Government Health Care, the Ultimate Fat Shamer

by Scott Morales October 20, 2017

Michael Moore spit takes caramelly nuggets; spurting Fiddle Faddle over his engorged belly and across the room landing on a landscape of crumpled plastic bags, smashed soda cans, and empty tubes of Cheese Whiz. A white powdery mini donut slips from the sugary pasty agape mouth of Amy Schumer to it’s doom on the white […]

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California Anti-Obesity Campaign Photoshops Skinny Kid to Look Fat

by Steve MacDonald June 10, 2013

An anti-obesity ad campaign being run by the California Children and Families  Commission digitally altered a little girl to make her look fatter.  This is something anyone with a smart phone or iPod can do with the free fattify App.  It takes your picture and plumps you up like a Ball Park Frank without the […]

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The Left’s War on Education

by Steve MacDonald January 12, 2013

The left’s objection to even one tax dollar finding its way into the hands of a church is legion.  It is (apparently) a matter of even greater concern that we might engage in tax policy that accidentally encourages others–by allowing them to keep more of their own money–to give some of it to a religious […]

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YAY! I am vindicated! Pass that pint of Ben and Jerry’s right on over

by Skip January 2, 2013

Even better if it’s “Chocolate Therapy” for desert.  I’ll take the Prime Rib Medium please….: In a review of almost 100 past studies covering nearly three million people, researchers found that being overweight or slightly obese was linked to about a 6 percent lower risk of dying, compared to people considered “normal weight.“ Being severely […]

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