Mueller’s Machinations Causing Jaundiced Judges

by Mike May 6, 2018

Once a rogue FBI agent, always a rogue FBI agent, it seems, but at long last, judges are balking at Bob’s cases! “[Justice] said this is what the investigation was about. But we’re not going to be bound by it, and we weren’t really telling the truth in that May 17 letter [appointing a special […]

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Dems on The Wrong Side Again But The Appearance Of Action Makes Them Look Right

by Steve MacDonald March 29, 2018

Parkland is moving Democrat legislators and the media, but as I pointed out here yesterday, I think progressive-ghetto tunnel-vision has catalyzed the inside of a very small bubble. I think the left is really overreaching on Parkland and the media is making them arrogant. They are going to keep at it the way the kept […]

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This sounds like a great idea! The Regulatory Transparency Project from The Federalist Society

by Skip November 16, 2017

In the ultra-complex, interconnected, and breakneck-speed digital age in which we live, government must issue and enforce regulations to protect public health and safety. However, despite the best of intentions, government regulation can fail, can stifle innovation, can foreclose opportunity, and can harm the most vulnerable among us. It is for precisely these reasons that […]

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Notable Quote – Ol Remus

by Susan Olsen December 1, 2015

“The will of the people and federal policy are approaching a fully inverse relationship”  

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by Skip February 15, 2014

Just thought I’d opine on something that Grokster Ed had already brought up (had problems the ‘Net going up and down during the storm earlier in the week, so I’ve been rather silent last few days).  One of my Samsphere buddies, WTH, had an opinion that he had sent along  via email as well: The […]

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Notable Quotes – HL Mencken

by Susan Olsen July 24, 2013

“It [the State] has taken on a vast mass of new duties and responsibilities; it has spread out its powers until they penetrate to every act of the citizen, however secret; it has begun to throw around its operations the high dignity and impeccability of a State religion; its agents become a separate and superior […]

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Notable Quote – Karl Denninger

by Susan Olsen July 22, 2013

‘If you make political promises that can only be met through increased tax rates, now or in the future, you begin the process of slitting your own throat. ‘ Read the whole thing here.

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Why is it that Government sees us all as criminals?

by Skip June 28, 2013

More and more, Government workers are making us believe by their actions that we Citizens (and Parents) are the problem to be taken care of and solved.  Now, this real story I had seen before, but who can pass up and putting in a line like this from NH’s own Mark Steyn to introduce it? […]

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by Susan Olsen January 26, 2013

More from The Looking Spoon

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