NHGOP Convention

NHGOP: A Party Afraid Of Its Grassroots

by Mike September 20, 2014

For today’s Kangaroo Konvention of the NHGOP, called at 9 days notice (not even business days), without regard for proper communication with new delegates minted on September 9th, the NHGOP has moved to remove all contentious proposals from the table, for fear that they might actually be popular enough to get into the Party Platform. […]

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NHGOP’s Orwellian Adventure

by Mike January 28, 2013

After several fine speeches about teamwork and unity at the convention this Saturday, things didn’t go so smoothly – here’s how: We have to divide the party in order to unite it (Jim Foley’s rant from the podium, and Wayne MacDOnald’s attack on bloggers.) We have to hide the vote count in order to prove […]

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Democrat Civility Infects NHGOP – Sharleene Hurst Loses It – TWICE!

by Mike January 26, 2013

Unchained, unhinged, you be the judge! Upon entering the Bedford High School Lobby this morning, Sharleene Hurst immediately accosted Diane Bitter and started screaming. Bystanders separated them, but one little display of “Democrat Civility” wasn’t enough for erstwhile State Rep Sharleene Hurst. Nooooo…. After biding her time, our fearless crusader marched up to a sign […]

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