Equal Pay Day: Governor Hassan continues to patronize NH women with her lies about equal pay

by Kimberly Morin April 12, 2016

Today Governor Hassan sent out a press release with her usual bogus statements on Equal Pay Day. Hassan continues to use debunked studies over and over again in order to get women to believe they aren’t actually paid equally to men. Hassan is intentionally lying and she knows it. She previously admitted to using whatever […]

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Carl Gibson – Hoax Email Meant to Cost Dean-Bailey Her Election Was Protected Speech

by Steve MacDonald February 22, 2016
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  The Concord Monitor is reporting that NH Democrat Maureen Mann staffer Carl Robert Gibson’s lawyer is trying to get the election tampering charges against him dropped based on the premise that Gibson’s hoax email is protected by the first amendment. Gibson’s attorney, Michael Iacopino, filed a motion Jan. 22 to dismiss the charges. He wrote […]

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House Democrats keep Racism and Discrimination ALIVE in New Hampshire

by Kimberly Morin January 7, 2016

Yesterday was the vote on House Bill 582 which would end almost 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination against Granite Staters. Of course, the majority of Democrats voted against the measure. The party that claims to be for women’s rights, minority rights and gay rights voted to continue allowing the state to discriminate against each of […]

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Bill ‘serial sexual assaulter’ Clinton to stump for victimizer wife Hillary

by Kimberly Morin December 29, 2015

Yesterday it was announced that former President Bill Clinton, accused by multiple women of sexual assault and rape, will be stumping in Exeter and Nashua on January 4th for his wife. Apparently Hillary Clinton isn’t doing so great against Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire polling so she wants to bring in a Democrat that many still […]

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NH Democrat Chair and Sexist Pig Ray Buckley Embarrasses Himself AGAIN

by Kimberly Morin December 17, 2015

Tonight Dan Innis, Republican candidate in NH District 01 tweeted a story I wrote when he ran last election. #TBT#nhpolitics#NH01https://t.co/8EfPlNzLQhpic.twitter.com/hnCuIj0dVT — Dan Innis 4 Congress (@daninnis) December 18, 2015

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There are lies, damn lies and Democrat ‘Jefferson-Jackson Dinner’ lies

by Kimberly Morin November 30, 2015

Last night the New Hampshire Democrat Party held their annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. All three of their presidential candidates spoke at the event as well as Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Governor Maggie Hassan. There were many whoppers told during each of their speeches but most especially from Hillary Clinton.

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2nd Annual ‘Turkey Awards’ in New Hampshire Politics

by Kimberly Morin November 23, 2015

Last year was this author’s first annual ‘Turkey Awards’ handed out to people or political organization in New Hampshire politics. On Monday they will be discussed on ‘Politically Buzzed.’ It was quite the list last year and again is quite the list this year. These awards are all based on stories written over the past […]

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Welcoming Committee at the NH Democrat Convention

by Kimberly Morin September 19, 2015

Today was the New Hampshire Democrats’ big convention and there were some people who don’t fall in line with them there to welcome all of the out-of-state left wingers to the pahtay.

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New Hampshire Democrats support selling human baby body parts

by Kimberly Morin August 4, 2015

Today the Center for Medical Progress released another video in their undercover investigative series about Planned Parenthood. The videos have all shown that Planned Parenthood is in the business of harvesting human baby body parts and selling them to buyers.

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Stinking Rich White Democrat Wont Be Able To Just Pay Off His Victim This Time Around

by Steve MacDonald July 22, 2015
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Rich, well connected men should not be able to use their power and money to attract and rape minors, and then pay them cash so they can get away with it. But that is what prominent Democrat Terry Bean has attempted, and not just once. He has a history of paying off the minor he is […]

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Want to know the REAL history of segregationists and racists in the modern era? Here’s the history of the Democrat Party

by Skip June 27, 2015

And yet, they want US to feel like we are the ones at fault?  That the execrabke Dylann Roofs is the manifestation and creation of the Right?  Wrong! Always the Party that, like their Communist brethren, loves to change, distort, obfuscate, and lie about history – THEIR execrable history.  Jeffry Lord over at the American […]

