Oprah, Weinstein, Ears, and the Presidency – 2

by Mike January 11, 2018

Ed posted the excellent question ‘What is Harvey’s ear doing in Oprah’s mouth?’, but there’s more… Ed wondered whether Oprah’s messing with Harvey’s ear was an “investment,” but there’s much more than that. Just like many Hollyweird stars and of course, the Clintons, Oprah was well aware of Weinstein’s proclivities and remained indifferent as long […]

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Oprah for Prez

by Ed Naile January 9, 2018

I find this take on the Oprah for President speculation hard to find: Will billionaire presidential candidate Oprah release her IRS records for public review? That is the first thing that came to my mind. She didn’t make as much money as she has without some interesting investments. Bring it on.

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Dennis Miller Tweets And I laugh…

by Steve MacDonald August 15, 2013
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I needed a laugh.  Here’s five of them for you from Dennis Miller’s Twitter Feed (Oprah, Obama, The Clinton’s, The Economy, and College Graduates) Don't you wish you were on the Vineyard, sittin' on the beach with Obama, having beers he asked you to pay for, watching the waivers roll in — Dennis Miller (@DennisDMZ) […]

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