Union hacks upset at Truthful Ad about Governor Hassan Holding up Heroin funding with Budget Veto

by Kimberly Morin September 9, 2015

Yesterday Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released an ad targeting Governor Hassan for her failure to sign a budget deal and how it is affecting the heroin abuse problem in the state. The state legislature has compromised on much of the budget yet that isn’t good enough for Hassan. She wants to increase spending and taxes, […]

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David Lang Wins Free Speech Award…Say What?

by Steve MacDonald December 10, 2012

David Lang is the President of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire (PFFNH).  The PFFNH has a mission, beyond the obvious one of representing fire fighters, and that is to elect Democrats and progressive (r)epublicans, the latter in places that are unlikely to vote for a ‘D.’ This is a union that has invested […]

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Rockingham 14 Has RINO Written All Over It

by Steve MacDonald July 9, 2011

Mr. Janvrin’s candidate blurb, the beauty queen contestant equivalent of “If I am lucky enough to win the pageant this is what I’d like to do” remarks, (w)hile… intentionally ‘generic’ … do little to suggest he has been advised by anyone outside the union-left wing cabal. They are full of social justice pap, with little obvious difference from that of his democrat opponent.

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