Paul Rahe

An observation as to why Trump is winning: Betrayal

by Skip March 10, 2016

When I first started blogging, I discovered Paul Rahe and began to try to read everything I could that he wrote (and then add my pittance to it).  Alas, someone else thought much of him and behind paywalls he went (ah yes, folks like Bernie Sanders would judge this to be a failure of the […]

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Dr. Paul Rahe – the real problem that the Republican Party faces is not campaigning, technology, or GOTV

by Skip December 4, 2012

The money lines: The deepest source of our present discontents is the sexual revolution. Our abandonment of chastity as a norm has had dire political consequences. Her right to be promiscuous trumps our right to the fruits of our own labor. From commenter John Walker (a self described “flaming libertarian”):  The libertarian society in which […]

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Blogline of the Day – Professor Paul Rahe

by Skip September 17, 2012

I watched Susan Rice, Obama’s Ambassador to the UN on the Sunday morning shows making a complete asshat of herself by: By even trying to try to make us all believe that some poorly done movie short could be the sole reason for her fellow Ambassador’s assassination (really, what kind of a “protest” comes fully […]

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Notable Quote: Paul Rahe – “Obama’s Tyrannical Ambition”

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2012

It is easy enough to see why progressive doctrine should be attractive to our masters. Tyrannical ambition is nothing new, and throughout human history it has nearly always presented itself to men in the guise of idealism. We are all inclined to meddle in other people’s business; we are all inclined to think that we […]

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