Political Correctness

Has it come to this?

by Skip September 12, 2017

How far will the Left force the rest of us to go for “equality”? (H/T: Powerline)

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It’s like if you taxed most of wealth of millionaires…what difference would it make?

by Skip September 9, 2017

Seriously – those that are pulling them down, will it matter in a couple of weeks?  How does this change your life other than “I remember when I beat the snot out of a hunk of metal and concrete and wasted a couple of rattle cans of paint…good times, good times”.  Other than that, did […]

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Media Noise Ignored

by Scott Morales August 11, 2017

Sleep was just another opportunity to feel like a Bolshevik. But that is what they want, the believers, the steely ones, that is what they live for: the politicization of sleep. They want politics to be going on everywhere all the time, politics permanent and circumambient. They want the ubiquitization of politics; they want the […]

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Notable Quote – Mark Steyn

by Skip May 27, 2017

“Poland and Hungary and Slovakia do not have Islamic terrorism because they have very little Islam“ In part, Mark Styn’s thoughts on the Ariana Grande concert terrorism attack and the real sickness about it.  Emphasis mine: And so it will prove for cafe life, and shopping malls, and pop concerts. Maybe Ariana Grande will be […]

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Blogline of the Day – no, I am not responsible for your guilt.

by Skip April 20, 2017

Social Justice is another name for collective guilt and punishment, which means it’s actual injustice.  Individuals can only be praised or punished for that which they have done.  Beyond that lies madness. And Social Justice (such a nebulous term!) isn’t just for spreading guilt – it’s real purpose is to gather Power from you to […]

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Blogline of the Day – Speaking Truth to Power about Sweden with snark

by Skip April 17, 2017

They live in a world defined by childlike assumptions of multiculturalism, but multiculturalism has worked for the West about as well as socialism worked for Venezuela. -Susan Stamper Brown (on Sweden’s societal suicide via mass immigration from incompatible cultures and the Leftist globalists that created it) Note: I almost used the line just before it […]

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Holy Space? Well, when you no longer believe in God, you’ll believe in something else

by Skip April 4, 2017

And Progressives / Socialists worship Government to bring a “Heaven on Earth” and they have their orthodoxy and liturgy to which there is no dissent including that there can not be anything else before it.  Yeah, I wanna believe that the former Soviet Union, the early Communist China, Viet Nam, Venezuela and of course, North […]

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The British Art Of Understatement:
‘Knife Wielding Asian’ Goes On Rampage

by Mike March 25, 2017

Having seen the horrific images, and then hearing and reading the carefully crafted words in the news reports, we are struck, once again, by the folly of leaving citizens subjects defenseless on the streets of their own country. Consider what it has come to in the land of the Magna Carta and the original parliamentary […]

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By “saving girls”, the Education system has catered to their needs; how about moving the pendulum

by Skip March 12, 2017

…to reach back to now and start saving the boys in that same now sexist classroom (i.e, how many male teachers are left in the lower grades)?  Like realizing, contra the current Feminazi / Political Correctness that gender is NOT just a social construct, in that there are real differences between boys and girls?  Have […]

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A professional Muslim singer can refuse to sing at a Christian church but a Christan…

by Skip March 12, 2017

but a professional Christian flower artist / photographer MUST can’t refuse a gay marriage? “That’s such a sticky situation”. Er, NO, it is not.  Only Political Correctness (aka, Cultural Marxism) makes it plausible ONLY if you really don’t think about it.  And most of these Precious Snowflakes are never challenged to really think. “Everyone agreed […]

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Blogline of the Day – how much stupider can Political Correctness go? Behold!

by Skip January 30, 2017

British Medical Association Warns Against Using “Expectant Mothers” For Pregnant Women As It May Offend Intersex Men. Oh, we aren’t supposed to offend anyone?  Well *I* AM offended by all this stupidness of people that believe they are adults that are living in fantasy worlds.  So I’m not supposed to offend a man thinking he’s […]

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The Left creating more Trump supporters…again

by Skip January 26, 2017

“While walking to an inaugural ball, I heard shouts — and felt yolk run down my hair. I froze. Emily Post is silent on the proper way for a lady in a ball gown to respond to an aerial assault. I had to wing it. First, I yelled back. I had spent six years living here, […]

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This has GOT to be the highlight transcript of a College SJW’s Thanksgiving

by Skip November 24, 2016

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel as to how bad it can get: If I had to actually deal with one of these, I’d go find the nearest desert and wander around for 40 years… (H/T: Big Hollywood)

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60 Seconds with John Zmirack

by Steve MacDonald September 29, 2016
Thumbnail image for 60 Seconds with John Zmirack

Senior Editor John Zmirack on PC Culture tyranny and language as a tool of state control. Listen to Podcast #160 for the complete interview or watch for her segment later today.

