Police State

Armed Men Prepared To Do Violence

by Steve MacDonald November 13, 2014
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This point should be made in every hearing, for every bill, rule, or measure proposed, and no one who is not directly accountable to the ‘presently’ lawful persons  upon whom that violence might one day be directed, should be permitted to summon it through the imposition of or under the cover of “law.” “A rule […]

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Dystopia Dawns in Oceania

by Tom August 14, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri, 2014.  The militarized police of America are conducting another live-fire training exercise.  It’s Watertown-II in the making. Instead of being keepers of the peace, they have become “Squashers of the Rights”. Today, Rand Paul wrote an opinion piece about Ferguson, published in Time Magazine (of all places). I wanted to post a poignant […]

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Big Brother Shurtleff Wants To Watch You

by Rick Olson January 4, 2014

“Big Brother is watching you.”  —George Orwell In January 2013 Rep. Stephen Shurtleff sponsored HB675 “Authorizing and regulating the use of license plate scanning devices.” on 11/25/13 the majority of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee voted, “Ought to Pass with Amendment #2013-2343h.” On Friday, January 3, Representative Mark Warden wrote in the Union […]

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Will You Be Pipered and Schlachman’d? – Two NH LSR’s Together that Would Allow Police to Seize and Dispose of Your Firearms

by Steve MacDonald October 8, 2013
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I’m always looking for connections… Democrat Rep Piper submitted an LSR to empower government to arbitrarily seize guns based on the state’s perception of intent.  By state I mean any authority, local, county or state. Given that this party, that being the Democrat party, is prone to abuse the police state simply because you disagree […]

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Routine Traffic Stop – International News- Alternate headline: Georgie’s Got A Gun

by Steve MacDonald August 3, 2013

You can’t tell me that progressivim is not a mental condition that creates obsessive compulsive tendencies?  They are children who must have “that toy” and they will not take no for an answer.  Their toys are people’s lives, their culture, their ideas, and they live to destroy them and replace them with their own. Virus.  […]

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Big Fatso Is Eating Your Privacy! (WilliamBanzai7)

by Mike July 27, 2013

NSA background also by WilliamBanzai7 (Congress failed to defund NSA spying on Americans).

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Warrant Served. Crime? “Uncut Grass”

by Rick Olson June 24, 2013

“They: The makers of the Constitution: conferred, as against the government, the right to be let alone — the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men.”  —Justice Louis D. Brandeis This is a video of local police serving a warrant for uncut grass….

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Coming Soon To A Tea Party Rally Near You

by Steve MacDonald February 5, 2013

I bet the Obama Police State wants to get them some of these…(and I’m not saying they don’t already have some). The Scandinavian-designed Black Hornet Nano weighs as little as 16 grams (roughly half an ounce) — the same as a finch. The 4-inch (10-centimeter) -long helicopter is fitted with a tiny camera which relays […]

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“Rights? We don’t need no steekin’ rights!”

by Tim Condon January 29, 2013

But, hey, you’ll be “safe”! Here’s a report from Paragould, Arkansas, where police SWAT teams will be patrolling the streets and stopping every person they encounter:

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That’s How I Was Raised…

by Steve MacDonald December 23, 2012

I was wandering through a retail store yesterday when I happened through the baby section.  There was what the folks in manufacturing call a bottleneck–where things being what they are create a pinch point that slows or stops progress.  In this instance the “things” were people, with carriages (sleighs?) loaded down with goodies, placed at […]

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A Progressive Fairy Tale: When The Police State Fails – Punish Local Business Owner

by Steve MacDonald December 22, 2012

Guy has small business.  Guy Succeeds and manages to keep his business open in a rough neighborhood for decades even though police State can’t control crime in local area.  Police State doesn’t like his customer base.  Police State blames business owner for crime they can’t contain.  (He didn’t build the business right? but he must […]

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The Promise of The Democrat Police State

by Steve MacDonald August 13, 2012

Democrats obstructing speech they object to continued… after yesterdays post, which produced some necessary followup.  Obama campaign officials obstructed a Pennsylvania reporter from speaking to Obama supporters waiting outside, in line for an Obama rally.  A Commenter, C. dog, responded with a link to this story from 2008, at the Democrat National Convention, in Denver. […]

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Do we live in a police state? No. Unconstitutional police action is challenged in New Hampshire.

by Tim Condon August 10, 2012

Do the police have the right to stop anyone driving down a road, for any reason or no reason, demanding “your papers”? No. Not in New Hampshire at least.  Read all about it and watch it HERE, and read about why police sobriety checkpoints are unconstitutional and a very bad idea HERE. Excellent, excellent, excellent: […]

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WORTH READING: A rumination on government and the sociopathic personality.

by Tim Condon March 25, 2012

This from Doug Casey at Casey Research: “The Ascendance of Sociopaths in U.S. Governance,” wherein Mr. Casey makes a number of trenchant observations. You need not agree with all of them to gain insight into a different way of thinking about the problems facing America. Here are some quotes from the article…food for thought:  All […]

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Hope Has Changed…

by Steve MacDonald January 5, 2012

Speaks for itself.

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by Rick Olson October 11, 2011

We now live at a time when government seems to be taking its liberties by parsing our constitutional protections where the overarching concept of the Fourth Amendment to the constitution. Despite the numerous legal challenges mounted in ECPA cases, the government fights hard to keep this ability. For that, I am lost on how our constitution continues to restrain what seems to be a slow and steady march toward arbitrary and oppressive governance.

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