NH State Rep. JR Hoell

Pro-Second Amendment / Anti-Scott Brown rally – NH State Reps JR Hoell and Dan Itse

by Skip December 20, 2013

Both of these gentlemen are Patriots by dint to their adherence to the values expressed by our Constitutions and what they see to be the Proper Role of Government – a limited one that allow the most individual Freedom and Liberty for people to live their lives the way that THEY want to (versus those […]

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Guest Post by NH State Rep JR Hoell: Vote NO on Medicaid Expansion, NH State Senator Dave Boutin

by Skip November 19, 2013

Dear Senator Boutin, I have been hearing from a number of our constituents, all of whom are asking us not to pass in any form, this expanded medicaid program that is being debated during this special session. As of tonight, I have seen no public statements, or emails showing that you are opposed to the […]

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GrokTV – 2nd Amendment Rally at NH State Capital: NH Rep JR Hoell

by Skip January 22, 2013

While NH State Rep Al Baldasaro led off the 2nd Amendment Rally on Saturday, NH State Rep JR Hoell also addressed the crowd and I caught up with him afterwards for a quick interview on his take of HB135 and the Democrats wishing to strip away the ability of NH Citizens to defend themselves where […]

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