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Notable Quote – US Congressman Jeb Hensarling

by Skip July 27, 2015

Before Dodd-Frank’s passage, former Sen. Chris Dodd said that “no one will know until this is actually in place how it works.” Today we know. The law he co-wrote with former Rep. Barney Frank is gradually turning America’s largest financial institutions into functional utilities and taking the power to allocate capital—the lifeblood of the U.S. economy—away from the free market […]

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Notable Quote – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

by Skip July 19, 2015

On life: Next, remember that life is not easy for any of us. It will probably not be fair, and it certainly is not all about you. The gray hair and wrinkles you see on older people have been earned the hard way, by living and dealing with the challenges of life. When I was […]

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Blogline of the Day – Derek Hunter

by Skip July 17, 2015

Conservatives are rudderless, but progressives are relentless. -Derek Hunter Go read the entire post where this line was lifted (Why Liberals Win).

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Notable Quote: Archbishop Chaput on Evil and Tolerance

by Mike April 11, 2015

Over at, Erick Erickson has an excellent piece on the “Gaystapo” and their totalitarian approach to dissent, in which he quotes from a letter by Archbishop Chaput to his congregation (on the topic of abortion, but it fits) about Evil and tolerance: “Evil talks about tolerance only when it’s weak. When it gains the […]

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Notable Quote – Steve Mac Donald

by Skip March 16, 2015

Shot: from an email, back from 2013, on a report from a meeting where NH Senate plans on endorsing Obamacare were being discussed: I arrived just in time to hear an influential member of the board saying (I’m paraphrasing here) what a great plan it was and the only people who would not want to accept […]

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Notable Quote – Theodore Dalrymple

by Skip February 25, 2015

“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, […]

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Notable Quote – Christopher Chantrill

by Skip February 19, 2015

You liberals took a wrong turn over a century ago. You thought of yourselves as a benevolent, beneficent elite, kindly dispensing justice and benefits to a grateful nation through a professional expert-led government. You completely misunderstood the nature of government. Government is force, not a beneficent Oz, and politics is civil war by other means. […]

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Notable Quote – Judge Andrew Napolitano

by Skip February 15, 2015

Again, another example of the Constitution being redefined: Last week, we learned how deep the disrespect for the Constitution runs in the government and how tortured is the logic that underlies it. In a little-noted speech at Washington and Lee Law School, Gen. Michael Hayden, the former director of both the CIA and the NSA, […]

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Notable Quote – Robert Murphy

by Skip February 12, 2015

It is a paradox of our age that the interventionists think the public is too stupid to consult Angie’s List before hiring a lawyer, and so they need politicians to weed out the really bad ones by requiring law licenses. Yet, who determines whether a person (often a lawyer!) is qualified to become a politician? […]

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Notable Quote – Ludwig von Mises

by Skip February 5, 2015

The bureaucrat is not only a government employee.  He is, under a democratic constitution, at the same time a voter and as such a part of the sovereign, his employer.  He is in a peculiar position: he is both employer and employee.  And his pecuniary interest as employee towers above his interest as employer, as […]

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Notable Quote – Dr. Thomas Sowell

by Skip January 31, 2015

Few things blind human beings to the actual consequences of what they are doing like a heady feeling of self-righteousness during a crusade to smite the wicked and rescue the downtrodden. – Prof. Thomas Sowell (Ph.D. Economics, syndicated columnist, author (The Housing Boom and Bust)  

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Notable Quote – David Henderson

by Skip January 27, 2015

Markets teach or encourage at least three virtues: tolerance, honesty, and compassion. – David Henderson (author,  The Joy of Freedom: An Economist’s Odyssey)

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Notable Quote – Professor Michael Huemer

by Skip January 21, 2015

First, given the existence of a powerful government, the people who are most likely to wind up in control of that government are those who (a) have the greatest drive for power, (b) have the skills needed for seizing it (for example, the ability to intimidate or manipulate others), and (c) are unperturbed by moral […]

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Presumption of Guilt is Absolutely Crucial to Collectivism

by Steve MacDonald January 6, 2015
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Notable Quote – Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

by Skip December 23, 2014

An example for liberal bias in academia: …I have had the following experience more than once: I am speaking with a professional academic who is a liberal. The subject of the underrepresentation of conservatives in academia comes up. My interlocutor admits that this is indeed a reality, but says the reason why conservatives are underrepresented […]