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Did Carl Gibson Ever Stop ‘Working’ for Maureen Mann?

by Steve MacDonald May 26, 2015
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I apologize for the click-bait tease of a headline but I have credible information that Carl Gibson never departed the service of Maureen Mann in her loss to Yvonne Dean-Bailey in the Rockingham 32 special election. We are also developing new leads tied to 26 Summit Street Concord, N.H., the address given by Mr. Gibson.  […]

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NH Democrats are AGAINST women having more access to birth control

by Kimberly Morin May 22, 2015

Yesterday Senator Kelly Ayotte announced a new bill that she and Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) are introducing that will “help increase access to safe and effective contraceptives.” The bill is called “The Allowing Greater Access to Safe and Effective Contraception Act” and part of the intention is to allow drug companies to more easily and […]

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The Republican and Democrat hypocrisy over Frank Guinta’s FEC issue

by Kimberly Morin May 21, 2015

If you live in New Hampshire and breathe air, you probably have heard about Representative Frank Guinta’s FEC issues. They have been ongoing for the past 5 years and the FEC just decided this week that Guinta violated their laws and will have to pay back the money he put into his campaign and pay […]

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I Don’t Always Lose Special Elections But When I do…

by Steve MacDonald May 20, 2015
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I Don’t Always Lose Special Elections But When I do…I blame the Koch Brothers™

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NHDP Chair Ray Buckley compares chicken arrest to ELECTION FRAUD

by Kimberly Morin May 16, 2015

Reminding @nhgop: NHGOP Staffer ‘Chicken’ Arrested (And This Isn’t Exactly a First) http://t.co/LNJs1NNDes #nhpolitics #fauxoutrage — Raymond Buckley (@ChairmanBuckley) May 17, 2015 Most people know all about the Democrats most recent election fraud email regarding the special election in Rockingham’s 32nd district.

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Joe Biden’s Political Joy Ride to NH Costs Taxpayers

by Steve MacDonald May 11, 2015
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(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained records from the Department of the Air Force revealing that Vice President Joe Biden’s September 3, 2014, trip to the Portsmouth, NH, Naval Shipyard, where he campaigned for Democrat Senate and House candidates, cost taxpayers $17,025 in flight expenses alone. Shaheen, who was running for re-election, accompanied […]

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NH Democrats make fools of themselves demanding this Republican resign

by Kimberly Morin January 1, 2015

On Tuesday, the New Hampshire Democrat Party released a statement demanding Representative Frank Guinta call for House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) to resign. Why? Apparently 12 years ago, Scalise spoke at a gathering of a group that had ties to a white supremacist group. Scalise admitted he spoke at the gathering but didn’t realize […]

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New Hampshire Democrat Party Should Pay For Keene Pumpkin Fest Riot

by Steve MacDonald December 23, 2014
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Keene is run by Democrats, you can just tell… (From Boston.com) KEENE, N.H. (AP) — Officials in a New Hampshire city want the organizers of an annual pumpkin festival to pay $90,000 in costs incurred after violent disturbances broke out this year. WMUR-TV (http://bit.ly/1vjQbdr ) reports that city officials say additional security and overtime for […]

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Democrats already whining about the Speaker THEY elected

by Kimberly Morin December 11, 2014

Newly elected NH House Speaker Shawn Jasper announced his Chairs and Vice Chairs for Committees today.  Before they were all announced, former New Hampshire Democrat Party Chair Kathy Sullivan was whining that it was a ‘boys club’.  This is beyond amusing since it was DEMOCRATS who elected Jasper.  The majority of Republicans did not  vote […]

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Speaking of Terry Bean – actually, the media (including NH) still isn’t reporting the story at all

by Skip November 25, 2014

Again, kudos to Steve for breaking the Terry Bean story here (and here) in NH (DNC Committeeman-bigwhig / Obama donor / NHDP Chair Ray Buckley) being rrested on charges of sodomy on a minor-aged boy and the NH Democrat Party stonewall silence – so as NOT to disavow Raybo’s friend?  Or avoiding the mud of this homosexual rape (I leave […]

