If You Hate the Electoral College You Can’t Love the UN

by Steve MacDonald December 30, 2016

In this week’s G-File Jonah Goldberg talks about the UN vs. Israel. There is, as always, lots of good stuff, but when he contrasted liberal outrage over the Electoral College to loving how the UN does things, well… It’s kind of funny. We’ve spent the last six weeks hearing how eeeeeeevill the Electoral College is because […]

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No, Syrian Refugees are Not like Jews Fleeing Germany in 1939

by Steve MacDonald November 21, 2015
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NRO | Ian Tuttle The Washington Post’s Dana Milbankwrote Monday, “This growing cry to turn away people fleeing for their lives brings to mind the SS St. Louis, the ship of Jewish refugees turned away from Florida in 1939,” while his colleague Ishaan Tharoor contended: “Today’s 3-year-old Syrian orphan, it seems, is 1939’s German Jewish child.” Meanwhile, a Daily Kos headline […]

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Out of the Mainstream on Guns Freaks

by Scott Morales October 24, 2015

Hey you fringe, wacko, out of the mainstream on gun types, you better get with the program and take a stand for what is right.  Stand up to the powerful politicians who are beholden to special interests and lobbying groups and are against the American people.  Ask yourself if your stance on guns is really […]

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You’re Not Really Pro-Life Unless You Support Higher Taxes

by Steve MacDonald August 3, 2015
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David French| You’re Not Really Pro-Life Unless You Support Higher Taxes Hidden within this argument is the notion that a baby is better off dead than poor, but the Left has been backing off this claim ever since explicit arguments for eugenics fell out of favor. Moreover, the reliance on state-funded welfare as the cornerstone of compassion ignores not just the Christian community’s enormous […]

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“Covert Welfare Statists Usually Attempt to Disguise Welfare Payments as Wages”

by Steve MacDonald July 29, 2015
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Kevin D. Williamson | NRO – The Insidious Political Power Of Minimum Wag Laws The worst kind of welfare state is the welfare state that is ashamed of itself and therefore feels obliged to pretend to be something it isn’t. Instead of forthrightly taxing individuals and businesses and converting that revenue to welfare benefits in […]

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Breaking: King George Calls Out Extremist TEA Party

by Scott Morales July 4, 2014
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Disqus Doodlings: Dr Sowell And The RINOs

by Mike March 19, 2014

Mike Rogers • Tuesday Morning Dear Dr Sowell, I respect your erudition and judgement, especially on matters of policy. But on this matter of practical politics, I respectfully submit that you are wrong: The Elephant, or rather the RINO, in the room for the GOP is the war declared by the Establishment GOP, including Mitch […]

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Victor Davis Hanson – The Irony Of Obama’s Fall To Earth

by Steve MacDonald February 9, 2014
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How US elections have consequences…for the world NRO Then came the waxen Obama soaring on hope and change, the president who would remake the world along the lines envisioned in a college faculty lounge or a Chicago organizing session. Obama was not a Buchananite isolationist who would be easy for Europeans to caricature. Rather, he […]

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Sequester Vs. Bridgegate

by Steve MacDonald January 14, 2014
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  We don’t need to recycle the whole sordid history of the sequester and the shutdown to remember that this White House sincerely, deliberately, and with malice aforethought sought to make things as painful as possible for millions of Americans. Traffic cones on the George Washington Bridge are a stain on the honor of New […]

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Notable Quote–Marilinda Garcia

by Scott Morales December 6, 2013
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After being the recipient of an ill-bred school boy’s rancid temper tantrum, similar to what’s occasionally found on playgrounds after a boy realizes his true love is dating the quarterback thus confirming his suspicion about his own physical inadequacies, Marilinda Garcia was interviewed by the NRO. One line she said rings of Tocqueville and Madison […]

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If Obama were a CEO in the private sector, he’d be prosecuted for such deception

by Steve MacDonald November 14, 2013
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Andrew McCarthy NRO Barack Obama is guilty of fraud — serial fraud — that is orders of magnitude more serious than frauds the Justice Department routinely prosecutes, and that courts punish harshly. The victims will be out billions of dollars, quite apart from other anxiety and disruption that will befall them. The president will not […]

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Goldberg File – King Obama

by Steve MacDonald October 25, 2013
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If you don’t get Jonah Goldberg’s ‘Goldberg File’ you should.  Just ask his couch, one of his biggest critics, and it will tell you to subscribe (which you can do here).  Why?  It is clever, insightful, funny, and did I mention Funny?  And that’s just the couch.  Here’s the opening to this weeks installment. Last […]

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From NRO….A Little Spying GIF that Keeps On…

by Steve MacDonald August 26, 2013


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Quotable Quote – NRO’s Kevin D Williamson

by Mike July 19, 2013

In his piece on Detroit’s bankruptcy this morning, Kevin Williamson had a number of pithy comments, but I especially liked this one: Detroit is the victim of a vicious circle: Failing municipal institutions mean that without the allure of a high-paying job, Detroit is an undesirable place to live, while the unions have helped to […]

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Notable Quote – Jonah Goldberg

by Steve MacDonald March 1, 2013

From Today’s G- File Anyway, the interesting thing about the sequester is how it exposes the shallowness of his (Obama’s) moral-equivalent-of-war rhetoric (or, if you prefer, his equally ridiculous elision of “community” or “family” with “government”). When military units have a hardship, they make do. When communities come up short of money, everyone pitches in. […]

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A Weapon Guide for the Uninformed, Happy Gun Appreciation Day!

by Scott Morales January 19, 2013

  (h/t NRO Cartoon of the Day)  

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Today’s Steyn – A Must Read

by Scott Morales December 22, 2012

I usually don’t simply cite an article to read without offering something to say on my own. However, today, anything that I would offer would be superfluous. Steyn, brilliant as ever. The Massacre of the Innocents  

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Fact: “Fact Checkers” Aren’t Checking The Facts! [Updated and Bumped]

by Scott Morales September 5, 2012

[Update: Looks like NRO once again caught Dylan Matthews “fact checking” Paul Ryan.  This time Matthews set his sites on the Carter/Obama comparison that Ryan mentioned.  So Matthews decided to use his skillful, analytical intellect to compile some charts.  One problem, the characterization of his intellect just used is completely inaccurate.  A correct characterization would […]

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GrokTalk! for Saturday January 15 th 2011

by Steve MacDonald January 15, 2011

It’s 120 minutes of Live Streaming local and National News you could ONLY get from   This week… 9am to 11am EST NRO Editor Kevin Williamson, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide To Socialism will be our guest Jordan Ulery candidate for NH GOP National Committeeman calls in And Jim Bender talks to Skip […]

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