Phyllis Woods

Guest Post – former NH State Rep / NH GOP Committeewoman Phyllis Woods

by Skip August 2, 2015

Over ten years ago, when I sat on the House Judiciary Committee as a Representative from Dover, I would cringe when the Director of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England stated, with a straight face, that money they received from the state went to the women’s health side of Planned Parenthood but not to providing […]

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Phyllis Woods speaks on Andrew Hemingway

by Tim Condon January 24, 2013

                There are few Republican leaders in New Hampshire as revered and respected as Phyllis Woods. She has served the Party in just about every way possible over many years. About Andrew Hemingway she says “I believe he will bring a fresh new face and a bold new […]

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GraniteGrok Endorsement – NH State Senate District 4: Phyllis Woods

by Skip September 4, 2012

Sometimes you like the stances that  politician has.  Sometimes, you may not like the stances but like the person.  In this case, I am happy to say that I get to do both!  I’ve known Phyllis Woods (running for NH State Senate in District 4) for a number of years now (since becoming politically active) […]

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2012 NH Elections – random thoughts on NH Senate District 4

by Skip June 17, 2012

OK, this is going to end up being a VERY busy summer season doing and talking politics here in NH.  Some of the events will be full blown posts, and some will just be a couple of thoughts.   NH Senate District 4 is open – no incumbents.  Republican Phyllis Woods (former NH State Rep and […]

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Phyllis Woods For State Senate?

by Steve MacDonald May 26, 2012

There has been some speculation but I had not heard anything from Phyllis…until @WoodsforSenate started following one of my Twitter Accounts. Is it safe to say that Phyllis is running for the New Hampshire State Senate?    

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Guest Post by Phyllis Woods – Preserving Traditional Marriage

by Skip February 11, 2012

  This past Tuesday, several hundred supporters of traditional marriage assembled at the State Capital in support of HB 437.    NH Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien spoke in favor of the bill  and candidate for NH Governor Ovide Lamontagne were also present.  In support of the rally, Phyllis spoke at the rally; her remarks […]

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Phyllis Woods? Yeah, for sure. Too bad it isn’t going to happen…

by Skip January 19, 2012

I thought that Phyllis Woods might run for re-election as Republican Committeewoman from NH.  I guess not; she just announced that she will not be: I’m writing today to let you know that I will not seek another term as National Committeewoman. I will, of course, continue to be active in this role for the […]

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Phyllis Woods? Yeah, for sure.

by Skip January 18, 2012

From Distaso: WILL PHYLLIS RUN? Long-time Republican National Committeewoman Phyllis Woods told the state Republican Party executive committee on Monday night that she’ll decide within the next several days whether to run for a second full-term in the post. Keene businesswoman and former Cheshire County Republican Chair Juliana Bergeron announced during the weekend that she […]

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