Sen Ted Cruz: How Would You Advise the NH Legislature on the Re-authorization of Medicaid Expansion?

by Steve MacDonald February 5, 2016
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RLCNH Chairman Aaron Day asks Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz how he would advise the NH Legislature on the re-authorization of Medicaid Expansion…

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More of Kasich’s LIES Exposed

by Kimberly Morin February 4, 2016

After reporting on Kasich’s shoving of Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion onto Ohio without the legislature’s vote, it has been discovered that his lies are even deeper than that. In all honesty, the man seems to have contempt for anyone who disagrees with him.

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Throwback Thursday – Dr. Joe Hannon and Dr. Jeffrey Singer

by Steve MacDonald February 4, 2016
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Dr. Joe Hannon and Dr. Jeffrey Singer join us to talk Government healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, the new HealthCare regime, and what it is doing to care and professionals tasked with delivering it. (Original broadcast date – Nov 22, 2014) Player will update at 9 am EST  

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Kasich admits to shoving Medicaid Expansion through Ohio without legislature

by Kimberly Morin February 3, 2016

Today Presidential candidate John Kasich (R-Ohio) gave a town hall at a VFW in Raymond, New Hampshire. It was a small event where Kasich opened up almost immediately for questions although he started the event talking a little about what he has done. One of the things he mentioned was that he works with people. […]

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EXPOSED: Kasich’s LIES about Medicaid Expansion in Ohio

by Kimberly Morin February 2, 2016

  RUN New Hampshire… RUN as fast as you can away from this charlatan.

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New Hampshire’s Medicaid Expansion fraud: Granite Staters will pay the price

by Kimberly Morin January 29, 2016

Yesterday the New Hampshire House Health and Human Services Committee held a public hearing on re-authorizing Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion (they renamed it to the Health Protection Plan because a majority of Granite Staters disapprove of Obamacare). The hearing was to discuss House Bill 1696 which re-authorizes Medicaid Expansion through 2020. The original plan was supposed […]

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Guest Post: With ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion, it’s about more than the money

by Skip January 25, 2016

[emphasis mine -Skip] This year, the state legislature will decide the future of expanding the state’s Medicaid program to able-bodied adults under ObamaCare. Medicaid expansion – passed in 2014 by a legislature more sympathetic to ObamaCare and growing government – expires later this year, and some of our elected officials are seeking to make it […]

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John Kasich lied to the NH House about Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion

by Kimberly Morin January 25, 2016

On Saturday a video clip from C-SPAN was posted of Presidential candidate John Kasich speaking to the New Hampshire House Legislature about Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion. Kasich applauded the legislature for adding another big welfare program in the state. Unfortunately Kasich also lied about the program.

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Blogline of the Day: She’s lunch

by Skip January 19, 2016

And poor, poor Hillary — just like in 2008, better candidates just keep stealing her healthcare lunch money right out from under her nose when she’s on the campaign trail! (H/T: Instapundit)

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It’s highly addictive……

by Susan Olsen January 17, 2016
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So what’s the over/under that NH’s elected Republicans will give us a broadbased tax because: OBAMACARE!

by Skip December 29, 2015

TANSTAFFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.  No matter what it is, SOMEone has to pay when some service or product is consumed.  The only question is who will get the bill.  That said, it seems like the Republican elected officials want us to either: Not watch their hands while they […]

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Bet on it: Hillary WILL continue to make companies subjugated to The State

by Skip December 23, 2015

Hillary is a statist, through and through.  She is the epitome of such – ONLY Government (and those employed by it) can effect good and it MUST be in charge of all aspects of our lives.  Even when it is obvious that Government has screwed up and made things worse.  Instead of leaving well enough […]

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And another Obamacare man-made crisis bites the dust – yet another victim

by Skip December 8, 2015

We on this side of the aisle said this would happen: Noshville co-owner says health care costs contributed to closure NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) -A day after Noshville co-owner Tom Loventhal announced the restaurant’s Midtown location on Broadway will close this month, he said he planned to close next year anyway.  Loventhal said Tuesday the restaurant […]

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Obama Care Premiums Based on Zip Code?

by Steve MacDonald December 2, 2015
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A readersent me the text of a conversation they had with a health care navigator about plans and premium costs. According to the navigator while income is a factor, what they really need to determine your cost… is your zip code. Reader:  The letter I received stated an “estimated” monthly premium for 2016.  We are […]

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GrokTALK! – Testosterone, Health Care, And Concealed Carry

by Steve MacDonald November 20, 2015
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Obamacare is a disaster but are NH Republicans willing to expand Medicaid so that a likely Republican Governor wont have to deal with it if elected in 2016? We also continue the conversation on the drug database, the upward cost curve of insurance and care thanks to ObamaCare, and a case involving Massachusetts police officers […]

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“Deductibles are too damn high!”

by Skip November 15, 2015

Yeah, politicians and their promises.  All we hear from the sycophants of Obama and Obamacare is that it is “affordable” for low income folks to buy an Obamacare insurance policy – and now we know that TANSTAFFL still applies because as Government artificially lowers that rate for the Have-Nots, the premium prices necessarily rise for […]

