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Sexist NH Democrat Reps don’t believe female Independents should have political opinions

by Kimberly Morin July 20, 2014

According to tweets yesterday from Representative  Timothy Horrigan (D –Durham) and   Representative Peter Sullivan (D – Manchester),   women who are Independent voters are not allowed to have their own political opinions.  The latest attack from my 2 favorite left wing NH Political trolls came from a tweet I  re-tweeted back on July 3.  […]

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Sure, I Ruined Health Care – But Let’s Not Talk About That…

by Steve MacDonald March 31, 2014
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New Hampshire Democrats are attacking Scott Brown as if he is running for Senate in New Hampshire.  Me too.  Scott Brown should be running in Massachusetts where many Democrats and a lot of Republicans are just like Scott Brown; Blue dogs, or blue-collar Democrats.  But that’s not how the landscape is laid out.  For the […]

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Has Peter Sullivan Apologized To Marilinda Garcia Yet?

by Steve MacDonald December 17, 2013
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Has Democrat Peter Sullivan apologized to Marilinda Garcia yet?  Have the women (and men) in the New Hampshire Democrat party denounced Peter Sullivan yet for his sexist and objectifying remarks? I don’t think they have.  And that is ironic considering this from the national Democrat Mother-ship… Tell Republicans: Stop enabling Rhetoric that condones Sexual harassment. […]

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US Congresswoman Annie Kuster – the gal version of Phil Hare (D-Il)?

by Skip December 11, 2013

Ah yes, that IS the comparison that is now being made: Kuster = Hare: (Hat tip, Independent Journal Review.) Kuster may not realize it yet, but she’s just become the Phil Hare of this cycle. Rep. Phil Hare, an Illinois Democrat, dismissed objections to Obamacare back in 2010 by quipping, “I don’t worry about the […]

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Peter Sullivan Must Be Thrilled!

by Steve MacDonald December 11, 2013
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New Hampshire Democrats have managed to provide back-to back national embarrassments in a matter of successive weeks.  First the made for Lifetime Movie Manchester Democrat Peter Sullivan engages in a sexist stiletto-wielding Twitter assault on a woman with a Hispanic sounding name that, were he a Republican would have had CNN, MSNBC, and the Sunday […]

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Ann Kuster’s Hypocritical Stand

by Steve MacDonald December 9, 2013
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Anyone heard a peep from NOH8 Kongress-Kritter Annie Kuster weeks into Peter Sullivan’s war on women against Marilinda Garcia?  I confess to not looking all that hard but I don’t think Kongresswoman Kuster has demonstrated equality or fairness?  She’s certainly not doing a very good job of redistributing the rhetoric. Wait. I get it.  The […]

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Friends with Petie “the Stiletto” Sullivan?

by Susan Olsen December 8, 2013
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GrokTALK! 12-7-2013 With Michael Graham, Ed Naile, and Karen Testerman

by Steve MacDonald December 7, 2013
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This week our guests are author, comedian, contributor to the Boston Herald, and Conservative talk show host, Michael Graham. The chairman of CNHT, Ed Naile joins us for a NH vote fraud update, Skip Murphy calls in to talk Republican politics, and candidate for US Senate Karen Testerman drops in to talk about issues and […]

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Martin Bashir is Just the Evolved Version of Democrat Peter Sullivan

by Steve MacDonald December 5, 2013
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MSNBC has forced out the serially offensive progressive talking head Martin Bashir, who “resigned” after a meeting with is boss.  Bashir read remarks on the air three weeks previously in which he suggested that someone needed to defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth; just the latest in a long line of insults against Palin and his […]

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A Democrat House Rep’s Five Stages of “Grief”

by Steve MacDonald December 4, 2013
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Right off the bat, all five stages of Democrat political ‘grief’ are denial.  Just wanted to clear that up. They deny their very nature, deny they raise taxes on the poor and middle class, deny they are responsible for the side-effects of their policies, deny they are the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the […]

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That’s Enough, Claim the Democrats… It Is Time To Move On…

by Steve MacDonald December 3, 2013
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The new spin on the Comrade Petey Sullivan Scandal (White, Male, Democrat makes sexist comments about a female candidate) is that it is time to move on.   Sullivan has obviously been told by party leadership to shut up and not talk about it.  He is not allowed to respond to the stream of links or […]

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Comrade Sullivan Has Cognitive Dissonace about Cognitive Dissonance

by Steve MacDonald December 2, 2013
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@shutdownthegop @alibaba5826 Your Sunday dose of priceless cognitive dissonance — Peter Sullivan (@CitizenSullivan) December 2, 2013 Cognitive dissonance? Comrade Peter “He-Man Republican-Woman Haters Club” Sullivan has this weird obsession with Republican Al Baldasaro.  He posts pictures from Al and Judy’s wedding so people can post sexist and insulting graffiti disguised as Facebook status updates […]

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Former NH US Senator Bob Smith Will Enter Primary for Chance To Challenge Jeanne Shaheen

by Steve MacDonald December 1, 2013
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Former NH US Senator Bob Smith has decided to enter the primary to challenge Jeanne Shaheen.  He ads his name alongside Jim Rubens and Karen Testerman who are already running campaign’s for a shot at challenging Shaheen. The dynamics favor Smith (at least with the primary voting base) but what I find most interesting is […]

