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Sex Trouble: Robert Stacy McCain On Totalitarian Feminism

by Mike September 11, 2017

Saturday September 9th, Leominster, MA, at the Tang Dynasty Restaurant, The Worcester Tea Party and Pete DaTechGuy hosted Journalist and Author Robert Stacy McCain to give a talk and participate in a panel discussion on Radical Feminism’s war against human nature. Stacy’s book, “Sex Trouble,” details his research, and lays out the facts whereby he […]

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GrokTV Live In Leominster – Stacy McCain On Feminism And More

by Mike September 9, 2017

Saturday September 9th, Leominster, MA “Buffet Books and Blather” with Robert Stacy McCain, and Pete DaTechGuy Raw video – Edited version to follow: Part 1: Presentation and Q&A   Part 2: Panel discussion       Event hosted by Pete DaTechGuy and Massachusetts Tea Party at Tang Dynasty in Leominster, MA. Presentation will be followed […]

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Meet A Real Journalist (Or Two) This Weekend

by Mike September 8, 2017

Saturday September 9th, Leominster, MA “Buffet Books and Blather” with Robert Stacy McCain, and Pete DaTechGuy Who: Award winning journalist, author, and raconteur, Robert Stacy McCain (right), a man who wears out real shoe leather as he hunts down the facts of a story, whether it be following the campaign trail, or uncovering the excesses […]

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Pete Asks: “Can You Spot The Real Headline?”
I Answer “Cash Lifts Crud Up!”

by Mike June 22, 2014

‘Conservative’ PAC Pays Bishop Crudup To Lift Black Vote For Cochran! Yessirree Bob, Those good ole southern boys, led by former governor Haley Barbour, are all in for the aging RINO, Thad Cochran, in his runoff against first round primary winner, and TEA party candidate, Chris McDaniel. Barbour, often claims (in jest) that his accent […]

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Guest Opinion From DaTechGuy Re: Scott Brown

by Mike December 21, 2013

The work kept on coming Thursday night, so I was glad to be near my desk, but even happier to get a call from Conservative Talk Show Host, Pete DaTechGuy, on his way home from covering the Scott Brown Protest in Nashua last night. Pete is very worried that the entry of Scott Brown into […]

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LameStream Media Skew-ered by Their Own Poll Bias

by Mike September 30, 2012

For a long time now, Pete DaTechGuy has been saying of the Democrats: ‘Ride right through them, they’re as demoralized as hell!‘, and Rush Limbaugh has been talking about biased polls oversampling Democrats. In addition, Rasmussen has been tracking the changes in voter registrations, and Dean Chambers over at QStar News has been using Rasmussen’s […]

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DaTechGuy Says: “Ride Right Through ‘Em, They’re as Demoralized as Hell!”

by Mike August 23, 2012

Grok friend, Pete DaTechGuy, is a terrific conservative blogger and radio host (WCRN Saturday 10-12), and can frequently be seen covering NH events – look out for the Fedora. For the last few months, Pete’s been developing the theme, and the evidence, that the Democrats are in bad shape, and he’s adopted the battle cry […]

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Quote of the Week: Ridiculing “You Didn’t Build That Yourself”

by Mike July 23, 2012

Clarice Feldman over at American Thinker has compiled some of the reactions to Obama’s infamous “you didn’t build that” comment at Roanoke last week, of which the absolute classic is from Pat Sajak at Ricochet: It’s as if President Obama climbed into a tank, put on his helmet, talked about how his foray into Cambodia […]

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Hollis GOP, Local Candidates, and the Tenth Amendment Center

by Mike February 25, 2012

Pete DaTechGuy was kind enough to drive up from MA to  join a local GOP meeting here in Hollis, NH, and record the proceedings for posterity, while Mar-Mar fed the horde, and I ferried in the guest of honor, Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center, who was also speaking at the FSP’s Liberty Forum […]

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