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College kids – too fragile to handle a Presidential debate?

by Skip September 27, 2016

Sheesh.  Hofstra is all over themselves for being the only institute of higher learning that has hosted a Prez debate in the last three cycles.  You’d think that their students would be all set with all of the attention that comes with that.  But sadly (and scary), not even these “seasoned” students can stand on […]

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The ACC’s adoption of Cultural Marxism gets a smackdown big time

by Skip September 17, 2016

First the NCAA and now the ACC have decided to strip North Carolina of any championships, especially football (as that is the time of year) because its state’s legislature decided that your chromosomes determine which bathroom you should go to with the passage of HB2. I am glad to see that Gov McCrory has stayed […]

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If the Left believes that a gun is an animate object, well…

by Skip September 17, 2016

“It seems there is a hitherto unnoticed species of oppression that has yet to be addressed on most campuses:” This is preferential parking spaces for cis-engined electric vehicles. As it happens, my Ford F-450 XL Extended Cab Diesel Super Duty self-identifies as an electric/bioethanol hybrid. This makes parking in university parking lots a very traumatic […]

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Data Point – CEO compensation

by Skip September 14, 2016

Instead, advocates of redistribution cavalierly diminish the importance of incentives. They claim the success of America’s 1% stems from rising cronyism despite overwhelming evidence that the status quo has grown less entrenched. Seventy percent of the wealth of the top 0.1% is owned by self-employed business owners who bested competitors to satisfy customers, not cronies, […]

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Notable Quote – Victor Davis Hanson

by Skip August 16, 2016

Orwell was wrong only on his dates. Had he entitled his novel 2016, we would immediately have recognized his parallels to the present “overseas contingency operations,” “violent extremism,” “undocumented immigrants,” and “man-caused disasters.” The campus diversity czar is our Big Brother. Imagining that all lives matter is a thought crime. Due process on a campus […]

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Comedians Punching Back at the PC Speech Police

by Scott Morales June 8, 2016

A documentary entitled, “Can We Take A Joke?” produced by Adam Carolla and Gilbert Gottfried came out.  It’s about how the offended class (Ahem, the pansy left control freaks) are too sensitive to hear words without spinning into a petulant frenzies.  They’re petulant and they have a frenzy when they hear words or phrases they […]

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Notable Quote – Theodore Dalrymple

by Skip May 31, 2016

Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they […]

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Daryl Hall on Cultural Appropriation: Appropriate This!

by Scott Morales May 17, 2016

The PC pantywaists at Salon got a little smack back by an 80’s icon during an interview last week.  During the interview with Daryl Hall, from the Hall and Oates fame and who also has a television show currently airing somewhere, the interviewer asked about the latest progressive drop of insanity in the lefty crazy […]

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Notable Quote – Ezra Levant

by Skip May 10, 2016

“Universities are now just daycare for millennials who don’t want to grow up, whose only real purpose is to become little soldiers of political correctness and radical activists. I’m not calling for a ban on anything. Except a ban on forcing the rest of us to pay for this crap.” -Ezra Levant Problem is, we […]

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RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon”. Identity politics is PERFECT to use it against

by Skip April 18, 2016

So who SAYS I can’t be anything I want to be – YOU??  The folks at the Family Policy Institute of Washington, in showing just how delusional this ability to accept just about anything about what/who someone wants to identify as,  just keep taking those poor Politically Correct college students down that road to complete absurdity […]

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Frankly, they’re ALL daft and all too concerned with making victim of themselves

by Skip March 31, 2016

I don’t write much about the loonyness that is going on in the Ivory Tower (Ground Zero for the stupidity that is known as Political Correctness) – it just gets too bizarre that these precious snowflakes that seemingly haven’t had to work a second in their lives and pay taxes are all up in arms […]

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Steve Hughes – Offended That You’re Offended

by Steve MacDonald March 23, 2016
Thumbnail image for Steve Hughes – Offended That You’re Offended

Comedian Steve Hughes talks about the ridiculousness of government intervention and political correctness. (Mild language Warning.)  

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Cultural Appropriation: If you want me to stop taking yours, stop taking mine!

by Skip December 28, 2015

Cultural Appropriation – what a nonsense idea!  It’s all the rage with the PC college campi and Social Justice Warrior jihadists in that one culture (generally white because RACISM!) decides to seriously or lightheartedly take some aspect of an oppressed (generally non-white because RACISM!) culture (oops, I just appropriated “jihad” from a culture that is […]

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Then why have standards at all? Feminist ideology still trying to trump reality

by Skip December 27, 2015

No, not THAT Trump – the reality that standards are generally there for a reason in life, safety, and the military.  Physical strength counts and counts for a lot (yes, I just got a reminder of that this weekend when *I* couldn’t open the Saab’s coolant cover no matter what I did and the Eldest […]

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Does this make Bing Crosby an enabler of racism? Sheesh!

by Skip December 22, 2015

This really is the evil confluence of political correctness, racism around every corner and thing, and the obvious failure of our educational system.  Seriously, “White Christmas”? Is nothing sacred anymore?  (H/T: The Blaze)

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It seems this is a feature, not a bug: Yalies sign petition to repeal First Amendment

by Skip December 20, 2015

Absolutely gobsmacking!  Here ARE the Elites-in-waiting at one of the most prestigious school in the world and here in America.  One would expect that these wonderkids would “get” our history, given how many Presidents, Congresscritters, and Supremes (and others in lofty places in American society) it has graduated. Micro-aggressions, safe spaces, ability not to be […]

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