When Winning is Losing

Some left-wing nutjobs are calling for mob protests in 900 cities tonight.  Why? The stated purpose, as if Leftists need a reason, is Jeff Sessions replacement. Remember Jeff Sessions? He’s the guy Nancy Pelosi wanted fired in 2018. We are far past recusal. Jeff #Sessions lied under oath. Anything less than resignation or removal from office is …

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Son of Sanders Has a Lackluster Congressional Campaign in New Hampshire

Levi ‘s Sander’s is running for Congress in New Hampshire. And he says, “we’re reaching out to a lot of low income and working class folks. I’m starting to get a good group of folks in New Hampshire, and I’m feeling very good.” But no one else is feeling the vibe. Sanders grabbed national headlines in late …

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NLRB closes Santa’s Workshop

So I’m musing about Obama’s NLRB shutting down Santa’s Workshop becasue–you know–it’s not a union shop, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but  video about Obama taking over Santa’s Workshop. Personally, I’d have gone with the Pelosi quote about empowering bureaucrats to close any “business” that wont unionize, but this is funny enough. …

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What Would Carol SEIU-Porter Do? (WWCSPD?) -Panama Edition

But back in the day when the Democrats controlled all of the Federal government, and Republicans we were told were destined for the dustbin of history, Carol–who get’s most of her funding from Unions and Union funded Democrat Leadership PAC’s,–believed what she was told by Nancy Pelosi, in direct opposition to the obvious.

Piss Be Upon Him

I assume Israel bashing and pissing on Jesus are still democrat approved artistic pursuits–for which I deserve a taxpayer funded government grant.  But will Pelosi also cover my health insurance costs?  What if I don’t want to be tied to my job and instead choose to become an artist who travels the country making caricatures of Mohammed (Peace Be …

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Good Kool Aid Or What?

  You have to wonder what the House democrats in Washington are drinking?  They actually believe that passing the Senate bill without actually voting on it is less of a risk to their political futures. And then there’s Obama.  He thinks that his signing the Senate bill without it having had an up or down …

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