Climapocalypse Alert: “Too Many Walrus,”
Coo Coo Ca-Choo

by Steve MacDonald October 9, 2014
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Keep your BS detectors on alert ladies and gentleman. New York Times editorial writer Gail Collins has thrown down the next gauntlet in the media war on mankind’s war on the climate. A beach full of Walrus is a sign of the coming climapocalypse. They’re piling up in Alaska. About 35,000 walruses have formed what […]

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Who Is, “Ben Ghazi” And What Did He Do?

by Rick Olson December 12, 2013

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”   —Benjamin Franklin French author Victor Hugo once quipped, “An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise.” But I disagree. So here I sit with my hat off to Representative Annie Kuster because she proved Victor Hugo wrong. (see the […]

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Say Hello To My Little Friend

by Rick Olson January 11, 2013

  What is it that Liberals do not know? Treat and respect all firearms as if they are loaded; Point the muzzle away from non-targets and in a safe direction; Keep fingers off the trigger; Be sure of your target and of what is beyond it; Schmucks….

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