Penny Dean

HB 1589 – Second Amendment Attorney Penny Dean’s and NH State Rep JR Hoell’s testimony

by Skip January 23, 2014

(H/T: Ken Park / Ken’s Design and Photography)

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Guest post by Penny Dean, Esq. – HB135 “Stand your ground” must be defeated

by Skip March 25, 2013

HB 135 NEEDS TO BE ITL’D If the proposed changes to RSA 627:4 in the form of HB 135 are adopted (i.e. the return to the previous version of the law-see below), the affirmative defense will no longer be available to those who are forced to defend themselves or others at places other than their […]

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Where Burt Cohen makes a fool of himself on NH TV

by Skip December 29, 2012

As I have posted before, I generally DVR the regular Sunday morning talking head shows to listen to what the Progressive Libs have to say.  Most of the times, except for the Fox show, the Conservatives are out numbered.  So I was rather surprised at last week’s Closeup (WMUR 9, hosted by Josh McElveen – […]

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