All Hail Who?

by Susan Olsen May 3, 2016

“The contests don’t much matter. What really matters has already happened. In both parties, the peasants have revolted. The peasants are you and I, the poor saps who are expected to turn out in every election to put “their” party in power. Only it isn’t their party. Both parties’ elites hold the voters they depend […]

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Knight in Shining Armor

by Susan Olsen June 30, 2015

So here’s this group of folks – “…an all-volunteer coalition of concerned citizens and leaders in the community that advocates for educational options in the Granite State. We support parents directing their children’s education and making the decisions that best fit their children’s needs. We believe that families should not be limited to their zip […]

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Jacobins Among Us

by Susan Olsen June 3, 2015

“First the Monarchists were fed to the Guillotine, when the Jacobins convinced the Constitutionalists that it was all for the best. Then the Constitutionalists were fed to the Guillotine, when Jacobins convinced the Girondists it was all for the best. Then the Girondists were fed to the Guillotine, when the Jacobins convinced themselves it was […]

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NH Peasants: Shaheen Will Talk ObamaCare For A Price

by Steve MacDonald June 24, 2014
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This makes sense for a Democrat. New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen–from Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Mississippi, complains about the Senator from Massachusetts (Maine, New Hampshire) who moved to New Hampshire to run for office: but then she runs down to Massachusetts to fundraise with an out of state lobbyist. While there, she is proudly advertised as […]

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Potato, Potemkin….

by Susan Olsen June 7, 2013

Something’s rotten in Northern Ireland. Via Instapundit:    

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You can’t make this stuff up…

by Susan Olsen March 7, 2013

Susan Rice: “As a result North Korea‘s ruling elite who have been living large while impoverishing their people….” The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to impose a new sanction on North Korea that ‘specifies some luxury items North Korea’s elite is not allowed to import, such as yachts, racing cars, luxury automobiles and certain types […]

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“The ordinary people were not happy. They loathed the Emperor’s interference in every detail of their daily lives.”

by Susan Olsen January 15, 2013

“Why should they be forbidden to bake ginger-bread just because Joseph thought it bad for the stomach? Why the Imperial edict demanding the breast-feeding of infants? Why the banning of corsets? From these and a thousand other petty regulations, enforced by a secret police, it looked to the Austrians as though Joseph were trying to […]

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