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Town Meetings – for SB2 towns like Gilford, we get to trek in the snow tomorrow (ahGAIN!)

by Skip March 12, 2018

Thankfully, being an SB2 town, we get to vote in private.  I remember town meetings when the warrant was both debated and voted upon in a single session and how long they ran until way early into the morning as one special interest group (“SIG”) or another slowed it down until “the opposition” finally went […]

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Gilford Budget Committee – setting the record straight

by Op-Ed March 11, 2018

By Norm Silber To set the record straight regarding actions taken by the Gilford Budget Committee under my leadership, the real facts are (a) the Police & Fire budgets were never decreased in any of the prior 4 years; (b) the Fire budget was increased last year and this year to provide for the lease/purchase […]

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Officials need to understand that not everyone in Gilford is affluent…

by Op-Ed March 10, 2018

By Dave Horvath, Sr.To The Daily Sun, Gilford may be an affluent town but not everybody in town is affluent. We need people in our elected positions who understand this dynamic. Gilford has many citizens that their only source of income is their Social Security check. Many people who work in the private sector have not […]

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Endorsement for Norm Silber and Harry Bean for Gilford Budget Committee (reelection!)

by Skip March 9, 2018

“The BudComm is the last bastion to protect taxpayers wallets”; that’s what I say when asked what is the purpose of the Gilford Budget Committee. It takes into account, not just one or two “communities” within Gilford, but the entire community needs, wants – and what it can afford. While the Selectmen and School Board […]

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Gun Free Zones, Like Schools, are Nothing More than Free Fire Zones.

by Op-Ed February 19, 2018

By Norman Silber In the Virginia Tech massacre, one of the professors who was killed trying to protect his students while holding a door closed was a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces.  Had he been armed, is there any doubt that he could have ended the massacre right then and there?

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Why I vote the way I do

by Op-Ed February 15, 2018

By Norm Silber As a member of the New Hampshire House of Representative and Chair of the Town of Gilford Budget Committee, I am sometimes asked for justification or criticized for my position and votes on various issues before the NH House, the Belknap County Delegation, and the Gilford Budget Committee. Imitation being the sincerest […]

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Guest Post by NH State Rep Norm Silber – Big Government Conservatives

by Skip January 4, 2017

It is appropriate to post this Op-Ed as the NH House of Representatives starts its business. *************** While cleaning my garage of junk recently so I could get my car in out of the season’s first snow, my mind was wandering and I started to think about the term “moderate Republican” and what it might […]

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Guest Post – newly elected NH House Rep Norm Silber

by Skip December 1, 2016

Who is MY House Rep – and chair of my hamlet’s Budget Committee. In the latter capacity, he’s doing a right fine job (especially in taking the School Board to TASK for obfuscation and obstructionism).  If he does all that he writes here (Laconia Daily Sun), I’ll be a happy camper! To The Daily Sun, […]

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CNHT Picnic 2016 – The Videos

by Mike July 10, 2016

The CNHT Annual Picnic is always a big deal amongst “Conservatarians”, and this year was no exception. Even in the smaller, but gun-friendly, venue of the American Legion Sweeney Post in Manchester, there were more than 200 attendees and dozens (at least it seemed that way) of candidates – GrokTV was there. Working in a […]

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