Trump Said the Government Was Spying on His Campaign and He Was Right

by Steve MacDonald May 17, 2018

Remember when the media and the Democrats (sorry for repeating myself) called Trump a conspiracy theorist and whackjob for claiming his campaign was being spied on? How much time did they spend on that particular story, we may never know, but Trump was right. The Obama Administration was spying on the campaign of a political opponent to assist […]

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“Former NSA experts say it was an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system.”

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2017

From The Nation, a little bait for the big fish to nibble on, with a huge hook in it. There was no hack of the Democratic National Committee’s system on July 5 last year—not by the Russians, not by anyone else. Hard science now demonstrates it was a leak—a download executed locally with a memory […]

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Hands Up – Don’t Snoop!

by Ed Naile March 25, 2017

Steve MacDonald wrote a fine article for Granite Grok about government spying on US citizens.“Deep State Intelligence Whistleblower Has Mountain of “Dirt” on Illegal Obama Snooping”  In it, he attached a letter from Larry Klayman of “Freedom Watch.” That letter is a subtle warning to Congress that he has a whistleblower with a huge amount […]

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Deep State Intellegence Whistleblower Has Mountain of “Dirt” on Illegal Obama Snooping

by Steve MacDonald March 23, 2017

That didn’t take long.  Just yesterday I observed that, Any legal incidental collection is typically ignored. When it is widely disseminated by the opposing party President and turns up in political hit pieces against his parties opponent, we enter into ugly territory where the uses of that wiretapping are illegal. It suggests a deliberate conspiracy, invites RICO […]

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Obama Admin. Spying on Trump Campaign Before Election

by Steve MacDonald March 6, 2017

The Obama Administration spied on foreign allies, Diplomats, regular Americans, their internet histories, even otherwise friendly press associations. And Dear Leader was okay with all of that. It got so bad that the global community united behind the meme ‘Yes We Scan.’ So the idea that Democrats and the Obama Administration are spying on Republicans and Trump, in particular, is […]

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Taking steps to limit warrantless tracking

by Steve MacDonald June 4, 2015
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The Patriot Act is dead, replaced Tuesday by the USA Freedom Act, which was passed by the Senate before being signed into law hours later by President Obama. With all the attention focused on surveillance at the federal level, have you asked whether your state can use electronic data to spy on you? Keep Reading […]

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GrokTALK! – David Bozell on Amnesty, The NSA, and Republicans

by Steve MacDonald June 3, 2015
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! – David Bozell on Amnesty, The NSA, and Republicans

David Bozell from ForAmerica is back to discuss the recent 5th circuit ruling on Executive Amnesty. We also discuss lousy Republican leadership in Congress, and Rand Paul being all he can be in his fight against NSA spying. Listen to the entire program here Follow us on YouTube,USTREAM, Facebook, and Twitter …and take us with you oniTunes, iHeart Radio, Spreaker,TuneIn, or Stitcher.

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Liberty Wins the Day

by Tom June 1, 2015

At midnight, the Patriot Act provision, which granted the NSA permission to bulk-collect private phone metadata of law abiding American citizens, expired. Law abiding citizens.   Presumption of guilt.  Probable cause.   Sound familiar? When was the last time you can remember Congress doing something, actively or passively, to reduce the scope, size, and power […]

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Hot Air – Senate Fails to Extend Patriot Act

by Steve MacDonald May 23, 2015
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And Thank You Senator Paul. (Hot Air) Rushing to beat a deadline, the Senate instead beat itself into paralysis over the Patriot Act. In an overnight session that ended up producing nothing but frustration, the upper chamber rejected the House’s reform bill for NSA surveillance, and then failed to move any extension for the existing […]

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Rand Paul Tweets As Obama Meets…The Pope

by Steve MacDonald March 27, 2014
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  . @BarackObama to @Pontifex: Forgive me father for I have spied. #NSA — Senator Rand Paul (@SenRandPaul) March 27, 2014

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Another take: won’t this makes it easier for the NSA to track traveling cell calls?

by Skip December 4, 2013

Because these kinds of things NEVER end up getting extended, do they?  I’m already not all that much liking that the Federal DOT wants a Black Box (a la a commercial jet) in my car they can access without my consent in the car that *I* have bought.  Now, they want me (likely) to buy […]

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Even I get this…

by Susan Olsen October 28, 2013

…technologically challenged as I am…. H/T Liberal Logic

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Yes We Scan – World Leaders, Too!!

by Mike October 24, 2013

Just because they’re paranoid after their experience with the STASI, doesn’t mean the NSA isn’t out to get them! As more information came out this week about the NSA’s hoovering up metadata and actual phone calls, globally, it was revealed that the NSA had aggressively sought out diplomats’ Rolodexes in order to harvest foreign political […]

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iPhone: Fingerprint Security vs The NSA

by Mike September 19, 2013
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Lavabit Melts Down; Circle Silenced; Individuals Flagged: Welcome To New Secure Amerika!

by Mike August 12, 2013

In case you were tempted to think that the government is not interested in you, and that you can go about your personal business with impunity “Because I’ve done nothing wrong”, even as the surveillance state metastasizes, THINK AGAIN! (And see Obama’s comforting comments here.) There are lots of reasons to invest in secure communications, […]

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Loose Lips Sink Dictatorships….

by Mike August 11, 2013

In his Friday press conference, our Dear Leader gave the American public as much cause for further concern as he gave reassurance, regarding the NSA’s domestic surveillance programs. A few quotes, courtesy of AP: President Barack Obama made it clear Friday he has no intention of stopping the daily collection of American phone records. And […]

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Spies Like U.S.

by Steve MacDonald August 8, 2013

Just thought I’d share the image.

