With Every Purchase of a Chevy Volt….Free House in Detroit!

by Steve MacDonald July 22, 2013

There is a movement making its way out of the narrative-colon of the Democrat machine; Detroit failed because of Republicans.  If Republicans just spent more of other people’s money Detroit would be fine.   I can’t recall the last time there were any Republicans running Detroit but if there were they were probably left of former […]

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Consider the consequence of a decision – or the keeping of a promise

by Skip February 20, 2013

Unlike our Tranparency-in-Chief Obama who has, over and over, promised that his Administration would be the most transparent ever (as in former EPA Head Lisa Jackson using TWO unofficial email address to keep official business, well, opaque to the public), this boss was very transparent as to what would happen: A southwest Ohio woman says […]

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BE BREITBART: Update 8: DES Right To Know Update : DOIT and DES – living up to their own policies (#FAIL)

by Skip April 2, 2012

The last post on this topic (GraniteGrok’s Right To Know to the State of NH on the non-State biz use of the State’s network: political commenting) effectively ended on these notes: “what did they know and when did they know it?“ and “they did know it all and they knew it when the packets went […]

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