The Obama Bell-Palsy Employment Curve

by Scott Morales April 6, 2013

A booming, and initially perceived, oddity emanated from the White House like a streaking tie-dyed progressive woman jaunting across the south lawn with the vapors after having just caught a glimpse of The One standing in the Rose Garden doing…well… nothing as usual, but closer inspection reveals the tie-dyed streaking woman was just Chris Matthews […]

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America! Some are saying “Let it burn!”

by Tim Condon December 11, 2012

What does that mean?

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Data Point – The Single most Accurate Indicator of Labor Market Health

by Scott Morales September 14, 2012

Unleashing Democrat policies and fomenting Obamanomics results in a plague like disease seizing upon the Labor Market. The symptoms are oozing unemployment and fetid labor participation (i.e., how many people are actually trying to get a job).  From the Mercatus Center, George Mason University: The release of the June labor market data marks the third […]

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Apparently, Even Folks In Massachussetts Are Fed Up With Obamanomics…

by Scott Morales August 31, 2012

…and it looks like they’re not keeping quiet about it.  Even little girls are pissed…    

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With Obama canceling the Keystone pipeline, I guess Obama’s economy is running out of gas…

by Skip January 22, 2012

Yup!  Running the car out of the ditch but into that renewable tree is going to do LOVELY things for Obama’s economy.  Our economy runs on oil, and only God knows why Obama thinks that the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada is not in “the nation’s interest”.  His, maybe.  Environmentalists, maybe.  And Warren Buffet’s?  Certainly […]

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