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Cloudy, With A Chance Of Surveillance!

by Mike August 1, 2013

Here, satirical artist WilliamBanzai7 makes a mockery of the public’s current love affair with Cloud storage, especially the kind where the cloud provider has your credentials! Ben Franklin said: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” With yet more news recently of the government […]

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Guest post: Jim Rubens, possible Republican US Senatorial candidate – “NSA Constitutional Breach”

by Skip July 27, 2013

NSA Constitutional Breach National Intelligence Director James Clapper has publicly acknowledged that the National Security Agency collects and stores private communications data (excepting content) from Verizon and other carriers involving hundreds of millions of ordinary American citizens. This has been ongoing since at least 2006. Whistleblower and former AT&T technician Mark Klein has provided unrebutted […]

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Do All Your Macs Belong To NSA, Too??

by Mike July 12, 2013

Apparently, our Mac-toting readers think that even though Google (Don’t be evil) has fallen into the clutches of the NSA, and the Evil Empire of Redmond is mainlining all their encrypted data through a PRISM, darkly, that Apple disciples can remain smugly insulated in their unique MacOS platforms that NEVER fall prey to viruses and […]

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Back To The Future: Kremlin NSA-Proofs Memos With TYPEWRITERS!

by Mike July 12, 2013

You just can’t make this stuff up! Reuters and the UK Telegraph have a story on the plans by Russia’s Federal Guard Service (FSO) to revert to typewriters as a means of avoiding electronic eavesdropping: An FSO source told Izvestiya newspaper: “After scandals with the distribution of secret documents by WikiLeaks, the exposes by Edward […]

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All Your Windows Are Belong To Us, Too!

by Mike July 12, 2013

Are we outside looking in, or are ‘THEY’ inside looking out? Through a glass, darkly, or through a PRISM, everywhere? Let me first say that The (UK) Guardian is a well known leftist rag, and they are no doubt taking some delight in the “Snowden Chronicles”, but they are the only ones bringing us the […]

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NSA: All Your Androids Are Belong To Us, Too! (Maybe)

by Mike July 10, 2013

A recent story from Bloomberg news suggests that our Stasi 2.0 government is even making lefties nervous, as it breathlessly reveals that code provided by the NSA is going into Androids, and has been part of Linux for several years! Deeper analysis suggests that, even if you are paranoid, this is not the way that […]

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Jeopardy For $1000: A Pungent Vegetable That Hides Your Surfing From The NSA

by Mike June 26, 2013

“A tangled web, Alex: What is TOR, The Onion Router?”   Watch the video or click the onion to learn how it can help you – read on to learn how I met TOR… So, you tie me to a chair, shine a bright light in my eyes, and ask: “Who is this TOR person, […]

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GrokTALK! June 22, 2013

by Steve MacDonald June 23, 2013

(All links have been updated.  Previous segment post title dates have been corrected) This week on Grok Talk!… Skip and Steve open the program with the Hillary Clinton Sex scandal, Obama spying on William and Kate, Chelsea Clinton wishing she didn’t exist, Inspector Palooza and the new bureaucratic police state and the building blocks of […]

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GrokTALK! June 22nd, 2013- Guest Bill Boyd

by Steve MacDonald June 22, 2013

Bill Boyd, town councilor from Merrimack introduces us to WS4 – the EPAs new permitting rules for storm water management by New Hampshire Municipalities, and the insane amount of money it will cost taxpayers and how unlikley it is they will be able comply with outlandish federal rules and their unrealistic time tables. Listen Here […]

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GrokTALK! June 22nd, 2013- Guest Ken Eyring

by Steve MacDonald June 22, 2013

Ken Eyring, Gives us a refresher on the Federalization of state and local activity through the Granite State Futures Program and its puppet masters at HUD, DOT, and the EPA, the false perception of public acceptance, what the pre-determiend outcomes are at their so-called “listening sessions,” and how the deck is stacked against us. Listen […]

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GrokTALK! June 22nd, 2013- Guest Ed Naile

by Steve MacDonald June 22, 2013

Ed Naile drops by to talk to us about the deeper implications of the recent Judge John Lewis decision regarding New Hampshire’s Scholarship program, RSA 491:22, the ongoing drama of another Lewis decision-the mobile domicile ruling (mobile domicile for Democrat voting purposes), with a tangent onto the shift in charitable giving; away from private groups […]

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