Political Correctness

Well then, why didn’t Paris have a “safe space”

by Skip November 15, 2015

The inanity of this crybabies-on-campus just keeps going, prattling on about non-existent “white Privilege” (a made up Political Correctness submission tool”), “violating safe spaces” (a made up Political Correctness submission tool”), “micro-aggressions” (a made up Political Correctness submission tool”),  “trigger warnings” (a made up Political Correctness submission tool), “college is supposed to be a healing space” (funny, […]

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Political Correctness – it really IS about silencing opponents and criticism

by Skip November 11, 2015

And when you manipulate definitions of common words and socially suppress even the speaking of ideas that “cause hurt and pain”, you win the argument because any opposing ideas, philosophies, or arguments can no longer even be expressed.  Doubt me?  Just listen to Bruce Jenner’s own words (emphasis mine, reformatted): BRUCE JENNER: MEDIA CAN’T SAY […]

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Feminist Contradiction: How can one be a victim AND empowered at the same time?

by Skip October 26, 2015

Hmm, I just can’t decode this logic.  Professor Suzanne Venker was “disinvited” from giving a “harmful” speech at uber-Liberal Williams College – apparently, the students there think they are adults but prove they are little better than children. Its “paper of record”, The Williams Record, has a pitful editorial that, well, mirrors well what Venker was saying on […]

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If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and flies like a…

by Skip October 23, 2015

duck, it’s a duck: You can argue theology all day long, but if they’re shooting at you, take them at their word and JUST SHOOT THEM!  But always be ware that there are more ways to wage war than just with gunpowder and bullets.  Unfortunately, our “Leaders” can’t seem to figure out that Political Correctness […]

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Should be one of our WTF entries for tomorrow’s GrokTALK!

by Skip October 2, 2015

I read the post – totally unhinged from reality and it proves my point – the Left doesn’t care at ALL who it must tyrannize in order to “grant” freedom to “the oppressed”.  Once again, we see that the Left must TOTALLY distort the common language (“…freedom from destitution…”) in order to make their point. Adding […]

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Political Correctness – when the Left really has no winning argument

by Skip October 2, 2015

We’ve railed against Political Correctness for years and how it is the hobgoblin of minor minds.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called a racist, misogynist, homophobe, cold-hearted, uncaring…and a TEA Partier (heh!).  Frankly I don’t much care and a couple of times I’ve started laughing – which drives that Progressive nuts […]

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Notable Quote

by Susan Olsen September 30, 2015

“There’s a level of anger far deeper and more consequential than expressed rage or visible behavior. Cold Anger does not need to go to violence. For those who carry it, no conversation is needed. You cannot poll or measure it; and even those who carry it avoid discussion. And that decision has nothing whatsoever to […]

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White Privilege – history and responsibility

by Skip September 6, 2015

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Free Speech? On college campuses, that’s considered HATE speech

by Skip September 3, 2015

Orwellian: freedom from religion is religious freedom.  Owellian: freedom of speech has become freedom OF speech.  Both of our fundamental rights are being redefined to its exact opposite by the Marxist Left a la Political Correctness and “never offend anyone”. GraniteGrok’s response to that is short and pithy: screw you.  If you can’t withstand criticism, […]

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Political Correctness gets skewered by Colin Quinn absurdly

by Skip August 26, 2015

As a national comedian, he should know – the SJW and Political Correctness crowd are about as humorless as it gets.  There is a saying that conservatives like comedy and we know that being politically incorrectness HAS to be a part of it.  But the Humorless People?  I just don’t get it – if you […]

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Feminists: getting human nature wrong

by Skip August 24, 2015

From the article at the Union Leader (reformatted, emphasis mine): Women go topless to send message of equality at Hampton Beach To this ordinary schlub, it just seems that the feminist movement has lost its mind over the rather silly idea that parts of the female body can just be “declared” to be asexual just […]

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RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

by Skip August 15, 2015

In this day of absolute insanity on college campuses (campi?) from the Left’s censorship via Political Correctness, the Obama Administrations destroying the idea of due process when accused and being judged by a jury of your peers (as opposed to an academic Star Chamber), and the feminists’ perpetual victimhood and that the victim MUST always […]

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Notable Quote – Jeb Bradley

by Susan Olsen July 30, 2015

“Will UNH next propose to change our Live Free or Die motto to Live Free but Upset No-One?” The good Senator is clearly not a person of “sh#t for brains“.

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So the word “American” is problematic for UNH? Then why does it take our American dollars???

by Skip July 29, 2015

“American,” “illegal alien,” “foreigners,” “mothering,” and “fathering” are just a handful of words deemed “problematic” by the University of New Hampshire’s Bias-Free Language Guide.  According to the university’s website, the guide “is meant to invite inclusive excellence in [the] campus community.”  Terms also considered problematic include: “elders,” “senior citizen,” “overweight,” “speech impediment,” “dumb,” “sexual preference,” […]

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Proving Andrew Klavan’s “liberals are going fascist” is this gem – Speak with words I don’t want you to say, Government should shut you up

by Skip July 28, 2015

““just not going to call people by their names, and that they’re going to misgender them, just because they can.”” Ah yes, the Liberty provided by the First Amendment to the US Constitution (and, I might add, from our very fine NH Constitution): [Art.] 22. [Free Speech; Liberty of the Press.] Free speech and liberty […]