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NH Democrats ‘Grubering’ their supporters with lies about Bill O’Brien

by Kimberly Morin November 19, 2014

Yesterday the Republican Legislators in the New Hampshire House of Representatives elected their Speaker. The election was between former Speakers Bill O’Brien and Gene Chandler. Laurie Sanborn had also been in the race but dropped out due to family health issues. This was the race in which Senator Kelly Ayotte decided to (for the first time […]

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Laugh of the Day: Democrats claim ‘thousands’ were at Hillary Clinton event

by Kimberly Morin November 3, 2014

Today Granite State Forward made the claim that “thousands” were in attendance at the Hillary Clinton event yesterday in Nashua.  GSF is an arm of the New Hampshire Democrat Party – they feign to be ‘grassroots’.  Apparently they didn’t get the memo from the Fire Marshall who estimated more like 700.  Pretty pathetic showing for a […]

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NH Democrat John White – About those NH Bottom Feeders…

by Steve MacDonald October 10, 2014
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Old news from the Fish Wrap that’s gained new life; Democrat State Senate Candidate John R. White calls low income residents bottom feeders. If the Republicans were serious about job creation, they’d get serious about boosting the bottom feeders and stop worrying so much about the boys in the boardrooms. Instead, they eliminated the state’s […]

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How Many New Hampshire Democrats Were At Michelle Obama’s Fundraiser?

by Steve MacDonald June 4, 2014
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Michelle Obama headlined a fundraiser Monday in Boston at which she complained about money in politics. Tickets to listen to the First Lady complain about money in politics ranged from $500.00 to $32,400 dollars per couple. The first lady also pointed out that while money in politics is bad, if you have the votes (Note […]

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Susan Bruce Admits to Coordination Between Anti-Liberty Hate Group and Granite State Progress

by Steve MacDonald May 29, 2014
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The other day I posted an article observing that the Anti-Liberty Hate Group OUR State Project (OSP) could not escape affiliation with the Progressive, out-of-state-funded GraniteState Progress (GSP).  The post was inspired by a screen grab of a tweet reported to have come from an OUR State project Twitter account. The anti-Liberty hate Group OUR […]

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WMUR CloseUp – Harrell Kirstein could only blurt out talking points and mutterings

by Skip March 16, 2014

Harrell – can’t even rise to the level of bloviating.  NHDP Communications Director Harrell “Jersey Shore” (with the known background of Scott Brown entering the race, Shaheen’s all in on Obamacare, and Shaheen issuing that silly Peoples’ Place challenge even as she’s fundraising out in LA LA Land): We’re going to be talking about Jeanne […]

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Is Jeanne Shaheen #AddictedtoKoch

by Steve MacDonald March 13, 2014
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The left’s smear campaign against the otherwise unknown Koch brothers is nothing more than the same old Alinsky tactics.  Pick a target, freeze it, and then,….act like a lying, two-faced, hypocrite–truth be told. Need a fresh example?  Koch Industries and its “evil” affiliates are one of Democrat US Senator Mary Landrieu’s top donors.  They’ve given […]

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Harrell Kirstein – Third World Missionary?

by Steve MacDonald January 25, 2014
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A reader emailed me and asked an interesting question.  Why doesn’t New Hampshire Democrat Party Communications director Harrell Kirstein “live’ in New Hampshire?  I guess they couldn’t find a stick of evidence that he has a–what’s the word–“Presence!’ in the state unless you can count the Democrat Party Headquarters in Concord or all that crying […]

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How Does This Democrat Vote Fraud Grab You?

by Steve MacDonald January 22, 2014
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We’re breaking significant vote fraud news today, and it starts with Caitlin Ann Legacki. New Hampshire Democrats know who Caitlin A. Legacki is.  She worked for Jeanne Shahenn’s 2008 Senate campaign.  She even voted from New Hampshire in 2008.  But Caitlin isn’t from New Hampshire.  She is a significant player in Democrat campaigns and politics, […]

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