P.J. O’Rourke

by Skip August 12, 2015

All politicians hate people. Politics is a way to gain power over people without justification for having that power. Nothing in the 11,000-year history of politics—going back to the governing elites of Mesopotamia—indicates that politicians are wiser, smarter, kinder, more moral, or better skilled at any craft (aside from politics) than we are. But political […]

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Notable Quote -Thomas Sowell

by Susan Olsen May 28, 2015

“One of the scariest aspects of our times is how seldom either people or policies are judged by their track record“

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Announcing a New Award of Distinction for New Hampshire Politicians

by Ed Naile December 5, 2014

During a time of increasing public cynicism, recognizing and honoring the treachery of our political leaders has never been more important. Despite being a Democrat and serving eleven terms as a Republican, Shawn Jasper has repeatedly sold out the Republican Party and earned the distinction of having a prestigious award named in his honor.  The […]

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Conservatives, even w/this Wave, always keep in mind what ALL politicians really are

by Skip November 5, 2014

From Prof. Don Boudreaux over at Café Hayek (emphasis mine): I advise freedom-loving and free-market-appreciating Americans (of which I am unashamedly one) to be good Tullockians about the results of yesterday’s landslide wins for the G.O.P.  The Republicans who won those elections are, after all, politicians – and it is the rare politician, of whatever […]

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Americans believe their #1 problem is Big Government and Politicians

by Skip August 19, 2014

Gallup: When you look at the most important non-economic issues identified by Americans….  …ask yourself – who or what controls those first 4 items?  Yes, that would be politicians and Government.  Dissatisfaction comes from when expectations are not met or basic functions are not performed well.  Yet, we keep hearing from the Left that Government […]

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Boston Politicians Mad Because They Didn’t Think Of It?

by Steve MacDonald August 17, 2014
Thumbnail image for Boston Politicians Mad Because They Didn’t Think Of It?

Boston Herald- Pols should park Ego For Haystack App The City Council — as well as Mayor Marty Walsh — is poised to ban the Baltimore-based app from expanding into Boston with its service allowing anyone with a parking space to sell access to that space. In other words, if you’re just about to leave […]

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Minimum Wage Laws Help Politicians Not Workers

by Don May 20, 2014

Have the basic laws of economics changed? Lew Henry from Gilmanton Iron Works (see his 5/7/2014 letter in the Laconia Daily Sun (laconiadailysun.com)) apparently thinks so and other Progressives, from President Obama to Mitt Romney, agree. They say that raising the minimum wage will create jobs. Progressives want us to believe that employers who don’t […]

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“Bedazzlement fixes nothing”

by Susan Olsen February 18, 2014

Like no one else can, ‘Ol Remus sums it up.  In it’s entirety. ‘The Wreck of the Old 1792 We don’t have an economy, we have the wreckage of an economy. It’s studied  as a coroner studies a corpse, to determine when and how it died. And because we believe in equal opportunity idiocy,   medicine […]

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Blogline of the Day: in a lot of ways, they are equivalent, yes?

by Skip January 20, 2014

THE SAME WAY POLITICIANS DID, I IMAGINE: How Did Insects Evolve To Feast On Your Blood? – Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit   I have heard the terms “bloodsuckers” and “leeches” used, too

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Notable Quote – G.K. Chesterton

by Susan Olsen December 26, 2013
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Notable Quote – Karl Denninger

by Susan Olsen July 22, 2013

‘If you make political promises that can only be met through increased tax rates, now or in the future, you begin the process of slitting your own throat. ‘ Read the whole thing here.

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Does Government Exist for the Politicians or for Citizens?

by Don March 21, 2013

The Belknap County Convention demonstrated the clash of two different interests, both committed to fulfilling our County’s obligations.  One group considered the burden on property owners, renters, and others who pay the County’s bills.  The other group represents government employees, unions, and other special interests which benefit from the money taken from taxpayers. This year, […]

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Illegal Immigration Benefits Politicians, Employers, and Union Bosses, and Hurts Everyone Else

by Don February 9, 2013

Donna Brazile’s column in Wednesday’s (2/6/13) “The Citizen”,  www.citizen.com, is typical of liberal writings, an attempt to mislead the American people.  Brazile inappropriately interweaves legal and illegal immigration benefits and falsifies immigration enforcement effectiveness. Immigration laws have not been changed because the American people believe in the rule of law and in real “Fairness”.  It […]

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Politicians like Obama help Murderers at Schools like Newtown

by Don January 16, 2013

Why are killers at public schools like Newtown able to kill so many people?  They didn’t use military grade assault or automatic weapons.  Few or none used large capacity magazines.  They killed so many people because they had lots of time to shoot lots of bullets. They had so much time because politicians made schools […]

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by Susan Olsen January 4, 2013

The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they […]

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Where is Obama’s Help for Sandy Victims?

by Don November 5, 2012

President Obama flew to New Jersey for a photo op and to make lots of promises before flying on to campaign events.  Apparently he has forgotten about Sandy and the hurting Americans. A week later, hundreds of thousands of people in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut are without power, without running water, without food, […]

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Really Getting it Straight on Right to Work

by Don July 6, 2011

RTW is not anti-Union, it does not force anyone to leave a union, it does not prevent anyone from joining a union, it does not stop workers from forming a union. However, RTW is pro-worker. It forces unions to provide services that workers value in order to get and keep members.

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Support Right-to-Work

by Don May 13, 2011

Forcing workers to pay tribute to earn a living is slavery, it is immoral and un-American.
Forced unionization puts worker interests below the interests of union bosses and politicians.
Tell NH Senators and Representatives to over-ride Governor Lynch’s veto of the Right-to-Work law!

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Wisconsin Protesters

by Don March 3, 2011

To the Editor:   Many of the people protesting on Saturday don’t even understand what they are doing.  They talk about “Worker’s Rights” (which I support).  But they have been duped into protesting for public sector  “Union rights”, the right of unions to conspire with politicians against the interests of the American people.      President Franklin […]

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