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Notable Quote – Mark Steyn

by Susan Olsen June 19, 2015

“I try to stay chipper about Rachel Dolezal and the rest of this stuff, but it’s not really funny, is it? More and more levers of civilization appear to be in the hands of the clinically insane. ” – Mark Steyn    

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Well, a new bit of Political Correctness we all are supposed to obey – “Thug” the new N-word?

by Skip April 30, 2015

“Never let a crisis go to waste” and certainly we are already seeing that coming out of the Baltimore riots (emphasis mine): As noted here parenthetically, the president of the Baltimore City Council, Jack Young, apologized a day after calling the looters in his city “thugs,” suggesting that “misdirected youth” was a more appropriate label. Yeah, once again we can’t call […]

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Can Social Justice Lead to Critical Thinking?

by Steve MacDonald January 14, 2015
Thumbnail image for Can Social Justice Lead to Critical Thinking?

Does critical thinking equal social justice? A local college president thinks so, and Kevin Kervick joins us (a professor at the same college) to explore the subject, political activism, adding some conservative diversity to social justice programs, culture, revolution, and even left handed albino lesbian studies. We always have great segments with Kevin.  Have a […]

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Appropriate, given our GrokTALK! banter on “Left handed Albino Lesbian Studies” feminism

by Skip January 10, 2015

And the applicability of such a degree to today’s job market: “Left handed Albino Lesbian Studies” – heh!  I guess none of them would like the line that I see on some T-Shirts: “Yeah, now go make me a sammich”  

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“A society of emasculated liars…” – Theodore Dalrymple

by Susan Olsen January 2, 2015

“Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they […]

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DCE nails the illogical outcome of the “trophy for everyone” child raising

by Skip December 26, 2014

When you’ve only been a precious little snowflake your entire life, at which every turn someone is patting your head, rewarding you for basically not much more than living, a mindset occurs that can drive the rest of us to the (WARNING: EMOTIONAL TRIGGER ALERT!) point of strangling these dear waifs that have no clue […]

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Post-Christmas Karma: “Don’t say Merry Christmas!”

by Skip December 26, 2014

War on Christmas?  A Grinch?  A militant atheist? Kicking religion from the public square?  Just a self-centered grump who needs to learn social skills?  Dunno; pick one of those or make up your own but the NY Post has a story of someone who was just SO militant in disallowing other peoples’ Free Speech, he […]

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Anything to keep from calling them “the enemies of the United States”

by Skip November 28, 2014

I guess this is, in part, the cover for Obama to start repatriating those Islamic fighters that have worked to kill Americans – after all, doesn’t “belligerants” sound more like just misguided people with an anger management problem?  Such is the Obama Administration trying all of the linguistic tricks in the books in support of […]

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Remember – Political Correctness is ALWAYS about Cultural Marxism

by Skip November 17, 2014

Political Correctness is ALWAYS about someone trying to assert control over you – thoughts, words, and deeds. (H/T: Powerline)

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Genderless Gingerbread Figures? Happy Holidays!

by Steve MacDonald October 24, 2014
Thumbnail image for Genderless Gingerbread Figures?  Happy Holidays!

NRO A deli in Melbourne, Australia is apparently selling genderless, organic, vegan gingerbread cookies for those who may be offended by the phrase “gingerbread man.” A picture of the quintessential Christmas cookie next to a sign that reads “organic, genderless gingerbread figures” and “vegan” was posted on Reddit this week. The ‘Great taste’ of forced […]

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University, Leftist Intolerance Stymied by Court

by Scott Morales October 21, 2014
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How’s it hangin? Well, shriveled and withdrawn it turns out for the University of New Mexico and one of its iridescent professors.  Looks like they were so used to having the seemingly inexhaustible cudgel of politically correctness to bludgeon the skull of any poor fool that dared question their rainbow of intolerance that they went […]

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Well, isn’t that the purpose of Political Correctness – to eliminate speech?

by Skip August 27, 2014

Political Correctness = Cultural Marxism.  Or if you prefer, Orwell’s doublethink.  Eliminate the use of words and you eliminate the ideas they stand for.  Why do you think our schools and politics are so PC? (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Democrats hate “Washington Redskins” but embrace Andrew Jackson – the real “Indian Killer”

by Skip August 4, 2014

Remember here, the Leftist activists and the hoi-polloi of the Democrat elite solons (e.g., Reid, Pelosi, and others of the Cultural Marxist (more the Marxist, notably)) that have decried their outrage they have (faux as it is) for any of those “racists” that believes that the Washington Redskins and Chief Wahoo mascot of the Cleveland Indians […]

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“Caucasians” – I’m supposed to be offended by this white Chief Wahoo? Ha!

by Skip August 2, 2014

Let’s get right to the nub of this – the Progressive Left’s attempts to force a name change of the Washington Redskins (and college / high school teams and their mascots) is simply Political Correctness (aka, really Cultural Marxism) run amok. It is “groupthink” under the rubric of “politeness” – you WILL think like us about them or we […]

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Cultural Appropriation: Er, who WOULD you ask for permission?

by Skip June 6, 2014

Seriously,  this Political Correctness on campuses is just getting well past “Stuck on Stupid”.  Does anyone study any serious subjects anymore?  Or is this stuff just the end result of the intersection of the Self-Esteem Trophy movement in our educational system with the Cultural Marxist (aka, Political Correctness) – just a huge puddle of precious […]

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