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Guest Post- Jane Cormier: “Rep. Sullivan and Twitter – What a Team!”

by The Editors November 27, 2013
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The Democratic Attack Machine is officially in motion. Manchester Rep. Peter Sullivan’s recent attack on 2nd Congressional Candidate, Rep. Marilinda Garcia, Salem, is proof of that fact.  After Rep. Garcia threw her hat into the political ring against Annie Kuster, the silliness began – via Rep. Sullivan’s sexist comments regarding Rep. Garcia on Twitter. @katbeep: […]

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Peter Sullivan Must be Having His Period [Updated]

by Steve MacDonald November 26, 2013

Kudos to NH Journal for grabbing some tweets from the ever-unstable NH Democrat House Rep Peter Sullivan. The moment Marilinda Garcia announced her candidacy must have been timed perfectly with his PMS meds running out. Why else would a rank member of the party of civility, a defender of the Democrat division of people by […]

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Democrats Make Everything Political – Even Rep Al Baldasaro’s Wedding Photo’s

by Steve MacDonald September 3, 2013
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File this under New Hampshire Democrats Bringing Civility back to whatever.  NH House Rep Al Baldasaro got married and posted some pictures on Facebook.  New Hampshire Liberals Peter Sullivan, Tess Smith, and Eileen Spratt Ehler (those were the only ones I could see in the screen grab), couldn’t contain their hate and derision of Republicans […]

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So How is The NH Democrats ‘New Civility’ Working Out?

by Steve MacDonald March 20, 2013

So how is the New Hampshire  Democrats ‘New Civility’ Working Out?  Just ask Democrat Peter Sullivan… So the Democrat governor’s lackeys are writing down the names of reps who oppose her agenda.  Was that supposed to be part of that whole “New Civility” thing you lefties said you’d pile up on your donkeys and bring […]

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Hassan’s Budget Gamble Takes Heat From Her Left

by Steve MacDonald February 19, 2013

No one should be surprised to see Maggie Hassan’s budget has millions of dollars in revenue from a source that does not even exist. In this instance it is gambling, but a few years ago Senator Hassan was part and parcel to repeated budget balancing fiascoes that relied on non existent revenue. She voted for budgets “balanced” with revenues […]

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I love the smell of civility in the morning…

by Susan Olsen January 30, 2013
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“Less take-home pay” – Well, THAT didn’t take long now, did it?

by Skip November 12, 2012

“Less take-home pay”; Tim listed another things that the Democrats now “own” based on their election results.  Here in NH, Maggie “The Red” Hassan (the NH Governor-elect) is about to be sorely tempted to immediately sign a bill to institute a broad-based income tax.  NH Families for Education (“dedicated to advocating family involvement in education”) […]

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NH Democrat Policies On Voter ID and Domicile Still Matter…Here’s Why. (Part 2)

by Steve MacDonald August 20, 2012

Back in 2000, as many as 1700 UNH students illegally registered to vote in Durham, New Hampshire, and very likely voted here illegally as well.   We know this because in 2001 more than a few UNH students requested that they be removed from the voter checklist in writing, using uncharacteristically similar wording, as if […]

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Democrat Contradictions – Out Of State Influence in Local Elections

by Steve MacDonald August 13, 2012

Democrats in New Hampshire take a lot of money from outside the state.  Don’t take my word for it, just go look it up.  Millions and Millions.  They use candidates, campaign committees, so-called non-profits, and even have super wealthy out of state special interest donors making personal donations here and there to move money around […]

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Because Democrat Timothy Horrigan Asked…

by Steve MacDonald August 11, 2012

Calling out Left wing hypocrisy is my meat and potatoes, so the other day, whilst asking (yet again) why anyone would trust Democrats given their party culture, I mentioned (again) that one of their current NH House candidates had previously voted here while claiming to live in another State. New Hampshire Democrat Timothy Horrigan asked […]

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Will NH Democrats Drool At Developments In France?

by Steve MacDonald July 20, 2012

France’s golden age passed long ago, and thanks to the French is doomed never to return. The New Socialist dominant government has set right to work doing something New Hampshire Democrats did (to a lesser extent) when they had complete control of our state government.  Right out of the gate the French Socialists are raising […]

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Let’s Play Spot The Socialist Dullard

by Steve MacDonald July 15, 2012

New Hampshire has it’s share of obvious Socialist thieves.  Democrat candidate William ‘Hud’ Connery is an admitted socialist.  Folks like Catholic Socialist Peter ‘Can’t wait to get Connery on the team’ Sullivan, are a half-shade less obvious; Sullivan is an anti tax pledge guy as well and a supporter of Jackie ‘Tax and Spend us” […]

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Manchester Democrat Peter Sullivan Admits He Is a Socialist

by Steve MacDonald July 9, 2012

This has to be one of my favorite screen caps this year.  It is a facebook comment by Manchester Democrat Peter Sullivan.  In it, he is simultaneously suggesting that an admitted atheist has more doctrinally in common with the Catholic Church than “Anything you will see from those homophobic nuts at GraniteGrok.” That is so […]

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