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Dogs and Guns and Democrats…Oh My!

by Steve MacDonald February 4, 2014
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People who are unfamiliar with dogs or have never owned one, are more likely to be intimidated or even afraid of them.   While people who are familiar with dogs, grew up with them or own a dog, understand them, know how to read their signals, and have the sense to have some respect for what they are capable […]

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THE Progressive Paradox

by Skip January 27, 2014

Oh yeah, WE”RE supposed to trust THEM, but they don’t trust US.  Got it.  Got a name for that, too: Totalitarianism (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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As Gas Prices Reach Toward $4.00/ Gallon

by Steve MacDonald July 31, 2013

If you recall, a few years back, while Democrats had complete control of congress, and when gas prices were rising but lower than they are now, Democrats in New Hampshire were tripping over each other to blame Republicans and to claim that energy companies were getting rich on the backs of working families. Even the […]

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And in the Free Town of Grafton…a story of abuse of small-town government power

by Tim Condon April 15, 2013

A month or two ago I blogged about those magnificent small-government activists of Grafton, New Hampshire. That was when an alliance…

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Let’s Be Clear On Why Democrats Want To Kill The School Scholarship Program

by Steve MacDonald February 20, 2013

In April of last year I pointed out what appeared obvious to me.  That the small business school scholarship program,  eventually passed into law last year–the one New Hampshire Democrats are trying to repeal–could actually save the towns and the state money. In Merrimack the actual ‘on-paper’ cost per student is well over $14,000.00 each.; […]

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A Message From a Former Tiananmen Square Activist….About Guns

by Steve MacDonald January 23, 2013

    H/T Hot air

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Democrats Do Not Want You To Be Free

by Steve MacDonald March 3, 2012

According to Dr. Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College… “Limited Government is necessary if you are going to have a representative government.  You can’t have a representative government unless you have a big, strong, independent, vibrant society, that can be represented, that is independent of the government that represents it.” With people being who people […]

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GrokTV Special Interview: Cliff Hurst running for NH GOP Vice-Chair (Question 7)

by Skip February 27, 2012

Next to last question for Cliff Hurst who is running to fill the open slot of Vice-Chair of the NH GOP at the annual meeting April 14th.  The seventh question I asked is one similar to that which has been addressed by both NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien and Ovide Lamontagne (who is running to […]

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