Northern Pass

“Environmental activists ignore energy security realities”

by Skip April 10, 2018

Occasionally, the Concord Monitor will print something against “type” and puts up an LtE / Op-Ed that is opposite their in-bred philosophy.  This on environmentalists eschewing basic economics and science for ideological purposes (e.g., the Sierra Club’s “Beyond <insert fossil energy source here>” programs which stand on solely on one point – keep everything in […]

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The Tyranny of Administrative (Green) Power in New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald October 12, 2017

Barry Brownstein, writing at the Foundation for Economic Education, outlines the problem and abuses of administrative power, right here in New Hampshire, summed up in his closing paragraph. In New Hampshire, the absolute administrative power of the SEC—a power that poses an existential threat to the character and economic well-being of the state—is accepted as […]

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More of “what’s your’s IS mine – the Right to Private Property

by Skip January 26, 2014

Over at the Anti-Planner is a continuation of the display of communitarianism that I’ve written about concerning the Hathaway House in Laconia (here and here).  His story is not about a building but a tree that his neighbors seem to believe that they should have more say about the disposition of that tree than the […]

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Holding PSNH’s feet to the fire? Part 2

by Skip September 5, 2011

I had posted about a relatively new TEA Party’s invite to PSNH to have them come in and talk about their side of the Northern Pass Project.  Result? No show.  How couth to bail at the last moment. Well, I ran into Tim Carter of the Lakes Region TEA Party at the TEA Party Express […]

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by Rick Olson September 4, 2011

“Doesn’t the fight for survival also justify swindle and theft? In self defence, anything goes.” ~Imelda Marcos USA Today reported back in April 2006, that 180,000 families were living “off the grid” Moreover, USA Today in that same story reported that that rate has jumped to upwards of 33% a year for a decade according […]

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Northern Pass: Still Ignoring the Overarching Reason for Opposition

by Rick Olson May 26, 2011

“The only people who support the use of eminent domain for private development are cities that use it, developers and businesses that benefit from it and planners who plan it. Everyone else hates it.” – Dana Berliner, Senior Attorney, Institute for Justice  Yesterday’s Union Leader featured, Another View of Why New Hampshire should be open […]

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Northern Pass: Redux Of 1970’s Pope County Michigan

by Rick Olson March 10, 2011

Continue Reading, Northern Pass: Redux Of 1970’s Pope County Michigan

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