Snob Zoning Supersedes Human Needs

by Ed Naile April 12, 2018

The tiny backyard houses for the homeless plan that failed in Oregon is popping up in Los Angeles, California! The “not in my backyard” organized zoning NAZI’s fought long and hard, for decades, to control other people’s property and rights. Don’t think they are going to relinquish that kind of control easily. The idea of […]

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Decisions have consequences. Now we get stuck with the bill

by Skip April 27, 2016

I keep seeing my electric bill going up and up and up – and I generally use less electricity than the year before (yes, I do look at that chart that Eversource provides giving a year’s lookback at actual KW used).  So can I blame the environmentalists that just don’t want to see conservation but […]

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Recognize it for what it is: another tool for NIMBYs and BANANAs

by Skip December 2, 2015

This at the UL caught my eye with the title of Dave Solomon’s Power Plays: NH joins energy community rights network (emphasis mine, reformatted): She says the idea of the Community Rights movement is not to eliminate state or federal authority to site needed energy, transportation or water projects if they are publicly sponsored and deemed necessary […]

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