Executive Council District 4: “I don’t need to do anything to win because I’m Ted Gatsas!” – Part 2

by Skip September 4, 2018

“HAVE A QUESTION FOR TED OR AN IDEA FOR THE CITY OF MANCHESTER?“ Previous post on Ted Gatsas insularity here.  I say that because it turns out that I haven’t been the only one trying to reach out to their campaign to arrange a debate between him and Jane Cormier.  Same result – no answers […]

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So Grant Bosse is advocating the same for the NH GOP as Obama actually did for immigration?

by Skip May 20, 2018

Grant is the Editorial Editor for the UL and with his latest missive, he’s both right – and horribly wrong.  First for the good part (reformatted, emphasis mine; his editorial after the jump): Where’s the big tent? NH Republicans hurting themselves As a Republican’s Republican for the sake of the Republican Party (he leans more […]

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Quick Thought – tell me where in the Private Sector that gets these kinds of “raises”?

by Skip May 19, 2018

And in this case, it’s always the taxpayer that is taking in the shorts when our elected officials don’t “cherish” (more on Andru Volinsky in an upcoming post) other peoples money. John Cataldo has a great Op-Ed about “sustainability” or rather, how fiscally unsustainable many financial decisions are (emphasis mine): Roughly 50 percent of city […]

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“…it’s what you do AFTERWARDS that’s most important”

by Skip December 15, 2015

Sighingly, I have to say that for many Republican politicians, that’s the part of the meme they either forget or wish that WE would forget.  However, more and more, the utter disdain and the [political] sins that many of the Republican “leadership” have participated in are, as Rev “G-D America” Wright used to say, coming […]

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NH House Rules Committee – Democrat appointed Speaker Jasper rigs the rules against voters by seconds

by Skip December 18, 2014

Yes, the Democrat appointed Speaker took charge in his own committee Sidenote:   Rules     71.7% D+ Shawn J’ass’per (r-Hudson) Chair       82.3% B Gene G. Chandler (r-Bartlett) Vice Chair    (scores being their HRA scores – neither has one to write home about) and passed a rule that I believe is anti-voters (er, we voters) and anti-Govt Transparency.  […]

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Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran: Is he the example Scott Brown is following for the Primary?

by Skip June 8, 2014

Mississippi just had a primary on the Republican side where State Senator Chris McDaniels, a TEA Party candidate, out edged long term US Senator Thad Cochran (76 and in the US Senate since 1972) but not by enough to forestall a runoff (in three weeks).  From NYT via Hot Air: Senator Thad Cochran’s supporters opened Mississippi’s […]

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