Nicholas Kristoff

New York Times Nicholas Kristoff, big Lefty, already goes partisan attack dog and blames Republicans for tragedy

by Skip April 15, 2013

And of course, the Lefty Progressives were the first to blame Republicans – NYT’s Nick Kristoff was the first to go all-in-nuclear-partisan: tweeted out ”explosion is a reminder that ATF needs a director. Shame on Senate Republicans for blocking apptment“.  Uncool and he has since recalled it as EVERYONE went after him.  But again, NOTHING […]

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Blaming the need for Generators on tax cuts? Income Inequality??

by Skip November 24, 2012

“It’s manifestly silly (and highly polluting) for every fine home to have a generator. It would make more sense to invest those resources in the electrical grid so that it wouldn’t fail in the first place….So time and again, we see the decline of public services accompanied by the rise of private workarounds for the […]

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