North Korea

Only Trump Could “Go” To North Korea

by Steve MacDonald June 15, 2018

Mr. Trump met with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un. They sat, talked, signed a joint statement, and parted on what appeared to be good terms. Back in the U.S., the reaction was no less polarized than anything else Mr. Trump does, but many were at least impressed with the fact that, given where we […]

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North Korea Says It Will Drop Nuke Program If…

by Steve MacDonald April 29, 2018

We’ve heard this before but not in a long time. Keeping diplomatic developments coming at a head-snapping pace, the South Korean government said on Sunday that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, had told President Moon Jae-in that he would abandon his nuclear weapons if the United States agreed to formally end the Korean War and […]

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So, we’re turning over our Constitutional Rights to 13-17 year olds.

by Skip March 18, 2018

Why shouldn’t we give them control over foreign policy as well? After all, we are being told by the Progressive Left and anti-gunners that these children are smarter and wiser than their parents (heck, teachers have been saying the kids know more than the parents for YEARS!), right? Naw, this is just the Left taking […]

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Too good not to post: another Mattis saying

by Skip February 6, 2018

(H/T: Powerline)

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Hmm, interesting speculation: “Barack Obama Funded North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program”

by Skip October 18, 2017

That’s the headline over at DCWhispers and they make a point worth considering, given how chummy the two regimes have been in the past. The operative question is this How did North Korea’s Nuclear Tech Get So Good So Fast? (Reformatted, emphasis mine): $33.6 BILLION. That is the amount then-President Barack Obama had shipped under cover […]

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Quick thought – Nuclear non-proliferation?

by Skip September 25, 2017

SHOT: Non-proliferation is dead in Northeast Asia, and Chinese support for North Korea helped to kill it. CHASER: Wait until someone says the same thing a world away: Non-proliferation is dead in the Middle East and Obama’s support for Iran helped to kill it. I do so hope that Trump decides put the US out of […]

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Nikki Haley on North Korea: “We have kicked the can down the road long enough. There is no more road left.”

by Steve MacDonald September 5, 2017

Nikki Haley on North Korea: "We have kicked the can down the road long enough. There is no more road left." — NBC News (@NBCNews) September 4, 2017   h/t HotAir

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Kim Jong Un Wants to Take Us to Flavortown?

by Steve MacDonald August 13, 2017
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Notable Quote – Lt. Col Ralph Peters (ret.)

by Skip August 10, 2017

On a piece titled “Here’s how to take out North Korea’s nukes“, this caught my eye.  I believe it to be true (emphasis mine): …I fear we’ve forgotten what war means. That fear reached a peak a decade ago when American generals blithely repeated the indefensible claim that “counterinsurgency is warfare at the graduate-school level.” […]

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Mark Steyn on the Media’s Reaction to Trump vs. North Korea

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2017

Mark Steyn on Tucker Carlson discussing the media’s priorities while a rogue nation threatens a nuclear strike on US territory.

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I guess they have a REALLY good reason to be prepping

by Skip July 30, 2017

 Japan’s Doomsday Preppers Are Buying $19,000 Bomb Shelters: North Korea’s missile launch sends demand surging. While our media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) are non-stop kvetching about “Russians! Russians! Russians!”, the Norks are getting closer and closer to migrating from a nuclear power to a delivery of a nuclear bomb power that can […]

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We Can Defang the North Korean Threat

by Steve MacDonald April 25, 2017

Here are some thoughts on 21st-century Missile defense. (NRO) There are already American-built UAVs capable of carrying up to four interceptor missiles of this size, while conventional aircraft have successfully done BPI tests using missiles of this type. Putting those missiles on a rotating UAV patrol off the North Korean coastline would mean round-the-clock surveillance […]

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And most of society thought that “prepping” was for eccentrics and wackos

by Skip April 17, 2017

Just thought I’d leave this here: 20+ YEARS OF FECKLESS NORTH KOREA POLICY, AND NOW: North Korea tensions have Hawaii pols revisiting emergency attack plans. “The plans were last revisited in the 1980s. But the Hawaii House Public Safety Committee on Thursday formally called for the state’s defense agency to repair their hundreds of Cold […]

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Obama, Kerry Legacy on Syrian Chemical Weapons

by Scott Morales April 7, 2017

Remember this? From the Washington Free Beacon: “We struck a deal where we got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out,” then-Secretary of State John Kerry said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” in July 2014. Kerry was referring to a deal the U.S. and Russia struck in September 2013 in which the Russians agreed to […]

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The Principle Behind Wind Power

by Steve MacDonald October 7, 2016


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North Korea Wins #EarthHour Again

by Steve MacDonald March 29, 2015
Thumbnail image for North Korea Wins #EarthHour Again

Earth Hour was last night?  Yes it was.  So if you forgot to turn all your stuff off and sit in the dark for an hour don’t worry.  You can’t compete with North Korea.  They win every year. As a country that should, for all intents and geo-political purposes have access to the same sorts […]

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Wait a sec, I thought President Blameless was the Commander-in-Chief??

by Skip April 9, 2013

From RedState: Ever notice that this administration is only lightning-fast when it comes to shifting blame when things don’t work out perfectly? They practically left a vapor trail in their zeal to anonymously accuse the US military of being responsible for our tense situation with North Korea: So, it’s the Navy’s fault that the U.S.-North […]

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You can’t make this stuff up…

by Susan Olsen March 7, 2013

Susan Rice: “As a result North Korea‘s ruling elite who have been living large while impoverishing their people….” The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to impose a new sanction on North Korea that ‘specifies some luxury items North Korea’s elite is not allowed to import, such as yachts, racing cars, luxury automobiles and certain types […]

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Clinton a “Finest” Secretary of State? Ridiculous!!

by Don February 7, 2013

President Obama says Secretary Clinton has been one of our country’s finest Secretaries of State.  Huh??  Is the President now smoking something other than cigarettes? Is the world safer, more peaceful, are threats reduced, is our country more respected around the world, are people more free than they were when Hillary took over as Secretary […]

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#OWS – As Dysfunctional as North Korea?

by Steve MacDonald March 31, 2012

Is the average #occupier as dysfunctional as North Korea? Think about it. North Korea has no practical use.  If North Korea disappeared tomorrow and materialized on Kepler 22-b, our world would not suffer.  #Occupy, same thing. The NorKs are constantly looking for an excuse to agitate and create conflict.   #Occupy is no different.  There is […]

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Difference between free market vs command-and-control economy could not be starker; why do environmentalists wish to turn us into the latter?

by Skip December 19, 2011

The big international news of the day is the death of North Korea’s despot, Kim Jong Ill (yes, the obligatory “no longer ill,  just dead”).  The Communist regime that has controlled the country since the ’40s with its Stalinist command and control can easily be seen from space at night as the image to the […]

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