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Data Point – Obamacare wealth distribution

by Skip November 15, 2015

As I mentioned yesterday on GrokTALK!, we can now see the wealth flow, as Obama and Saul Alinsky put it, from the Haves to the Have-Nots (the actual purpose of Obamacare). Note the flows out of the next higher quintiles on a percentage basis.  As opposed to what we were told by Obama and the […]

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And when taxes go over 50%….

by Skip November 11, 2015

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101) Who works for who in the “Land of the Free”? If I am working such that most of my money is going to the Government, am I a citizen or a serf? Emphasis mine: Thank the Democrats for dropping their mask in showing (and legislating) you that they truly believe your […]

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John Kasich – sounds like NH State Senator Jeb Bradley?

by Skip November 3, 2015

Insistent on adopting Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion while crowing about all that “free money” that’s going to make it happen (or the other way of doing the same lie – “bringing Ohio’s money back home”.  Stuff takes money to do and why is it that ALL state level politicians talk about Fed money as if their […]

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A reflection of Gov. Sununu? Or on his judgment?

by Skip November 2, 2015

After all, this: I have no feeling for the electorate anymore. It is not responding the way it used to. Their priorities are so different that if I tried to analyze it I’d be making it up. And John E Sununu is out in the hustings hustling for John Kasich; it is clear that the Sununus […]

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Even With Billions of Your Dollars ObamCare Co-ops Failing…

by Steve MacDonald October 19, 2015
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This is what happens when you trust the government with your money and you life… Daily Caller Federal officials have a secret list of 11 Obamacare health insurance co-ops they fear are on the verge of failure, but they refuse to disclose them to the public or to Congress, a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation […]

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ObamaCare Bankrupts TN School District – “Cost-Curve” Forces Them to Close

by Steve MacDonald October 15, 2015
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You read that right. The Affordable Care Act’s “cost-curve” and regulatory rules have made insuring teachers and staff so “affordable” that the school can no longer afford to operate. In an AP report, Clay County Director of Schools Jerry Strong said the school board made its decision to cancel classes because of budget issues that […]

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The Specter of Single-Payer Looms

by Steve MacDonald September 17, 2015
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We continue with Canadian Health care refugee Shona Holmes on the tens of thousands who flee to the US for care, and the risk it poses when thy try to “get back in line” north of the border. And, how all of this is waiting for us after ObamaCare’s engineered failure leads to the real […]

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GrokTALK! – You Must Wait Two Years For Most Surgeries

by Steve MacDonald September 16, 2015
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Is Canada a good role model for American Health Care reform? Only if you want to wait two years for a procedure. Canadian Health Care Refugee Shona Holmes joins us to discuss The Great White North’s record wait-times to see physicians (ranked last among top 11 OECD countries), and if America is on this road. […]

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Tomorrow on GrokTALK! September 12th, 2015

by Steve MacDonald September 11, 2015
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Tomorrow on GrokTALK!  – September 12th, 2015, (9:00 am to 11 am EDT) Rich Girard on his election for Manchester Board of School Committee Shona Holmes: it’s about access to healthcare not access to health insurance. Veto Override Day Bills with Max Abramson + The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, News, Opinion, and weather…without the weather. (Maybe we’ll squeeze in something […]

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Progressives like the word “sustainable”; with increases like this…

by Skip August 28, 2015

…the deliberately politically misnamed Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable.  A few examples (abtracted, abridged, reformatted): Alaska -state regulators approved a 39.6% rate increase for Moda Health Alaska – state regulators approved a 38.7% hike for Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee  – BlueCross BlueShield asked for and got a 36.3% boost in premiums. Oregon – approved a 25.6% […]

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Interview with Avik Roy: Obamacare and how Medicaid Expansion will affect NH

by Kimberly Morin August 24, 2015

During this weekend’s ‘Defending the American Dream Summit’ in Columbus, Ohio yours truly interviewed Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Avik Roy about Obamacare and Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion. Roy has been on the forefront when it comes to discussing healthcare and Obamacare. During the Summit, Roy sat on a panel called Obamacare called “Sick yet?” Obamacare 2.0 […]

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GrokTALK! – Donor States And Others ‘Hit Hardest’

by Steve MacDonald July 28, 2015
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In part two with Keith Carlsen (Health Care Compact) we talk donor states, the federal money shell game, and how Medicaid expansion will hurt the people who need Medicaid most. You can find the entire program here Follow us on YouTube,  Facebook, and Twitter …and take us with you on iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spreaker,TuneIn, or Stitcher.  

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New Ad from Citizens for a Strong NH nails Hassan for ‘climbing’ over Granite Staters

by Kimberly Morin July 23, 2015

Speculation over Governor Hassan running against Kelly Ayotte for the senate seat is still floating around the state house. In the meantime, it’s the perfect time to expose Hassan’s dismal record as governor. And this only scratches the surface!

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REMEMBER! NH State Senate Republicans promised a cost curve downward on Medicaid Expansion

by Skip July 17, 2015

The Feds will pick up the tab (at least in the beginning)!  It will be cheaper if we implement this Progressive (aka Obamacare) program!  Yeah, when the Feds stop paying their bill (aka, just like with their special Ed failed promises), this is what we get to look forward to as NH Taxpayers – from […]

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