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Notable Quote: Martin Luther King Jr. – “Darkness”

by Steve MacDonald December 8, 2014
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Hey.  Ferguson.   Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Notable Quote – Will Rogers

by Skip November 13, 2014

On the danger of what lame duck politicians can do when unconstrained by no accountability: An awful lot of people are confused as to just what is meant by a lame duck Congress. It’s like where some fellows worked for you and their work wasn’t satisfactory and you let’em out, but after you fired ‘em, […]

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Notable Quote – Dana Loesch

by Skip November 2, 2014

On Obama’s outlook on “fly-over” or Middle America: 8. [On the view of progressives on Middle America] “We’re the bitter, bastard child of the coasts, and we use our guns, faith, and racism as Linus blankets to soothe our insecurities because, BUSH, obviously. We all sit around and eat corn from a shared tooth and every […]

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Obama fatigue is setting in…

by Steve MacDonald October 31, 2014

Setting?  I was fatigued by Obama’s voice before the beginning of the end of Recovery Summer 2009.  Probably sooner.  Obama was the cure for my Bush era “we don’t hear enough from the office of the President” period.  While Bush didn’t say so much about what was going on, the ‘O’ on Obama was for […]

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Notable Quote – DaTechGuy: ‘Watch Those Polling Places’

by Mike October 28, 2014

From our friend, Pete DaTechGuy (emphasis added): But the big thing is to watch the pols and the ballot boxes: Given the spending levels of government Tens of millions of dollars are a drop in the bucket. These people are not going to give up those hundreds of billions of your tax dollars nationwide without […]

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Notable Quote – Patrick Henry

by Skip October 25, 2014

Which means Transparency – something that is in short supply from the Obama Administration.  But as the Groksters have found out personally here in little NH, it is oft not to be found here either.  Obfuscation, delay, intolerance for NH Citizenry – and an attitude of “who are you to ASK ME to justify Govt […]

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Notable Quote – Calvin Coolidge

by Skip October 25, 2014

“I want the people of America to be able to work less for the government and more for themselves.  I want them to have the rewards of their own industry.  That is the chief meaning of freedom.” – President Calvin Coolidge (“Silent Cal”)

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Notable Quote – Why Governmnt At All?

by Steve MacDonald October 17, 2014
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    Why has government been instituted at all? Because the passions of men will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice, without constraint. -Alexander Hamilton Federalist 15

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Notable Quote – David Friedman

by Skip October 11, 2014

In spite of popular myths about capitalism oppressing the poor, the poor are worse off in those things provided by government, such as schooling, police protection, and justice.  There are more good cars in the ghettos than good schools. – David Friedman Above emphasis mine – it is hard to argue with.  We don’t fuss […]

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Notable Quote – Steve Mac Donald

by Skip October 5, 2014

Pretty much sums up what we at GraniteGrok are all about (emphasis mine): We write about a set of principles and compare everyone to them, regardless of party. Without principles as a litmus there are no limits to what any elected official can or will do. We also write about Republican principles outlined in their own […]

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Notable Quote: Keep Safe Our Founding Creed

by Steve MacDonald September 26, 2014
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  “The patriots of 1776 did not fight to replace the tyranny of a king with the privileges of a few, or the rule of a mob. They gave to us a republic, a government of, and by, and for the people. Entrusting each generation to keep safe our founding creed . . .” -President […]

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Notable Quote – Prof. Thomas Sowell on true greed

by Skip September 20, 2014

Among the many other questions raised by the nebulous concept of “greed” is why it is a term applied almost exclusively to those who want to earn more money or to keep what they have already earned—never to those wanting to take other people’s money in taxes or to those wishing to live on the […]

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Notable Quote – F.A. Hayek on Adam Smith

by Skip September 15, 2014

[Adam] Smith’s chief concern was not so much with what man might occasionally achieve when he was at his best but that he should have as little opportunity as possible to do harm when he was at his worst.  It would scarcely be too much to claim that the main merit of individualism which he […]

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Notable Quote – Thomas Sowell

by Skip September 7, 2014

With many people now acting as if it is time for “a woman” to become president, apparently they have learned absolutely nothing from the disastrous results of the irresponsible self-indulgence of choosing a president of the United States on the basis of demographic characteristics instead of individual qualifications. It would not matter to me if […]

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Notable Quote – Dwight Lee

by Skip September 1, 2014

You can tell for whose benefit an institution is run by looking at who gets the closest parking spaces. At universities the students get the most distant spaces, administrators and faculty the closest. At Wal-Mart, they ask the employees to park away from the entrance. – Dwight Lee, economist Public Servants or Public Masters – go to […]

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