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Yet another intellectual demands the US cede its sovereignty to the UN

by Skip February 17, 2018

Yep, the Association of Undemocratic States and Tinpot Despots who have made it clear that they are there because MO MONEY, MO MONEY, MO MONEY, getting cover for their actions, and oh yeah, hating on Israel. In a piece titled “My Turn: Strengthen the UN“, Ray Perkins Jr (professor of philosophy, emeritus, at Plymouth State […]

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What does 70 below zero look like?

by Tim Condon December 24, 2012

You haven’t read this story in every mainstream media outlet, every day, on every front page this last week. It’s those damned Russians: They’re at at it again! What’s the problem, you ask? Well, like I say, it’s the Russians! They’re…

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