Fake News Award Winner Debunks NH Vote Fraud – Or Maybe Not

by Steve MacDonald April 1, 2018

One of Ed Mosca’s latest examines New Hampshire Public Radios’s effort to gloss over the fact that New Hampshire State Law discriminates against New Hampshire residents. In his rebuttal to a piece by Casey McDermott, Ed notes that, “..what actually comes to mind are thousands of out-of-State college students who choose to remain residents of […]

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Vermont Signs Recreational Marijuana into Law

by Steve MacDonald January 22, 2018

Vermont just legalized recreational marijuana. Gov. Phil Scott, a Republican, said he signed the bill into law with “mixed emotions” during a private signing, the Associated Press reports. It takes effect July 1. It allows adults to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana and have two mature and four immature plants. So, no big […]

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Report That Declares Huge “Rise” in Hate Crimes in NH Leaves A lot of Details Out.

by Steve MacDonald November 17, 2017

New Hampshire Public Radio reported a surge in the number of hate crimes in New Hampshire for 2016. In sounding the alarm, they quote lower figures for previous years and link to a statement by the Anti-Defamation League not just decrying the rise but insisting that hate crimes are still under-reported. Sadly, no one takes […]

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Why Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Have a Job

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2017

New Hampshire Public radio has a lengthy “report” about why former Quarterback Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job. They quote players, experts, and none of them ever gets to the actual point of the problem. A situation that anyone who has every worn a uniform as part of their job ought to understand. You can’t just do […]

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Your Tax Dollars Being Used To Push Massive Climate Fraud On Public Radio

by Steve MacDonald July 23, 2017

Some related links here and here. The source page for this video can be found here. RCS

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NHPR Ruins Otherwise useful Article With Climate Bias

by Steve MacDonald September 13, 2016
Thumbnail image for NHPR Ruins Otherwise useful Article With Climate Bias

There’s an interesting article over at NHPR. The hook at WBUR is How New Hampshire’s Seacoast Communities Are Preparing For Climate Change. The actual article is titled N.H.’s Seacoast Prepares for a Rising Sea in Surprising Ways. With credit to the second title, there are some interesting “ideas” to address the problems of storm swell and rising water, […]

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Mrs. Chatsworth Osborne, Sr.

by Susan Olsen May 22, 2015

It appears the Carsey Institute, founded by that darling Cynthia “Mil” Duncan – spousal unit of a wealthy white gentleman who agrees that poor children should stay in their zip codes – and “seeded” with $7.5 million by the fabulous Marcy Carsey, has stumbled upon the fact that children of less economically well-endowed parents rarely […]

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If Meet The Press WAS to do this, it would take back #1

by Skip September 15, 2014

“Today’s guest is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who will be interviewed by our panel of Jim VandeHei of Politico, Nia-Malika Henderson of the Washington Post, and…Rush Limbaugh.” That was a line from a post that really kinds was smacking MTP’s new host, Chuck Todd, for effectively living up to Won’s notion that he has […]

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New Hampshire’s Congressional Delegation Applauds Deal…

by Steve MacDonald October 16, 2013

NHPR’s complete title is…”NH’s Congressional Delegation Applauds Deal To End Shutdown.” A more appropriate title might be, NH’s Congressional Delegation Applauds Spending Another Trillion of the Backs of Your Children, Plus Interest!” Or how about “Democrats Craved, Republicans Caved, Future Generation’s enslaved.” Senator Ayotte, you will note–if you read the NHPR piece, is very excited […]

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